Breaking: Rumors SWIRL Rubio May Drop Out Before Florida To Avoid Humiliation...

Breaking: Rumors SWIRL Rubio May Drop Out Before Florida To Avoid Humiliation From Trump

Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Rumors are swirling that Marco Rubio may drop out of the Presidential race to avoid a humiliating defeat by Republican front runner  Donald Trump in Florida.

According to CNN:

“A battle is being waged within Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign about whether he should even remain in the Republican presidential race ahead of his home state primary on March 15, sources say.

Rubio himself is “bullish” on his odds of winning the critical primary, despite some advisers who are less hopeful and believe a loss there would damage him politically in both the short- and long-term.

Publicly, the campaign is maintaining they are still a contender in this race, touting a Sunday win in Puerto Rico’s primary that delivered Rubio 23 delegates. But privately, the campaign is having a debate about whether he should remain in the mix — even for his home state of Florida’s primary.

“He doesn’t want to get killed in his home state,” one source familiar with the discussions said, noting “a poor showing would be a risk and hurt his political future.”

Alex Conant, Rubio’s communication director, said the report of such an internal debate is “100% false. That is fiction,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.”



  1. I would drop out too if I were Rubio because Florida knows about his Scandels and how he told the Voters that he was not for Amnesty and then went on Spanish Television and speaking Spanish told the viewers that he would not change President Obama’s Amnesty! Read: Rubio’s Alledged Mistresses Identified.

    • Everyone knows about his marital affairs and his do nothing record in the Senate except join and work with the gang of 8 pushing illegals amnesty ..yes he needs to drop out now to save face. Marco Rubio you reap what you sow!!

  2. Rubio can be a Hero while beating Trump! Drop out of FL and endorse Ted Cruz!! That will beat Trump and quite possibly sow up the Nomination for Cruz!!

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