Will The GOP Establishment Try To STEAL The Nomination From Donald Trump...

Will The GOP Establishment Try To STEAL The Nomination From Donald Trump At The Convention?

Will the establishment try to screw Donald Trump at the GOP Presidential convention in Cleveland?

According to an opinion piece by GOP political consultant John Yob in Breitbart:

“I should not be added to the list of people who think that a Donald Trump nomination would be a bad thing for the party. He is bringing in hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of new voters to the Republican Party and providing energy that we have not seen since the original Tea Party wave of 2010.

He received 49% of the vote in Massachusetts and a record number of Democrats switched their registrations in order to vote for him.  He is winning Independents by overwhelming numbers, and quite possibly puts Northeast states in play that have not been competitive in decades. He is perhaps the most appealing candidate to Reagan Democrats since…..Ronald Reagan.

This does not mean, however, that he has the nomination locked up after Super Tuesday. It isn’t even close.

It has narrowed the race down to two possible outcomes after Super Tuesday: Donald Trump as the nominee, or a contested and chaotic Republican National Convention.”

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  1. Yes, I agree Donald Trump’s appeal to the voters is National. The Republicans haven’t seen such a turn out in years. If, Mitch McConnell, or the, GOP, or the RNC try to destroy their opportunity to have a President in the White House who has thousands of friends Democrats, Liberals, and Republicans it will be over for them. Donald Trump is the candidate for President 2016. His following is overwhelming!

    I would suggest to the GOP, and RNC they recognize Donald Trump in a positive manner. I have received emails from Mitch McConnell, hatefully seeking ways to destroy Donald Trump’s victory at the convention. If, they do this, I will have nothing to do with the GOP or RNC.

    I simply cannot believe that the hatred extends with some party members. McConell and others in the Republican Party should be VOTED out so we can bring in New Positive Members that will not fight one another. Donald Trump, is the man for America and he will champion over Hillary Clinton who should go to jail for the killing of four Americans.

    Just in: Mitt Romney said, he was not going to sit by and allow Donald Trump to win the nomination and this guy is a quasi christian? The jealously rages…Mitt Romney had the opportunity calling out Barack Obama during the debate between them and he just stood there with a cheshire grin on his face. Mitt Romney lost the race because he couldn’t compete.

    So Mitt Romney should get a grip swallow his pride and stop blasting Donald Trump, who is a better man than Romney.

    • Mary, it’s because Trump scares them. He is threatening to destroy their little kingdoms. All the monies they receive from lobbiests and special interest groups would vanish and possibly impose term limits????? Corruption is so entrenched in RNC they will do anything to stop Trump and Cruz. That is why these 2 are so hated. Sad.

      • Marty,

        Ron Nehring, RNC is a volunteer for Ted Cruz. I wonder where this is all going to end. I agree politicians buy and sell one another for special interest groups which they become beholding to cater to their demands. It is really pathetic and not good for our country.

    • well said and there is no if buts boot everyone out is the only way we take the party back from this do nothing people

  2. If they take the nomination away from Trump, i will write his name in, and if everyone does that, we might have a chance to beat Hillary because there are more of us than democrats.

  3. If they broker this convention they will never be in control again I for won, who has been Republican for 60 years, will never vote Republican again

  4. I think it will be the end of the government if they try to steal the presidency away from Donald
    Trump. Beware the rage of the Reagan Americans!

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