Trump Keeps HUGE Lead In South Carolina Despite Debate Controversy

Trump Keeps HUGE Lead In South Carolina Despite Debate Controversy

Photo by Gage Skidmore

After Saturday night’s fierce debate, the “experts” said Donald Trump would go down in the polls in South Carolina for his comments regarding former President George W. Bush.

As they have been since “The Donald” first announced, they were wrong yet again about the GOP Presidential hopeful. Trump leads the field by nearly 20%.

According to The State:

“Behind Trump, who has 35 percent support in a new poll, U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas are tied for second place — at 18 percent each, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released exclusively Monday to The State.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in fourth at 10 percent support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, tied with 7 percent support each.

Public Policy interviewed 897 likely GOP primary voters Sunday and Monday – the first look at how after Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate affected the race. The poll has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points.

The GOP poll suggests Trump’s debate performance – in which he criticized former President George W. Bush for the 2001 terror attacks – may not be hurting the frontrunner in a state that has deep ties to the Bush family.”



  1. I knew Trump would not be hurt by telling the truth! Looks like SC can handle the truth! Thanks SC ! Keep it up till Saturday and beyond! Go Trump, all the way to White House! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. The Establishment is pulling all the stops to discredit Trump — Even Cruz’s mud slinging does not seem to have any effect in dirtying “The Donald”!!!

    • Help me to understand why Trump can say and do anything and his numbers not be changed. I am a republican and was looking at Trump. He has great business knowledge and he is not PC at all which I love. But why such a lead. There is a time even he must me accountable for what he says and does. We have an out of control president now who does what he wants and doesn’t care what people say. Doesn’t it bother you a little Trump seems to be acting the same way? I desperately want change but I don’t want another out of control egotistical president. Trump seems to continue to go further then what is necessary. I want America strong and respected eternally and externally again. Doesn’t he too need to be reigned in some? I’m not trying to argue I truly need to understand. Thanks

      • Comparing Trump with Obama is ludicrous….There is absolutely no comparison between the two….Trump tells us that he’s going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it and he will….Trump wants to make sure that our veterans are taken care of and he will….Trump wants to build a strong national defense and he will….Trump wants better trade deals with China and Japan and he will achieve that goal….Trump wants to go after ISIS and he’ll do just that….Trump wants our allies to pay us for our protection of them and he will accomplish that…What else is bothering you….Jeb Bush is a cry baby….Cruz is a flame thrower who has lived off the government teat since leaving college…And Rubio needs about 8 more years of maturity before he’s ready for the big time…

        • Yes but have you ever heard him say how he’s going to do all these marvelous thing?? When asked he just answers I’m going to do it. We’re going to have so much fun. I’m rich. I have so much money I can do anything. I’d like to know how he’s going to do all these things.

          • Ive heard him say many time how he’ll get the things he says done. You just have to listen. If you don’t want to do that then read how he’ll get things done.

          • I have listen. I will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. Business leavening we will make them pay a higher tax to sell here. I’m going to talk with everyone and they are going to love me. Believe me they are going to love me.
            That’s real answers for sure. Just like we got with the current president. Just a lot of stuff people want to hear. Donald Trump will never be able to do all he says. He also couldn’t do all of what the current president has done. Because he would be held accountable. We are in pitiful shape. We lost this country 8 years ago and it kept going 4 years ago. If you don’t see some of the parallels of Obama and Tump campaigning then you are blind. I haven’t decided who I’m voting for but I have my eyes, ears, and brain open to all. I’m not willing to have another “god” (little g) in the White House again.

          • There is a huge difference between Obama and Trump. The two aren’t even close to being alike.

            is there really any doubt that Mexico will pay for the wall? Is there really any doubt that a successful business man like Trump can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall? Well, how is he going to do it you ask? Just think of how much money/business we give to Mexico. Whether it is with holding some of that mone or taxing imports the Mexican government will pay for the wall.

            The above, Trump has said, but the news medias usually only allow some of it to be on the air for any length of time. That’s because they hate Trump.

            They fear Trump. They know he’ll do what he says. They want their establishment guy. They want the status quo.

            Your right about the country. It has regressed. It is such a hole we are in. Maybe it would be better for Hillary to win. Then she’ll have to deal with Isis, the bad economy, etc. Trouble is the press will just gloss over her failures and make it seem like she has been successful.

        • Exactly. Great Response. Trump will do all the things you mentioned. If they stall something he’ll let the American people know what is going on. Or he’ll build it himself.

