Breaking: SHOCK Report: Bloomberg To Announce Presidential Run?

Breaking: SHOCK Report: Bloomberg To Announce Presidential Run?

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 26: Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg speaks on stage during the opening ceremony during Day One of the 2013 US Open at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 26, 2013 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Mike Bloomberg will soon announce a Presidential run, some news outlets say.

According to reports:

“Michael Bloomberg is planning a run for the U.S. presidency that would begin as early as next week.

A source with knowledge of company affairs at Bloomberg L.P., told Anadolu Agency that said senior officials at offices worldwide were clearing schedules for meetings to discuss a sudden change in the management structure at the company.

The source, who spoke to AA on condition of anonymity, was not authorized to discuss company matters on the record.

The multibillionaire owner of Bloomberg L.P. is preparing to hand over his responsibilities at the financial data and media company ahead of an announcement after Super Tuesday on March 1, a key date in the nomination process for the Republican and Democratic parties.

Bloomberg was planning to make his announcement on or after Super Tuesday, the source said.

Bloomberg, who distanced himself from his company in a similar fashion when he was elected mayor of New York City, has been rumored to be planning an independent presidential campaign for months.”




  2. this would be the best thing for Republicans because a large number of dumbocRATs are antigun and would abandon hillary or bernie

  3. Between raking up Bloomberg and Romney ~ now I surely believe we need new blood in both Parties ( I am not sure which one Bloomberg would be entering, maybe he made up a new one. )

  4. He was a horrible mayor for New York the only thing he was good was for raising taxes. Donald J. Trump our 45th President Jan 20th, 2017!

  5. I welcome Billionaire Michael Rubens Bloomberg of Boston, Massachusetts 74yrs (36 Billion net worth) running as a Independent and Mormon Willard Mitt Romney of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 69yrs (250 Million net worth) who now has retreated from signing up as a Republican Incumbent to avoid being crushed by Rubio and Cruz much less than The Donald!

    Anyone trying to run this late after everyone’s commitments stemming all the way from June of 2015 will not even be looked at in any serious way. Bloomberg is only running because he can! His ego has simply exploded and he thinks by running he will be helping America in some way but people are not stupid like he thinks they are. This is all a Super Billionaire Selfie Propping move to slice into the voting numbers to later drop out endorsing who he favors. Pretty bad politics and insulting to the American voters who only want a better America economically and assured protection for their families!

    Michael Bloomberg entering the race this late will surely be a an embarrassment to him, friends and family alike only displaying 100% of dangerous ego! To possibly think that Americans want someone as their Commander In Chief entering this late after missing half of the Primary Caucus Elections, over 10 Open Party Debates and Town Hall Meetings just won’t resonate any where but a big Fat Zero. And by signing in as an Independent makes it even worse leaving to question of who will he debate or attend Town Hall Meetings against? Absolutely No One!

    Mr. Bloomberg may have success as a business magnate and philanthropist but will most definitely fail trying to jump into the 2016’s Presidential race as an Independent! The real reason why Mr. Bloomberg is not going to run as a Republican because of the utter and severe embarrassments he will have to answer to when his number hovers at 0%. This likely poll number is the peoples message to him that they don’t want his brand of politics!

    SO BE IT

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