Eric Holder Used Fake Names For His Email As Attorney General

Eric Holder Used Fake Names For His Email As Attorney General

Eric Holder

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has been busted using yet another fake name as part of his secretive email system, reports say.

According to The Hill:

“Former Attorney General Eric Holder used the birth name of basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as an alias for his official Justice Department email account, according to new documents revealed Thursday.

The Justice Department said in response to a Vice News request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that Holder used the name “Lew Alcindor” in email conversations with his staffers. His own name does not appear in the emails.

The disclosure raises new questions about Obama administration officials’ email practices, following controversy over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s unconventional email setup.

Former Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon had claimed last year that the nation’s former top lawyer used three different aliases while in office, one of which was undisclosed but based on the name of an athlete. The other two, Fallon said, were “Henry Yearwood” — a combination of names of Holder’s family members — and “David Kendricks” — from two members of the musical legends the Temptations.”



  1. The Republicans should be demanding a special prosecutor, but they won’t. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why. But, it isn’t because there is nothing to investigate.

  2. Never thought in my lifetime I’d see such a screwed up system, just like in our Society today, no one’s responsible for their actions. SAD!!!

    • Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay and other early founders of this country warned us about political parties. They were 100% correct.
      The problem is professional politicians need political parties to win. If the candidate wins the party owns them thereafter forever. Study our history. Once and a while something like the Tea Party comes along and mucks up the game. In time the new party becomes just like old or the old party reinvents themselves from the party of slavery to the party of the common man.

  3. Holder belongs in jail for the rest of his worthless life. He is a racist and a murder. His and obama has blood on their hands from Fast and Furious scandle.

  4. That what he is conniving Arrogant Black bitch that ought to be shot, including his involvement in the Fast and Furious program that have border agent Bryan Terry killed. That is a Fact. So FACT YOU HOLDER !

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