Kasich Signs Bill Ending Planned Parenthood Funding In Ohio

Kasich Signs Bill Ending Planned Parenthood Funding In Ohio

Photo by Marc Nozell

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill ending state funding for Planned Parenthood in the Buckeye state.

According to The Hill:

“Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill┬áSunday┬áto take away government funding from Planned Parenthood in Ohio, The Associated Press reported.

The bill targets about $1.3 million in funding Planned Parenthood gets through Ohio’s health department…

The legislation, which doesn’t specifically name Planned Parenthood, takes the funding from groups that carry out or promote abortions.

The Republican presidential candidate was expected to sign the measure, despite opposition from some Democrats, though he did not do so in public.”



  1. I like John Kasich but not as The Commander In Chief of America’s Armed Forces! His continued relationship with Obama bothers all of the remaining Republican Runners! I am expecting him to jump ship after the Nevada or Texas Primary’s! He should had jumped after the last Primary in South Carolina but Intel is saying he would like a Vice President offering form The Donald. Kasich is no dummy! His voters will spread out evenly between Mr. Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Carson!

    So Be It

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