Breaking: Donald Trump Wins HUGE Victory In South Carolina

Breaking: Donald Trump Wins HUGE Victory In South Carolina


That is perhaps the best word to describe GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s win in South Carolina tonight…

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump has won South Carolina‚Äôs primary, solidifying his status as the front-runner to win the Republican presidential nomination.

With back-to-back victories under his belt in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump heads to Nevada as the heavy favorite. Early polls Trump holds a 20-point lead in the polls over the next closest contender in the Silver State.

No winner of both the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries has lost the nomination.”



  1. Congratulations, Donald – not that this win came as a surprise! We all knew it was bound to happen, as you most certainly are the best man for the job ahead, to make America Great Again! Now on to Nevada ~ they question how you pronounce the name of this state, but I think you have it right, as I don’t see any R in that lettering!


  3. I know what you mean Dana Dafflin…She won’t be able to keep up with Donald (unless they “FIX” the vote and then Donald will create chaos the likes of which we have never seen! hahaha

  4. congrats Donald your the man for the job, the american people know it now to keep the dam liberals from cheating in the election and we will be all set to bring our country back again to where it belongs. AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE,HOME OF THE BRAVE , IN GOD WE TRUST..

  5. I’m already buying two airline tickets to DC because if you wait till after Nov you won’t be able to get them ! See everyone at the inauguration! Go President Trump

  6. Yes, thank you Jesus. A New Era is upon us. The day of the Politician are over. Please place term limits on them. Hold the treasonous ones accountable, ( Politicians that took money to over look illegal activities or to get illegal foreign policy enacted ) A short List: obama, Holder, Lynch, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, Paul Ryan

  7. Donald Trump IS the change Washington DC needed. The democratic party is controlled by hard core Liberals that have introduced Hard core Socialist and Communist politicians to Washington and they’ve taken over. The sad thing is that the rhino republican establishment led by McCain, McConnell, Bush, Boehner, the new house speaker and others have become just like those democrats. They haven’t tried to stop Obama and those democrats because I believe they’ve grown to like Big Government because there’s lots of money for them to make. The big thing is to get Trump elected but the BIGGEST challenge be getting the rhino republican establishment to work with Trump and the Tea Party Republicans in Washington that want Real Change.

  8. It is a sad day when a misfit like Donald Trump can be expected to win the Presidency of the United States. I guess that I will be forced to vote for Gary Johnson again, even though his chances seem slim.

  9. You may have all given up on the Candidate that I feel God wants to be President. I have not. This man will restore Christian / Judeo values to our land. How anyone with a brain can be thrilled to have a vulgar, loud, offensive, Bigoted fool even in the running for President. I will continue to work for Dr. Ben Carson… and trust in my Lord.

    • Christians are forgiven sinners. They are not necessarily the best builders, heart surgeons, weight lifters or even parents. Dr. Ben Carson may be a wonderful person but his qualifications do not match the needs of America today. Donald Trump is not perfect but he does appear to have what it takes to enable America to combat Islamist, Russian, Chinese and globalist (i.e. establishment) hegemony.

      • Please go to (his website..). Read his thoughts on the major subject facing our world… ISIS, Russia, China, and being “Politically Correct”… I’m amazed at his planned approaches, well thought out and….. well as if our Lord is going to help him… help our wonderful country to find it’s way back to Greatness.

  10. Future 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr.!

    So Be It

    I like John Kasich and Ben Carson but not as The Commanders In Chief of America’s Armed Forces! Kasich’s continued relationship with Obama bothers all of the remaining Republican Runners!

    I am expecting John and Ben to jump ship after the Nevada or Texas Primary’s! They should had jumped after the last Primary in South Carolina but Intel is saying they are both chasing after a Vice President offering from The Donald. If they Jump, their voters will spread out sporadically between Mr. Trump, Rubio and Cruz!

    So Be It

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