Club For Growth Targets Trump With Millions In Negative Ads

Club For Growth Targets Trump With Millions In Negative Ads

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Club For Growth is attacking GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump.

According to The Hill:

“The Club for Growth Action announced Monday it is spending about $2 million on ads in Illinois against GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The ads, will air on statewide broadcast and cable TV in Illinois and previously aired in Iowa, attack Trump for having a liberal record and for his position on eminent domain.

It’s the largest anti-Trump ad buy yet by Club for Growth Action, which has emerged as a leading critic of Trump.

David McIntosh, the group’s president, argued that “momentum is shifting away” from Trump following his losses to Send. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) over the weekend in Kansas and Maine. Cruz and Trump also tied for delegates in Louisiana’s primary.”



    • The people you claim want Trump were only 34% of primary voters, and in Louisiana he lost to Cruz when same day voters cast ballots; and early voters most likely included Democrats who are allowed to vote in open primaries; in closed primaries he gets less than 25%. Only the early voters gave it to Trump. He is a fraud and when his business practices are revealed it will be a big disappointment to his “true believer” like you.

      • Well not let’s discuss Cruz. Fact Cruz did not win Louisiana he tied. Fact Cruz’s wife is a vp for Goodwin shanks. Remember the ones pulling the strings for Cruz. Fact Cruz started out in Iowa with lying about Ben Carson Fact Cruz had letters going out about voting to confuse the voters. Fact in South Carolina Cruz lied about Rubio and the bible. Remember fact that Cruz fired his top people to cover his tracks. Fact Cruz did the same thing to Rubio that he did to Carson. Cruz has been lying from the start and is still lying. Cruz has had time to do something about the illegals. Cruz has done nothing. Cruz has brought no jobs to America. All Cruz has really done is lied. Fact Trump has hired more people than Cruz or Rubio combined. Fact trump is a negotiator, fact Trump has a plan for illegal immigrants. Fact Trump is not taking a salary. Hmmmmm Cruz. Why don’t you say that? One can see Trump is the answer!

    • You’re so obsessed with Trump that all you can do is call everyone else liars. Why do the “people” want him? He’s just a fast talker who’ll say anything that might get him elected. Don’t be a sucker. .

  1. Negative ads reflect poorly on Cruz.. we know he is behind it.. He can’t win except by deceit – some Christian.. so someone else does the dirty work for him? He benefits.. he is guilty..

    Honest campaign Honest candidate.. Trump.. experienced Businessman. – leader – successful.

    • Are you not aware that Trump says anything he thinks his devotees will swallow? He’ll say anything that will excite his true believers, and anyone else who’s gullible enough to swallow it.

        • Not quite… Cruz has a record to prove that he does what he says. He can be trusted, as he fights for we the people and defends the constitution, no matter how unpopular. He is principled and grounded.

          • Cruz has a record that he says what he says, not that he does what he says. Don’t get me wrong, I like what he says, but I truly have seen no results. You know them by their fruits and his tree is bare.

          • Going before the Supreme Court 9 times and winning on important constitutional issues is not bearing fruit? Leading the fight on the amnesty bill and Obamacare is nothing? He many times was fighting alone for we the people. He stands firm and is a fighter and defender of the constitution.

          • No, it is not. It is just more talking and are we any better off for it? The make up of the court at the time had more to do with the rulings than anything Cruz said.

          • Helllooo…. Did you hear what I said… He is the ONLY one to EVER go before the Supreme Court and fight for the constitution 9 times. That’s HUGE!!! But nobody talks about that because that would actually show his credibility and record.

            Secondly, he wrote many bills that were an attempt to reverse Obamas overreach. Don’t forget we had majority dems in congress and it was imposible to pass anything. Harry Reid blocked most everything the republicans put on his desk. He wouldn’t even allow a vote. You, my friend, need to do your research. Cruz rallied the public to put pressure on congress with phone calls. Cruz informed the people of their shenanigans and lead the fight to stop all their unconstitutional actions. Cruz has been the fighter for we the people.

            Maybe you are not paying attention to politics everyday, but I do. And it’s been a hell of a roller coaster ride.

          • I am paying attention to what is going on in our government daily. I see you are mostly busy making excuses for Cruz not getting anything done.

          • No, you obviously just started paying attention, or you would KNOW what he’s done. Some people CHOOSE to be blind, deaf, and dumb….

          • I’ve already conceded that Cruz knows how to run his mouth. That is a far cry from leading a nation.

          • You’ve said that already. But you never showed that you can have an intellectual and honest conversation. You choose not to acknowledge that Cruz fought for the constitution 9 times in front of the Supreme Court, among other things. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, where his liberal professor said that of all the tens of thousands of students he’s had, Cruz is one of the most brilliant. He memorized the constitution at age 13. He has proven that he will fight for it over and over again. He has fought the Washington establishment tooth and nail. He wrote a book about the inside deals going on in Washington. He has exposed the establishment. That is why they don’t like him. He is the ONLY proven anti-establishment candidate that there is. Period!

