Shock Cruz Claim: Trump Will End The 2nd Amendment

Shock Cruz Claim: Trump Will End The 2nd Amendment

GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a shocking claim at the South Carolina GOP Debate Saturday, blasting front runner Donald Trump and claiming the real estate mogul will end the 2nd Amendment.

Cruz doubled down on the claim Sunday morning.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz on Sunday said primary rival Donald Trump will erase the Second Amendment if he is elected.

“And if Donald Trump becomes president, the Second Amendment will be written out of the Constitution, because it is abundantly clear that Donald Trump is not a conservative,” Cruz said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Trump has regularly insisted on the campaign trail that he is in favor of the right to keep and bear arms.”



    • Here’s a thought !!! With the death of Justice Scalia (& NO AUTOPSY PERFORMED !!!!!!???) & Trump, with his historically transparent support over many years of PROGRESSIVE & Socialistic Democratic politicians, as president
      Could & most likely WOULD do what FDR attempted..TO STACK THE SCOTUS
      with FAR LEFT Progressive Justices’ & thus via ‘Amendments’ further SHRED OUR Constitution’s TRUE INTENT & it’s “RULE OF LAW”.. That’s HOW a President ‘changes’ OUR Constitution.!! Politicians NEVER attempt make any ‘changes’ that even remotely opine to alter their personal agendas. !!
      WE THE PEOPLE have Article V to circumvent Congress to propose Amendments..…THAT‘S OUR LEGAL & PEACEFUL MEANS…Check it out !!

        • How is it, then, that we have 27 amendments, the last of which became effective in 1992? The framers wanted to make a stabile document and purposely made it hard to amend, but not impossible.

          • All amendments must be ratified by at least 26 states before becoming the law of the land. A few states didnt like the amendment so didnt ratify it until recently.

          • Ok. Ok. It is extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely difficult but not impossible to amend an amendment, right? Happy. Good grief.

      • We have a major threat to the 2nd Amendment on the horizon if an Obama appointee is confirmed to SCOTUS to replace Scalia. All that has to happen is for SCOTUS to redefine a previous ruling about the word “militia” and private gun ownership will be dead. That is why this election is critical!

    • I was thinking the same thing, however he can ignore it like obama does sometimes. I didn’t understand where Rubio was coming from, saying Ted could not speak Spanish. Rush says this John Dickerson is a Washington drive by media hack, son of a drive-by hack. He wanted to get something started. Rush says maybe the boos got Trump off his guard. I guess we will find out what the effect will be after the primary next Sat.

    • See you don’t know what you’re talking about because if Obama gets to choose the next justice & they’re liberal they can do away with the 2nd amendment. If the next president nominates a liberal justice & the Supreme Court agrees then the 2nd amendment could still be taken away. Better get more serious woman!!!!

        • Remember when: Reagan I trusted no matter what. Bush I trusted. Chaney I didn’t. Chaney it seems called the shots but Bush now can’t be trusted. Nope.How much did they know? Who called the shots?

          Who to back is the question?

        • What makes you say Cruz is a serial liar. Is it because Trump says so? Trump loves himself & will say anything to elevate himself in the eyes of his supporters.

  1. Why would lifetime NRA member with two sons who are members of NRA and one of them is devoted hunter want to change Second amendment? Something fishy is with that Cruz guy…

  2. The circus is getting bigger by the moment. If this crap keeps up I will go independent and vote for who I feel is the least evil, or maybe I will write in Mickey Mouse or something else stupid. Why can’t the Republican party put up some intelligent people for office instead of the crazies we seem to attract. We are going to throw away this election if we don’t smarten up and when this one is gone and done, we may be useless to stop any change in America. I know the Democrats are not much better. It seems we are digging a deeper hole rather than trying to fill it.

    • Thors, this is politics, it gets nasty, it gets dirty. Pres. Truman once said,”if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Now with that said, I do expect some of this, You ask why the GOP can’t put up some intelligent people? These ppl are intelligent, ALL of them, there is a lot at stake here, they all want to win the POTUS. In a way, it is good, it shows us just a little glimpse of how they would react under pressure.Hilliary & Bernie have gotten nasty a few times too, it isn’t just the repubs. I will vote for one of the GOP contenders, I just haven’t decided which one. I think either one on that stage Sat, night is far, far better qualified to be President of this USA than Bernie, the former radical bum or Hilliary the incompetent Sec. of State.

  3. What else would you expect of Cruz a lawyer politician other than lies. Why in the world would we want another one of them as our President.

    • Cruz is a HYPOCRITE and a LIAR. You KNOW I am right! I am a Christian Republican and am NOT a Conservative. Less than half of Republicans are Conservative. The far right is as nasty and evil as the far left liberals. I watch cruz “perform” for the people like he is insane with self glory! What a SICKO! After this election I will no longer be a Republican!.

