Huckabee Calls Cruz Iowa Tactics “Low-Life” And “Sleazy,” Shouldn’t Be Blamed On...

Huckabee Calls Cruz Iowa Tactics “Low-Life” And “Sleazy,” Shouldn’t Be Blamed On CNN

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had strong words for his former GOP Presidential foe Ted Cruz.

Huckabee blasted the Texas Senator for controversial tactics in Iowa, also chastising Cruz for blaming everything on CNN instead of taking responsibility.

According to The Hill:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is criticizing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for what he calls “low-life, sleazy politics.”

Huckabee, who suspended his presidential campaign after a poor performance in Iowa, attacked Cruz’s campaign for telling people on the night of the caucuses that rival Ben Carson would be dropping out of the race.

“I can attest to the fact that even in our campaign there were many efforts to try and say that people shouldn’t vote for me or Rick Santorum or Ben Carson,” Huckabee said on his podcast this week, Buzzfeed News reported.

“The Cruz people said it would be a wasted vote and they should vote for Cruz. It wouldn’t have made a difference for any of use but it is the kind of low-life, sleazy politics people truly get sick of.”

Huckabee noted that Cruz apologized to Carson after his campaign spread a story that Carson had dropped out. But he added that Cruz “deflected blame to CNN” claiming they had reported that Carson was out.



  1. Cruz will pay for this horrible attack either during this race or after. Either way he will be held accountable

    • You really don’t know the issues you need to do your research on this. Dr.Carson is a nice person and should not of ever tried to run for president. He would not be ready on the first day. Dr. Carson did this to himself by making an unclear statement to CNN. To CNN? That is a real strike against him.

      • Nope!! You don’t know the facts. I was listening to CNN and Carson’s statement was clear as a bell. The CNN report was clear as a bell. It seems Cruz can lie, and do anything else, and people like you believe him. Sad.

          • I watch all news channels to get the correct information. Don’t be my age and finally realize how phony the news medias are. Yes, they all put their slant on the news. They all want a particular party/candidate to win.

            Ask yourself who will best defend the country? Who will best improve the economy? Who has the knowledge to work with Congress so the people will benefit?

            Does the country want an economy like they had in the 90ies? Does the country want only one partu in charge? If one party is in charge the which party is best? Regean got things done because he compromised, right?

      • Here is the time line, there is no disbuting the facts. Secondly your right about one thing Dr Carson is a nice person..quite frankly I would have to say he is the nicest person running for president. What I’m not clear on is how is being nice a flaw in a candidate. Most of the GOP with the exception of one or two are very nice people. That’s not a flaw it’s an asset. I also agree research is important so I would like to include a look at what Dr Carson has planned and his resume for your information:

        This man is more educated and has more wisdom then the entire GOP combined. These are the facts and there’s no disbuting them. I wouldn’t mistake being nice or quiet as a weakness infact it’s neither Dr Ben Carson is a true practicing christain and true christians behave in a way that may seem to nice or to quiet, it’s called being humble a trait we all can learn to be more of. This is a man of integrity, who has a moral compass, a man that understands that as president he would solely be dedicated to the people of this nation and our safety firstly and to revive, inspire and heal a country that has been torn apart by selfish politicians. When we study the donor lists of candidates we can get a clear picture of who they will be beholding to. This I can tell you Dr Ben Carson will only be beholding to the people exactly the way it should be. Lastly a candidate must stand on his own merit and be confident enough in him or herself to win according to those merits. The last thing we need in the WH is another dishonest leader. Our nation as had more then enough of that. This is the most important election of our nations history, WE MUST GET IT RIGHT. Thanks for sharing

  2. Huckabee is using someone else’s talking points. The honest christian that he is would never say derogatory things about another conservative. Cruz has more integrity than any other candidate.

      • well no , Beck is negative against Huckabee because Huckabee believes Mormonism is a cult and not genuine Christianity. Mike Huckabee is right. Beck, as a Mormon, believes Jesus is the brother of lucifer. Mormons also believe that black men and women are indwelt by pre-existent evil spirits. Beck became a Mormon because of his wife. I was pulling for Huckabee before he suspended his campaign but now I support and will vote for Senator Ted Cruz .

          • Cruz is the last one left with enough smarts and courage to be able to stand against devils like Trump and Clinton.

          • (John 6:70)KJB. It is possible that he is. He is at least devilish and base. ( Daniel 4:17)KJB. Trump is ungodly according to (Psalm 73:12)KJB.

          • That is too deep for me. I just know Trump has the compromising abilities a leader needs.Cruz wouldn’t compromise which is fine but then they’re not a leader.

            Remember Reagan compromised and the economy boomed.

          • Reagan did NOT compromise on the core principles of conservatism and morality. Instead, Reagan moved the whole country to the right and to what is right.

            Trump has flipflopped again and again on the most important issues of our country.

            Cruz would not need to compromise as President and a Republican controlled House and Senate. In a very short time The USA could be back in shape , headed for recovery and prosperity while at the same time defended from our enemies. The world would respect a President Cruz while it would despise and be in more conflict with a Trump.

          • The only way Cruz could get along with Congress is if everyone thought exactly like him were elected. Cruz has zero compromising ability. However, since that isn’t reality then nothing would get done.

            Reagan did a lot of compromising so he could get his core principles passed. He at one time said so.

            I sort of hope that Cruz is the nominee. Hillary, or whomever, would win 50 States. It would be Goldwater all over again.

          • ALL the Republicans think and agree with Cruz on the issues. The problem was that they did not want to appear to be obstructionists because of the previous Government shut downs. They would no longer need to be reluctant to follow Cruz’s lead when he becomes President because they will have the votes in both the House and The Senate to get everything done that would restore The USA to greater prosperity and security.

