Breaking: Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President

Breaking: Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President

Trump, with Christie

Breaking just now: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President.

According to The Hill:

“Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump‘s presidential bid, a surprise coupling that likely helps the GOP front-runner recapture the spotlight days before Super Tuesday.

Christie dropped his own presidential run after a poor showing in New Hampshire.

Before he did, the New Jersey governor assailed both Marco Rubio¬†and Ted Cruz¬†repeatedly on the debate stage for being scripted and lacking executive experience.”



  1. This is no surprise to me. Rubio and Cruz are supported by White Collar Billionaires while Trump and Christie were supported by Blue Collar Billionaires.

    For those of you who tell me you do not know the difference between a white collar billionaire and a blue collar billionaire, I will explain it in simple terms.

    White Collar Billionaires make their money off of currency manipulation (George Soros is one example) or off of Corporate Welfare paid to Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations.

    Blue Collar Billionaires make their money off of privately held enterprises, not corporate welfare or currency manipulation.

    The two groups of billionaires disrespect each other intensely at times. Sooner or later most blue collar billionaires change from liberal to conservative or start out as conservative. White collar billionaires are and remain liberal because they need to live off of corporate welfare.

    • You do realize Trump has done alot of business with Soros don’t you??? I think people have to do what ALL of the media refuses to do CHECK TRUMP’S RECORD FOR YOURSELF !!! Unless you are afraid you HAVE FOOLED AGAIN!!! 1995 lawsuit against 2 defendants Soros and Trump!!! It’s really scary when people vote that do not check the FACTS!!!!! Trump has screwed all of his “friends” but that’s nothing! HE is the biggest lobbyist on the planet buying both parties politicians!!!! But never let the FACTS interfere with your FEELS!!!!!

      • I don’t care! Trump will base his loyalities on his supporters, AND he knows all too well how to play with the soros dynasty. He could be exporting rotting hams and I would vote for him! Rotting Chicken…you bet! There is NOTHING that Trump or his opposers can do to cause me to withhold political support. NOTHING!

      • I know about these things. My report has nothing to do with feelings. You need to investigate those front end reports and get to the actual court cases.

        Donald Trump has been screwed over by the White Collar Billionaire Class repeatedly. Look who is making those claims. One of those people is a person who asked Trump for $125,000 to run for the office of NY AG.

        Trump turned him down and the rest is history. Investigate more and we might come to the same conclusions when we are both at the same root documents.

        Trump is no angel but he has long been disgusted with all of the corruption. New York has long been a one-party state politically. Bribes, both legal and under the table are required to do business in the Big Apple. You may doubt it, but if you will fact check, you will get to at least a few of the same root documents.

        No one gave me the documents I have. I had to dig them out for myself. I’d share them with you for free but I had a lot of time and expense involved in gathering up these documents from dozens and dozens of court cases. I have interviewed people on and off the record.

        Plus, I hope that at some near point to have enough proof to take to a publisher and get it all converted to a book I can make some of this money back on or maybe even do the nasty, which is, “make a profit.”

      • Are to believe that no establishment politician has ever screwed a single person . No, they just screw the entire citizenry (as in Obama care) and they do business with the worlds worst dictators.
        Tump has “danced with the best and the worst”, knows the system and is qualified to upset the political system that has screws every tax paying US citizen all the time.
        As Pear Bailey once said … “I’ve been poor and i’ve been rich … I like rich better” . i f your had 1 % of Trumps drive, ambition and smarts, you would be singing a very different tune.

      • If you’re going to make these wild allegations you should at least give us your source or a link that we can investigate that’s not a far left wing blog site. Donating to both parties has been around since the beginning of time….It’s called protecting you a$$ and is being done by large corporations and prestigious law firms….It may not be the best way to skin a cat but our long drawn out and expensive election system is responsible for what we’re getting….

      • You’re getting your info from an article from Truth Control dated 6 days after Trump announces he is running for POTUS? Really? And the source for this article was from a Lawyer named David H. Relkin, Esq. who if you look deeper has some shady business. You do know that if a lawyer leaks anything about any law case that lawyer could lose his very expensive law license??? I would take a boulder of salt before believing this bs from either Truth Control or of this lawyer.

  2. YES! YES! TES!! While Trump satisfies all that I need to vote conservative, the fact that he is NOT a professional politician is the MAJOR plus as far as I’m concerned. He can get “on-the-job” training for anything he doesn’t already know….that’s all it took for me to be updated on economics, health, and military. I honest to God just trust Trump to do the best he can for the people without making costly sacrifices or succumbing to islamic/muslimic demands, as well as sealing up our borders. I’m voting Trump for 2016 no matter what anyone says.

  3. Kudos for Christie. While I did not support Christie because of his axx kissing of Obama prior to the 2012 election, he made some excellent and cogent points about governors preparedness to govern. during the debates. Christie scored big when he called out the bickering between Cruz and Rubio illustrating how governors have to be problem solvers and decision makers; not motor mouths. Christies endorsement bolsters Trumps standing in the political arena.

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