Breaking: RNC Withdraws Fundraiser Raising Money Off Trump After “The Donald” Calls...

Breaking: RNC Withdraws Fundraiser Raising Money Off Trump After “The Donald” Calls Them Out

The RNC has withdrawn a fundraising pitch that attempted to raise money off support of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The RNC told people they could get on “Trump’s list” and show him they support him before tonight’s debate.

“The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC.,” Trump said. “Get on Trump’s List” is totally unauthorized, do not pay! I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.”

Here’s the RNC Trump Fundraising pitch:



    • Maybe disgusting, but NOT FUNNY at all. We have a perfect opportunity to take back our party. Don’t blow it. Keep this in mind PLEASE. The president needs congress and the RNC is spending so much money trying to elect a president it will not have the supporting funds to gain or even retain seats in congress. Millions spent on Bush and Rubio campaigns and nothing left for contested seats in congress!!! Write, email, call your republican reps and tell them to stop wasting your money on them!!!

  1. How is Trump not a nice guy? Is cruz a nice guy because he plays marketing games to get votes? Is cruz a nice guy because he is a pretend Christian? Is Bernie a nice guy because he is a stupid old man that knows nothing about finance, Is hilary a nice guy because she wears teflon makeup and slips through her crimes? Again, why is Trump not a nice guy? Of ALL the candidates, ONLY Trump is a successful business man. Of ALL the candidates, only Trump has the BALLS to say what’s on his mind. Of ALL the candidates, ONLY trump DOESNT OWE ANYBODY ANYTHING!

    • Very good question… had I donated to that, I would demand my charge card to give me a refund… that was fraud… But I did not donate, because I know he is self funding…

  2. They’ve done everything to discredit him since day one, and now they illegally try to profit off him? Sickening!!

  3. So, the plan was to make people think they were donating to Trump’s campaign, while the RNC took that money to support their own Establishment whipping boy? Excuse me, but that is called FRAUD, and it is a FELONY!!! But that’s ok, you can tell Reince Priebus that he can have the cell right next to Hillary, at ADX Florence.

  4. Why would the RNP (GOP) do anything to destroy the Republican Party?

    In a time like this when We the People” at last have a candidate we we stand behind and and have faith in Mr. Trump. This Man ratings in all polls should show you how “WE the People” fill about him and his true fillings about this country, its people and its future. Your attempt to bring this man down due to you blindness to see will destroy the Republican Party forever. If you attempt to do this you wont need a election in 2016. Just go ahead and put the Clinton’s back into the White House

    And watch this great Nation go down the Toilet Obama has put it there you it will take Hillary to Flush it. Your attempt to destroy or take down Mr. Trump will cause your Party to loose many faithful Republican followers and members. This Party Need to Unite , Stand Strong and get behind the Number One Leading candidate the “WE the People ” Support. YOU the RNP Loose this candidate ( Mr. Trump) I am mighty afraid you can KISS your Party GOOD BYE !
    If your going to beg for money in Mr. Trumps name you damn sure should support him
    Dow Pierce

    69 Year Old Republican

    Mr. Trump is the ONLY person that can save this Nation

    Please DO not give it to Hillary Clinton

  5. CHEATING POLITITIONS !!! The RNC is DISCUSTING!!! I cannot believe our Republicans are against us !! If I were Mr Trump, I would go INDEPENDENT! WE WILL STILL VOTE FOR YOU MR TRUMP.

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