Trump Wins Post Debate Polls

Trump Wins Post Debate Polls

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump won multiple polls taken after last night’s CNN debate.

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump was the resounding winner of Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate in Houston, according to two online surveys.

According to a Drudge Report survey that has attracted more than 120,000 votes, 63.8 percent said Trump won the debate, followed Ted Cruz at 17.9 percent, Marco Rubio at 12.8 percent, John Kasich, at 3.6 percent, and Ben Carson, at 2 percent.

A Time magazine online poll of 17,000 people found the billionaire businessman taking 71 percent, followed by Rubio, at 18 percent, Kasich, at 6 percent, Cruz, at 4 percent, and Carson, at 2 percent.

Trump has mopped up in most of the post-debate online polling this cycle.”



  1. The guy with the biggest personality, narcissism and ego, who will tell you anything you want to hear, wins. Just like in 2008 and 2012.
    MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber was right; American politics is run by “the stupidity of the American voter”. The least reasoned, but most dominantly compelling personality will win over more Constitutionally adherent, well reasoned candidates with track records of long service to conservatism.
    The old adage of “actions speak louder than words” has died in this election cycle. And perhaps forever. But we will get what we deserve, as we always have, as proven in every presidential election this Constitution has afforded us. We will get what we asked for.
    Yuuuge ego driving the country, not the people’s representatives, adhering to the fulfilling the Will of The People. Personal Will and mandate, over law (written in Congress) and order, as proscribed in the Constitution. Loud over-shouting of opposing viewpoints, over carefully listening and responding with reason and dignity. Bullying over rationality.
    We have clearly wanted this as we put Obama on his throne. And, despite George Washington’s refusal to become king, Barack and Donald seems to like that power and position very much. A statesmen knows he cannot force other countries to pay for what we want. But Napoleon certainly thought that he could. And in true Napoleonic spirit, Donald is giving the people what they clamor for, with his rhetoric. His actions, however, have historically been quite different. Unlike a Trump corporation, America cannot declare bankruptcy to leave others holding the bag of bad fiscal policy. But Donald has no care for that. At his age (when elected, the oldest ever to do so), he won’t be here to pick up the pieces, and he knows it. But adding a plaque for [President of the US] to his office wall will complete the collection requirements of his *Hall of Narcissistic Glory* that he is compelled, by his yuuuuge ego, to complete, in his bucket list of “Things To Do Before I Die”

  2. I LOVE Donald Trump, a generous, decent, honest good man & he WILL be our next president! Take that to the bank!!!

  3. 2008 marked a watershed election where political correctness, a fraudulent and agenda driven press glorified their rock star, “history making” candidate. After almost 8 years of a socialist , “divide and conquer”, racist, closet muslim president, the disenfranchised middle class and traditional values citizens are “backlashing” in an unprecedented ballot box revolt. The choice is not between socialist democrats or RINO’s but rather the establishment vs non establishment.
    Desperate times, just as in colonial revolutionary era, call for change in the political status quo. Trump is the non establishment candidate setting the stage for a necessary political ballot box revolt.
    The question is: will we witness a political sea change or will Obamas successor continue Fundamentally Changing America into a socialist utopia that controls every aspect our our lives from cradle to grave?

  4. Do you ever feel like you are caught up in a time warp? Trump wins???? His 35% of supporters I sure would like to know how many democrats keep voting for him. I wish every state had a closed primary that would go a long way to see why his real numbers are. Can’t wait until he hits one of those states.
    The other 65% needs to start voting for one of the others. NOW.

  5. I had NO idea how right Gruber was when he said the Americans were stupid!!! I pray I am wrong but in 4 years you will know what REAL corruption is = TRUMP!!!

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