Trump Calls Romney A “Fool” Over Tax Record Accusations

Trump Calls Romney A “Fool” Over Tax Record Accusations

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GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump pulled no punches against Mitt Romney today after the 2012 Republican nominee accused Trump of hiding “bombshell” information in his tax records…

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lashed out at Mitt Romney Wednesday night, shortly after the GOP’s previous presidential nominee went after him for not releasing his tax returns.

The business mogul called Romney a “fool” and accused him of trying to play “tough guy.”
Earlier Wednesday, Romney suggested that Trump had not released his tax records because he has something to hide.

“Frankly, I think we have a good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes,” the 2012 Republican nominee said in an interview with Fox News.”



  1. Cruz and Rubio haven’t released their taxes either Romney..No one has to release their taxes records …there isn’t any law that says you have to..but Romney and his ex super pac have sworn to take down Trump and this is the first attempt..Don’t let these people take your attention off of your focus and win…They are jerks and I am sorry I voted for Romney..I thought maybe he was an upstanding man but I guess he isn’t…Here is the link to who this super pac is and the family that is part of this ridiculous attack on Trump…

    • you are so right. romney is showing just what kind of character he has. maybe there was a reason for Reid forcing him to show his records after. what a backstabbing SOB this guy is. did he not ask Trump for money and an endorsement in 2012?

  2. Well, old Mitt has proven he is no more than a RINO so let’s ignore his trash talk!
    Obama never released anything important….refuses still

      • The IRS is the best harbinger of what taxes are real or not and they have audited Trump 19 times if I remember right….and, until this season, Trump was not considered a conservative…when Obama releases his transcripts from colleg, then ask again!

        • They do not audit that offten unless they find things wrong and fine u, then they may audit u for 3 yrs but if all is clean it is maybe once every 4 to 7 years. If u told different, they are not being honest, I have been thru it

  3. Romney is a two time loser and the last election should have been a slam dunk for the GOP but their selection of Mitt Romney cost us the election and gave us four more years of Obama….Karl Rove and his PAC destroyed Romney’s peers one by one buy digging up dirt and then airing it on TV….First it was Michell Bachman they went after and next it was Herman Cain and then it was Newt Gingrich….We were left with one of the weakest candidates to ever seek the office….We can’t let Karl Rove and his political hacks select the nominee this time around….

    • Why, u feel drumf will be proven a liar AGAIN. Let me ask you, what has drumf’s position been on the economy and how to fix it, also what is his position been on taxes, and he says we will save HUGEEEEEE and can pay for government run health care which can cost over 5 trillion, not billion but trillion, I have not heard how he pays for it, can you help me with just these minor issues. I know he says great, and I am the best at deals (true) he has made many deals with the demorats for many yrs. Wish he had a vocabulary and education higher then 5grade so my brain did not hurt trying to understand him. Someone please tell me how he make a us great, and please use bigger words then great or huge heard that to many times. Oh and how does he sue papers without stomping on our 1st amendment rights of free speech, or u ok with that?

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