Breaking: Sources Say Republican Establishment May Try To Steal Election From Trump...

Breaking: Sources Say Republican Establishment May Try To Steal Election From Trump And Give Nomination To Romney

Sources say that the Republican establishment may be trying to steal the election from Donald Trump and give the nomination to Mitt Romney.

According to InfoWars.Com:

“Insiders who were at a recent meeting between the Koch Bros. and Marco Rubio leaked intel on how exactly they’re going to try and steal the election from Donald Trump, GOP strategist Roger Stone revealed.

The Koch Bros. met with GOP millionaires and billionaires Thursday night to pool together over $75 million to stop Trump and are going to use Mitt Romney as ‘Plan B’ if Rubio fails to gain traction on Super Tuesday, according to moles who were inside the meeting.

$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he’s got to win the Florida primary or he’s out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That’s the plan.”

“First they’ll ramp up an enormous, negative campaign on TV against Trump and they’re going to hit this phony Trump University issue,” he continued. “They claim to have personal dirt on Trump – I doubt that – and they are also going to try and delve into his business affairs, but if Rubio fails to grab the Florida primary, then Rubio’s out and Mitt Romney’s in.”

“The plan is for Romney to file for the New Jersey, New York and California primaries in an all-out ditch effort to stop Donald Trump and you heard it here on”

Additionally, Marco Rubio’s wife called Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, to desperately beg Cruz to exit the race and aid Rubio, but Heidi said no, Stone said.”

Bombshell: Insider Leaks Koch Bros, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump



  1. The so called “Republican Establishment” considers “We the People”, “We the Feeble”….This all boils down to power and control……Trump has no puppet strings attached to him……They would rather sink the party then lose control of the President. These do nothing, spineless establishment Republicans created Donald Trump. They seem to garner a spine when they choose to backstab and back door politic Trump…..They are still bucking their constituency……You know, their voter base that is fed up with their BS double talk…..You are PUBLIC SERVANTS!!!!! You work for US!!!!! So get with the program and back Donald Trump. And don’t forget your ABC’s……
    Anybody But Clinton……..

      • Your 100% correct.But the Republican establishment would rather have her so they can continue fleecing the donors and the country!

        • One of the many things I like about Trump is the way he’s exposed all the back room deals that have gone on to the public. Yes, we’ve known about some of the deals but not necessarily to the extent they’ve gone on. By that I mean Getting who they want nominated, etc.

          Yet still people have their heads in the sand. They really think just the Democrats are corrupt. One look at Channey and one should know these guys play by their own rules.

          Screw the public, right? We’ll just make them think their calling the shots.

  2. “SOURCES SAY that the Republican
    establishment MAY BE TRYING to steal the election from Donald Trump and
    give the nomination to Mitt Romney.” Wait! Give me some real proof and I’ll consider believing this article. I am not in the tank for anyone yet. I am sick of all the lies by whatever means to knock out the opposition… that goes for ALL candidates!

    • Haven’t you been reading about how they want Trump out? He has a mind of his own, and doesn’t have any donors, so they can’t control him, and they don’t want him cleaning up Washington.

      • That is it in a nut shell, they want too keep the gravy train coming to keep the crony-capitalist, gravy train on the tracks and feeding their bank accounts.

        They all tell lies to get in office when they get in they don’t even know
        who “we the people” that pays them very well. When they want a raise they just vote it right on in. They are snakes in the grass they use tricks’ for the, Benefits obtained in an evil manner or by dishonest means,

    • I’ll grant you, during election season, lots of reports show up which may or may not be true. This may well be one of those reports. But with this one, we will know for a fact whether or not there is any truth to it in a very short time.

  3. And they will do this, NOT because they think, or even want Romney to win, but because they know it will give the race to Hillary…and they would much rather deal with a liberal from the opposition party, than deal with someone who is not an establishment Republican from their own party.

    I keep saying that the establishment GOP does not care about winning power or the White House. What they care about is maintaining the establishment Republicans in their own offices to keep the crony-capitalist, gravy train on the tracks and feeding their bank accounts. THAT is what they care about. That is ALL the establishment Republicans care about. Period.

  4. After all the unethical/barbaric shinanicans this Washington Establishment has pulled, who in the hell would ever condone anything they do. God, no wonder this country is a mess!! If “We the People” allow them to keep this up, it would be imminent America would collapse like Russia did..

  5. They better be prepared for a rebellion of the American people. We are that angry at the cooked, slimy, corrupt politicians

    • Exactly. However, if it happened Trump would go back to making millions per month. He wouldn’t have to face a media that hates him. We’d lose a great leader. But the establishment doesn’t care.

  6. This contents of this meeting have been dribbling out since the 19th and the allegations we have heard so far make this no surprise; especially since all of a sudden out of the blue we are hearing from Mitt. Please write to your congress persons. Probably won’t change anything, but they have a right to know what the American people are thinking and wanting, since voting for them apparently didn’t make our thoughts and desires clear – and we have a responsibility to tell them again, clearly. Not to mention you might repeat how slender their chances of ever getting another term in Washington are if they go through with this highjack.

  7. I hope this is only speculation. We gave Mitt a
    chance in 2012 and he totally blew it.
    If the establishment in DC thinks the American voters will accept this
    sort of dirty pool they really do need have a check up from the neck up as Zig
    Ziggler use to say. We are now in a
    position in this country where we need a strong leader and Mitt has already
    proven he can’t, or will not fight as needed.
    Otherwise he would be running for re-election this year but as we saw in
    2012 he is not a fighter but a follower.
    Simple message to the GOP: Mitt can not beat Hillary – Your on the road
    to success with Trump DON’T screw it up!

  8. The Establishment wants to continue their fleecing of the country!And If they try that he will lose bigger than before!I wouldn’t vote or support in any way.They know Hillary is a expert at fleecing the country she has proven that with out any doubt!The People of Kentucky should recall McConnell.

  9. If they actually try to do this, there will be open rebellion come November. This would solidafy a Trump win on general principals. Does the establishment really want to risk ripping the party apart and getting not just beat but crushed especially if they try to force this three time loser (Romney) down our throats?


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