  4. Ted Cruz is truly losing it in his continued crocodile tear drops & cry baby lies about Donald Trumps obvious stances which are all Constitutional and Bill Of Rights Strong! His continued unethical attacks on Both Rubio and Mr.Trump will cost him shortly as all the others that ended their campaigns and swan dived off the Bus! Cruz, Kasich and Bush are next to show America their inherit diving skills!

    Ted and his Unethically Ran Hacking Camp have gone to the FAR, FAR RIGHT which means they all will end up holding hands with the FAR LEFT or just crash!

    So Be It

    • Me too, Gerald. I like Ted, & I could support him, but I feel if he is going to make such a claim against Trump, he needs to back it up with some semblance of proof. I also like Rubio, so I haven’t made up my mind yet. I do not particularly like Trump’s constant insults & “bad-mouthing” other members of the GOP. I do know however, he has to get the lead & keep it if he is to be the GOP candidate. Maybe he’s what we need, someone who will stand up, & take on these liberal/marxists/socialists. I think any of them besides Clinton or Sanders. Either would be a disaster for this country. Either would continue the distribution of wealth, growing government even more, the continuation of racial division, the growing of the nanny state. Anyone who supports this to lead our country is just plain ignorant & stupid.

    • Cruz is a HYPOCRITE and a LIAR. You KNOW I am right! I am a Christian Republican and am NOT a Conservative. Less than half of Republicans are Conservative. The far right is as nasty and evil as the far left liberals. I watch cruz “perform” for the people like he is insane with self glory! What a SICKO! After this election I will no longer be a Republican!!

      • I do not agree. I think that Cruz is the most honest candidate running. After this election what WILL you be? A Libertarian, like me? It is almost like the 1940’s…anybody but HST.

      • I have read that Cruz is for New World Order. Don’t know about Cruz but his wife is on a Committee that is for New World Order.. Read Roger Stone. who is the Real Ted Cruz? Also there is an article on Rubio’s Mistresses identified!

        • Personally it doesn’t make sense. He must have said it. That cast doubts on everything else he’s been accused of saying. Well, I think so.

      • Have you heard Cruz himself make this claim? I’d really like to know because the 2nd amendment is very important to us. I haven’t heard him say that about Trump & anyone can write anything about him. It doesn’t make it true. I have heard on videos Trump make claims in the past that he’s now saying quite the opposite.

        • I wasn’t standing next to Cruz so I can’t say I heard him make the statement. If you Google it that will be what someone wrote that Cruz said. So again it is what someone heard Cruz say.

          I did very clearly, in the CNN town hall meeting today, hear Cruz talking. He was asked a specific question and didn’t answer it. He was asked how he’d get Congress to pass his legislation since he can’t get along with people. He never answered how he’d get people to pass his legislation.

          If Cruz were president the government wouldn’t get anything done.

  5. Cruz will makeup any lie about any candidate to try to get a vote.. Too bad he is not competent enough to win a vote for how well he can run the government.. Go to show you he is not worth even being a senator, much less capable of being presidential material..

  6. As a slimy lawyer, Cruz knows that a president cannot change any amendment to the Constitution – it takes a Constitutional Convention and far more votes than could be assembled.

    Really bad joke, Ted.

  7. Lies! Cruz is just trying to get his name in the news. He knows that Trump carries, and he lies about everything about Trump. Liar. liar.His reps in So. Carolina have been calling people for weeks,, lying to them about Trump. He is falling behind, and this is all he knows.

  8. Cruz is a HYPOCRITE and a LIAR. You KNOW I am right! I am a Christian Republican and am NOT a Conservative. Less than half of Republicans are Conservative. The far right is as nasty and evil as the far left liberals. I watch cruz “perform” for the people like he is insane with self glory! What a SICKO! After this election I will no longer be a Republican!

  9. Friends, allow me to make something clear to you. Something that the dirty politicians are aware that most people dont know about. The SCOTUS >>CANNOT<<< interpret the US Constitution! NOBODY is authorized to. That is what the "FEDERALIST PAPERS" were written for. Our Founding Fathers ALREADY DID THE INTERPRETING FOR US! The SOLE purpose of the SCOTUS is to MERELY make sure that state's laws DO NOT violate the US CONSTITUTION. Here now, over several decades, the SCOTUS has made ILLEGAL rulings on gun control, Federal land management, IRS, Labor, Religion, and much more. It is up to YOU to study this and become ACTIVE AGAINST the SCOTUS. They have become a MONARCHY! ALWAYS remember this: NO ILLEGAL LAW can be enforced!

  10. Donald Trump is very much for the 2nd amendment which states you can carry arms.. IN FACT, Donald Trump has stated many times, he carries a weapon!

  11. Does anyone really think that We the People need a piece of paper that says we can bear ARMS to do just that? The Declaration of Independence precedes the “amended” document anyway.

  12. is Cruz lying to get attention, or is it something more sinister? His used car salesman job is getting to him. Lie lie.

  13. Trump has everyone fooled just like Obama did. What makes you think he speaks the truth anymore than anyone else? He surely wasn’t honest with his ex wives so why would you think he’s honest with you?

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