          • The only thing substantive in all your rambling is you have been taken in by Teddy’s silver tongue. Memorization is the lowest form of learning, so I hardly think that qualifies as brilliant. You had an opportunity to support someone truly brilliant, with moral character who has actually gotten things done through the combination of faith and logic with moral character in Dr. Ben Carson. You were obviously to wrapped up in the Cruz drivel .

          • You just proved my point above. And just for the record I’m a Carson fan myself. He brought in a pure and honest element to the debate and I’m sure it is not the end of Ben.

          • Dr. Carson is a decent, brilliant man, but his expertise is in medicine, which is a far cry from government leadership. Cruz has deep knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, and what it means in relation to how the U.S. Government should operate. He not only talks about it, but would diligently follow it in governing the U.S.

          • b glad: Can you tell me a single thing Cruz has said that is “drivel”? I think you’re confusing him with Trump, who’s a master of drivel.

          • No one who hasn’t been President has ever led nation – only the President can do that, after he/she is elected. You seem to make silly statements in trying to smear Cruz. Of course, Trump never “runs his mouth” (that’s about all he does). Cruz is better qualified to be President than any of the other candidates.

          • What does Cruz have to make an “excuse” for? What has he not done that he should have? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • b glad: What is it that Cruz says you like that he’s not trying to do? His goals (fruit) can only be achieved with the help of his supporters, as with any political candidate – that’s what elections are for. If people like you don’t support Cruz, how can he succeed? (You make me doubt that you truly do like what Cruz says.)

          • He has been in the U.S. Senate with no accomplishments to show for it as not being able to illustrate that he can lead or even work with others. It is good to have strong convictions, but if you cannot win others to your side and you refuse to negotiate, you are not going to get very far. That is his record. Goals are seeds, not fruit.

          • Is that why he helped a Chinese company over an American one? Check into his actual record — you’ll learn something

          • That story doesn’t hold much gravity. He was part of a legal team hired for legal counsel. He was doing his job.

          • I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please educate me on that issue. What company did he ‘help”, and why (what were the circumstances?). You anti-Cruz people come up with some strange things.

    • Most of his properties were funded with other people’s money. And bankruptcies results in bond holders getting screwed. Read the SEC documents on his business practices. Trump University was a disaster and many innocent people got the shaft.

  2. I hate this…why won’t the GOP listen to the people…we WANT Trump! It’s as simple as that…they’re scrambling HARD because they, the establishment, don’t want to loose Their standing, Their power, Their position. We the People no longer care about them. We’ve given them EVERY opportunity, a Republican Senate, Republican Congress, yet, what happens? NOTHING. Trump is not strangled by special interests, held hostage by donors. He campaigns as “We”, NOT “I”… Wake up America! Don’t let the GOP destroy our Country for the sake of keeping their own personal power!

    • Because not everyone is duped by Trump. He’s a liberal through and through. Many of us stand for the constitution and rule of law as our guidance and will not waiver. Making deals in Washington is what got us in the mess we are in. NO MORE DEALS…. That’s Final!!!

    • We have only 54 Republican Senators, it takes 60 votes to pass a Bill and 67 votes to over ride a veto. The only people that will vote for Trump are useless idiots that do not understand how Government works. The Congress has sent 6 bills bills passed by the House and the Senate to Obumers desk. Guess what he did. Done guessing, SUPRISE he voted them.

    • Listen to whom, or what “people.” He has never got more than 35-40% of the people’s (Republican) endorsement, and it is now fading. This man is a fraud and his policy preferences are closer to the Democrats than to conservatives who want a true leader who embraces their desires for a truly civll and just society. It will never happen with Trump; in fact, just like Hilary’s and the Democrat’s agenda proves, the likelihood is that society will become even more riven with anger and hatred. That is his calling, as his vulgar attacks demonstrate.

    • Alternative is to not sell out your beliefs to a fraud. Unite behind a true Conservative, Ted Cruz. Everything fed to you be Trump is LIES. Unite with Cruz and crush the GOP Establishment!

  3. I can’t understand why everyone is so upset over Trump’s liberalism — when all these RINOs have been sucking the leftist Kool-Aid for ages!!!! And you want to go with THEIR choice of candidate? Get real! They HATE Cruz, too! Everyone is upset with the turncoats within the Republican Party and that’s why they are turning to The Donald who will bring independents, disaffected liberals and disenchanted conservatives together in a winning coalition.

  4. TRUTH in both ads!! Thank you Club for Growth. Conservative are my beliefs. Trump is a Liberal, Big Gov’t guy dressed as a Conservative!!

  5. Rafael Eduardo Cruz, aka “Ted” Is an eGOP Shill that hopes to continue the demise of We The People. It’s Not going to work Raffe. Go back to Canada you Cuban Canadian! TRUMP 2016!!!!

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