Trump BLASTS Romney Before Speech

Trump BLASTS Romney Before Speech

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is preparing for Mitt Romney’s speech this morning with a few words of his own…

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump is going on the offense against Mitt Romney ahead of the 2012 Republican presidential nominee’s speech Thursday criticizing the outspoken businessman.

Trump sent a series of tweets Thursday morning calling Romney a “failed candidate” who “doesn’t know how to win,” claiming Romney begged for his endorsement four years ago.

Trump paired his criticism of Romney with remarks attempting to brandish his general-election credentials against Hillary Clinton and ripping establishment-favorite Marco Rubio.”



  1. Romney?? He had Obama on the ropes several times but refused to use it. Obama on stage challenged him about his education in Mass which would had would had proven OB wrong after the 2nd debate and the story goes on. The GOP is on a down spiral when the Dems are a joke. Go ahead and let it go to the politicians to decide and thus take it away from the voters. The KKK they use to down their own however ignore that Farrakan also praised Trump. Trump did not take funds from either.

  2. Both Trump and Romney have progressive policies. It can’t be denied.
    They are certainly not conservatives

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