Nearly 60% Of Americans Oppose Iran Deal

Nearly 60% Of Americans Oppose Iran Deal

Nearly 60% of Americans say they do not like the Obama administration’s “deal” with Iran according to a new poll…

According to The Hill:

“A new poll finds that just 3 in 10 Americans approve of the Obama administration’s deal signed with Iran aimed at curbing the Islamic republic’s nuclear program.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans disapprove of the accord that relieves international sanctions in exchange for enhanced oversight, compared to 30 percent who approve, according to the Gallup survey released Wednesday.

Republicans are much more opposed to the deal signed among Iran and six world powers, with just 9 percent supporting it and 80 percent opposed.

A slim majority of Democrats approve of the deal negotiated by the Obama administration, with 51 percent saying they support it, compared to 38 percent who say they do not.

Americans are also just as concerned about the threat of a nuclear Iran as they were before the deal went into effect.”




  1. Any Deal with IRAN is a VERY BAD DEAL.!!!!!!!!
    Obama the Blowhard is a snake in the grass also a Pathological Liar.
    His deals benefit the Muslims, not U S Americans.
    He Obama the Blowhard should move to IRAN, and get out of this United States of America.

    • That would be 100% of the voters that elected Obama…TWICE !!
      Or believe Trump is the answer to begin the RESTORATION of OUR REPUBLIC..!! Ted Cruz is the ONLY QUALIFIED candidate for that job !!

  2. When I saw this take place I couldn’t believe Kerry & Obummer actually were giving these radical jihadists all that money…this President is Godawful!!!

  3. Talk about conflict – Kerry negotiating with his daughter’s father-in-law !

    Hear anything about this in the MSM ?

  4. 60% opposed, too late the iranians already got our money and the creep in Washington could give a damn… there is no stopping this asshat in chief, because he doesn’t care about America…

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