        • The key is Trump wants too. What I’m hoping to find out is details to how. He will be president not a dictator or King. You can bet he would never get away with what the current president has done. I’m comparing the two because I don’t want nor can my take any more if what we have had in the last years. But Trump won’t say how these things will happen. So far no one has been about to say how. If you have a plan to lead then share it. All of the can dates should share it. We should be able to evaluate there plans the same way we can evaluate what they have done and where they have stood in the past. We can not afford to elect another president and not throughly vet him. That was not done with Obama it needs to be done now. There is nothing wrong with that any voter who really wants to make America great again should want the same. Stop the name calling. My problem is if it’s going to be one of these candidates then I wan a man that can give the knocks but also take them. We have a president who’s ego is bigger then life and can’t take criticism. So far I’m worried Trump can’t take it. We can’t have a president that retaliate with petty school yard through back. Everyone is suppose to be an adult. Act like one. You know you can put people in their place by knowing the facts, calling them out when they are wrong and being confident in what you are doing and saying. If Trump would act on that debate stage like he does when being interviewed then that demonstrates a strong leader. Please keep in mind 70% of the republican voter are not for him. What do we do about moving those people. Every poll nationwide has Trump losing against both the democrats and that hasn’t changed since November. What do we do about this. One thing the democrats has over us is they don’t kill there on people. They debate the policy difference but all that personal still is left out. We act like middle school kids. Be a man, act like a man, and stand like a man. Stop this crap.

      • I’m totally with you on this Susan. Trump can say & do anything & the throngs are still falling over themselves for him. I’m afraid he’ll be another Obama since if anyone says no to him he throws a tantrum like a child. He reminds me of the Obama race. The filthier his mouth the more they laugh. This is what you want as our president?

          • Well just happens that two polls came out that show trump getting 40% and 41% against cruz and rubio one on one. Trump clearly needs the split in the sensible part of the party in order to win states with his one third to 40% of the vote. We’ll see as the actual results come in from SC if Trump can hold his one third in a very conservative state.

          • The SC results should be interesting. No matter what the political pundits will say Trump didn’t win by a big enough margin. If Trump came in 2nd the pundits would cheer.

        • I’m afraid we are in trouble. 70% of republicans don’t agree with Trump. It possible the candidate will be chosen by 30%. Or here we are with a split ticket which Trump threatens all the time. If you don’t do what I want then I’m going to call you a liar without proof, Sue you, accuse you of wrong doing but don’t you dare point out my problems. I’m scared to death we will get a democrate again.

      • Trump gets hurt because he is stuck at about a third of the vote. If any other one man at this point were running against him, he would still have the one third. He has alienated himself from the party. He is lucky all the others are staying in the race. The are dividing up the two thirds of the vote that would be beating him easily. So the reason he doesn’t suffer in the polls is that his supporters like him exactly for what he is. The more mean and vile and disrespectful he is, the more his supporters like him. Thankfully it is not nearly a majority.

        • When there were 15 in the race what was Trump’s poll numbers? Now that there are 5 in the race what are Trump’s numbers? If there were 2 in the race Trump would still lead by 18 to 20 points.

          All the talk about Trump not having X % of the poll nimbers is just that. Talk. If Trump had 75%, and it was a 2 way race, people would still say he doesn’t have 100%.

          • Tah, I cited the polls but the most worrisome part of this is that Trump is purposely fomenting hatred among the GOP. He is not only trying to win the nomination with a minority but he is trying to turn his supporters against the party. So he has made the primary about ratings and his personality. The Democrats could not do what Trump is trying to do to the party. And now he is using their tactics as well. It’s a sad day for America when a celebrity try to destroy a political party.

          • Trump isn’t trying to destroy the political party. It is true the establishment wants to destroy Trump. Example: Bush can’t stand it that Trump is leading the field. They want someone who has gone through the political process. Someone who has a political record.

            Every presidential election has candidates that contest another candidate. Back in the time of Jefferson, etc., the candidates used to really rip into one another.

  3. IMO, the Repubs, had better quell some of this childish action, and start pulling together, or the story a$$ed Dems, will get in. I can’t even stand to watch the debates, w/all this bickering. America is in some deep doodoo.

  4. I think what the Establishment is refusing to see is that the majority of the citizenry is just fed up with their empty promises and refusal to give the people what they keep telling them they’re working on for them. Things just keep getting worse in spite of what there private math formulas spit out and they try to feed to us.
    More companies shutting their doors in the US and moving to Mexico (thanks to NAFTA), a sitting president that is dead set in setting up things for his future with the TPP, (which will be so many times worse than NAFTA has been without even mentioning the stuff in it that has nothing to do with the trade deal). Medium size companies cutting back because of Obamacare.
    Still millions without health care. I believe the number is higher now than it was before Obamacare was touted to cover more people. All Obamacare did was force more working people into buy health plans they would never use because of their ages, the uninsured at that time are still uninsured.

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