Unstoppable? Trump Holds HUGE Lead In South Carolina

Unstoppable? Trump Holds HUGE Lead In South Carolina


Donald Trump remains the undisputed leader in South Carolina according to the latest poll from CNN.

Trump holds a commanding lead of nearly 20% over his closest rival, Ted Cruz. South Carolina Republicans vote Saturday, February 20th.

According to CNN:

“In the Republican race, Trump, at 38%, tops Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who holds second place with 22%. Behind those two, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio garners 14% support, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is at 10%, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 6% and Ohio Gov. John Kasich is at 4%.

Trump’s lead is bolstered by widespread perceptions of him as the candidate best able to handle the economy, immigration and ISIS, and further, that he has the best chance to win in November and would be most likely to change the way things work in Washington.

Voters in South Carolina are less apt to say they trust Trump on social issues and on foreign policy, yet he is still near the top of the list of preferred candidates even on those issues.”



  1. Imagine I am enunciating my words very slowly and distinctly so that even the most dense of the GOP establishment dolts can understand exactly what I’m saying. You got that? So here goes.

    Let me make this abundantly clear to all you GOP Establishment types who just don’t seem to understand the mood of a vast majority of conservatives supporting Trump. A RINO IS NOT GOING TO GET ELECTED, no matter what you do to sabotage Trump. If Bush, Cruz or any one of them is nominated by GOP chicanery, you will see a mass exodus of conservatives from the Republican ranks. In other words, you numbskulls, by undermining Trump you are effectively doing the devil’s handiwork and guaranteeing the demise of the GOP and the election of a democrat. If that’s what you want, then go right ahead and sabotage Trump. And don’t kid yourselves that Cruz isn’t viewed as part of the establishment. That dog doesn’t hunt in the light of day. Like it or not, Trump supporters are not going to rush to the polls to support Cruz or any other candidate. And if you think they’ll go along with your underhanded shenanigans, then wait until election day when Trump supporters stay home in droves from the polls, and allow you the great satisfaction of watching the Republican Party go down in flames while Hillary or Bernie gives a victory speech.

      • Thank you. I’m sick to death of the Rinos caving in to the democrats on every issue. Therefore I have just registered as an Independent voter rather than a Republican. Many of my friends feel the same way. If the Repubs don’t change their ways, I think they’re done for. Cheers.

        • By going IND are you now ineligible to vote in the Rep. primary? If so, you just removed yourself from the process. Many of us will probably do the same thing if the “establishment” pulls some expected bullshlt.

          • Not true in California. If Trump is nominated I can vote Republican, or Independent I he goes that way. Cheers.

          • Can vote in states that have open primaries, some do and some don’t.
            But this year Va. has/had an open primary, but you have to prove what
            major party you are.
            I went IND. in 1994, no trouble voting in Fl. open primary, and vot e for any one. In the general only have party names on ballot.

          • In Missouri, anyone can pull a Republican ballot. We do not register by party. We welcome all voters dor Trump. Come on over!

        • I heard that I did, no more estiblishment RINO’s. They tell the people what they want to hear, and promise they will do this and do that.
          When they get back in office goes back to the same thing they were doing.
          It has gotten worse in the last two elictions. Made big promises, going
          to repeal the ACA, Obama Care, but when they got back in office, excuses we can’t repeal it, because of this or that. Don’t want excuses, want results that is what they get paid for. I had a boss that told me that very thing, no excuses, results or go home.

          • Sadly They can’t repeal it. It is law. Or Congress can repeal the ACA. And that isn’t easy.

        • You are correct, and a lot of people feel they have been abandond. Those Politicians only suck up when they are running for re-election, they will tell people what they want too hear as soon as they get thier re-up back to same old same old. S O S.

      • The ‘Trump’ “Jonestown Kool Aid” drinkers just keep on “SWILLING” his
        fertilizer rhetoric.. Very much the same as the “trough feeding free stuff” Obama advocates that elected him “TWICE” CAVEAT EMPTOR !!!!!

    • American’s are screaming…no Lies, we want an honest President serving the people! Trump will win by a landslide…we will not stay home…we will vote in droves!!!!!!
      Trump for President !

    • As a Trump supporter I couldn’t have said it any better. Sometimes, however, I wish one of the others would win. Then they’d have their so called constitutionalists conservative. When they’d lose 47 of 50 States they’d have nobody to blame.

    • My sentiments exactly. Be ready for the revolution because Rience Prickus and his band of GO-P-er’s are plotting behind the scenes to do just that as I write this. They could care less about who the majority of Americans want to be next president, only out to protect themselves and their power. They’d sell their own mother to keep things just as they are with a hand picked RINO, even Killary and maybe even the Marxist, Burnie.

  2. Whatever. The Republicans will be shooting themselves in the head if they nominate anyone other than Trump. We the people can write him in if we must. Two thirds majority rules the Electoral College be damned

    • Actually the electoral college is a good thing. The founders selected it to give the smaller States a voice, right? Otherwise candidates would just pay attention to the larger States.

  3. They any ran a phony poll on NBC saying Cruz was leading Trump nation wide by 2% . Out of 14 polls NBC was the only one that had that projection. Trump was leading in all of them by 10% are more. I know the GOP Establishment are going out of their minds. All they are doing hindering the election.

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