Breaking: Chaos In Ohio Republican Primary Over Ballot Issues

Breaking: Chaos In Ohio Republican Primary Over Ballot Issues

Voting in the Ohio GOP Primary is the subject of controversy after a series of issues have arisen.

According to reports:

“Every Republican primary voter in Ohio has two opportunities to vote for president, in a ballot twist that’s only escalating the potential confusion caused by the party’s large and fractious field of candidates.

GOP ballots for the March 15 primary feature two boxes for president, one for designating an at-large presidential delegate and one for designating a delegate for the voter’s congressional district. It’s a carry-over from a time when Ohio’s Republican vote was divided proportionally, rather than in the winner-take-all fashion being used in 2016.

The Secretary of State’s office says both boxes will be tallied. However, Republicans say only the at-large vote will count.

Further complicating matters? Ballots still list 11 Republican at-large presidential candidates and up to 10 district candidates. Only four remain in the primary race…”



  1. what in the world is wrong with the american people these days; We have a man that’s trying to help america and we have people coming up with this kind of dirty stuff;”’ I think the good lord is leading Mr’s trump to save this country because nothing or nobody has been able to bring him down.

    • What’s the problem? The ballot shows the candidates and that is it. there are too many candidates but they were probably on the ballot before they dropped out.

  2. Florida had all candidates listed on their Primary ballot, including Donald Trump. President was the ONLY slate on our ballot. You just had to be aware that not all of the candidates listed were still in the running. Sounds more like a liberal ploy to keep Trump out of the race.

  3. Ohio Here…Yes the Ballot was VERY confusing and this sample doesn’t show what it looked like completely. The left column was duplicated right underneath the top left one. Top said congressional district delegate and bottom for delegate at-large…Each said vote only for 1…which may confuse older voters into voting the top OR the bottom. My family and I discussed that afterwards. I read an article in the Cincinnati paper that Democrats in Ohio voted Republican for the Primary to STOP Trump so they voted Kasich…Ohio Isn’t for Kasich, at least the smart ones. He’s a Hack!

    • You are right. Those votes should be recounted because Kasich is bought and paid for by Establishment and Soros and others. Force him to resign since he is not doing his job.

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