            There would be no need to compromise The people are taking command and we want someone that believes what he says . Vote Cruz or Lose !!!

            Cruz would win against Clinton. Any of the GOP candidates would beat Hillary handily

          • Right now the Republicans have the majority. Yet they complain the minority leader is holding up their bills. The minority leader would do the same under your scenario.

            So there always will be a need to compromise. That’s the way the framers wanted things. Those in the minority will stop bills unless there is a compromise.

            Since Cruz has lost the East and the West coast how could he win?

          • With Cruz as President , there will not be a need for a veto-proof majority. Not even democrats want Clinton. Why would you think Cruz has lost anything ? California and New York , even if conceded, are not needed to win the Presidency. Real Christians and evangelicals did not strongly support and come out to vote for the Mormon Romney, they also will not come out in the numbers that are needed to elect Trump or even the “decidedly” Romans Catholic and unsure Rubio.

          • Alright. Stand strong. Like a little kid. If your boy isn’t the nominee you’ll pout like a kid.

            That’s right too many didn’t vote for that Mormon. Those religious people like Romney aren’t as good as you are right? After all they may believe a little differently.

            So you all elected Obama. You got what you wanted, right? At least you didn’t want that Mormon.

            Here I thought after Kennedy was elected that religion didn’t take apart in elections. Guess I was wrong. Just think this year you maybe able to pout again and elect a Democrat.

          • “After all they(Mormons) may believe a little differently.” A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY ??????? !!! Romney believes and teaches that Jesus is the brother of the devil lucifer. Romney and Mormons believe that Black men and women are indwelt by pre-existent evil spirits. Do some research and learn some things.
            God allows who will be placed in positions of power. Often times he may allow ungodly people to be placed over a people or nation as a judgement on that nation. ( Daniel 4:17)KJB. Senator Ted Cruz is the best candidate now that Mike Huckabee has suspended his run, DUMP Trump, Vote Cruz or Lose.

          • That isn’t what my friends in Utah that are Mormon believe. I’m just stating fact. They don’t believe that Jesus is the brother of the devil. Not my Mormon friends.

            Since you all didn’t vote for Romney how did President Obama, whom you helped elect, do?

          • You helped Obama win by not voting for Mike Huckabee. Real Christians were not going to come out in large numbers to support a cult leader.

            Romney and Mormonism believes that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer. Lucifer was the chief cherub that covered. Pride was found in him and he was cast down from heaven and is now The Devil, Satan.

            Mormon LDS source documents proving what I have said concerning their blasphemous and racist beliefs.

            ***LDS “Apostle” Bruce R. McConkie , Mormon Doctrine ,p.527,528; 1966 edition . ***LDS “Historian” BH Roberts , The Contributor Vol. 6 pp. 296-297. ***LDS “Apostle” Mark E. Peterson , “Race Problems As They Affect the Church” , Address delivered at Brigham Young University , Provo , Utah, August 27, 1954. ***LDS Pearl Of Great Price , Abraham 1:24. *** LDS “Prophet” Brigham Young , Journal Of Discourses,Vol. 7, P.290, 1859. ***LDS “Prophet” John Taylor , Journal Of Discourses , Vol.22 p. 304, 1881. ***LDS Pearl Of Great Price , Moses 7:8,12. ***LDS Pearl Of Great Price Abraham 1:20-27. ***LDS “Prophet” Joseph Fielding Smith , The Way To Perfection pp.101-102, 1931. *** Book ‘ The Changing World Of Mormonism’ by Jerald and Sandra Tanner . *** IT WAS NOT UNTIL 1978 , AFTER A SPEECH BY LDS “PROPHET” SPENCER W. KIMBALL DID MORMONS CONSIDER ALLOWING BLACK MEN INTO THEIR PRIESTHOOD . *******Mormonism has not rejected it’s underlying doctrines of white supremacy , which are present in Mormon “Scripture” . Examples ; ** LDS Pearl Of Great Price Moses 5:15-41; 7:8,12. **Abraham 1:20-27.** The Book Of Mormon , Alma 3:6. **2 Nephi 5:21; 30:6-7.


          • No, you and others that didn’t vote for Romney helped elect Obama. Hucabee wasn’t on the ballot. You don’t know that I didn’t vote for Huckabee when he was a candidate.

            No way are Mormons part of cult. No more than Episcopalians or any other religion. Are part of a cult. . If you believe that your sadly mistaken.

            As I said the Mormons I know don’t believe Jesus is the brother of Lucifer.

          • I posted the Mormon source documents that proved what I said to be true about the Mormons. Mormonism is a religious cult with blasphemous false doctrines.

          • Anyone who accepts Jesus into his heart is a Christian. Jesus would not say Mormonism is a cult. If you believe Mormonism is a cult then you are not truly a Christian.

          • Jesus did say “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” ( Matthew 7:13,14)KJB

            “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” ( Matt. 7:21-23)KJB

            Mormons have a different Jesus than the One found in the Body. That is why their false Jesus cannot save anyone.
            Only The Jesus of The Bible can save. The Jesus of The Bible is God , the only true God and Creator. The Jesus of The BIble existed forever. –“Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.” ( John 8:58)KJB. Mormons believe their Jesus was a created being. Jesus said though, ” If you have seen me , you have seen The Father.—–” Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works. ” ( John 14:8-9)KJB. “For in Christ Jesus dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”( Colossians 2:9)KJB.

            You need to believe on The LORD Jesus Christ to be saved. You need to see your need because of your sin and then trust in the HOLY Shed blood of The LORD Jesus alone. Romans 6:17 describes this as ” obeying from the heart that form of doctrine delivered unto you”

            Mormons teach you get to Heaven by good works , baptism and ceremonial secret rights they perform . They have a different Gospel other than (Galatians 1:6-9)KJB.

            God set the record straight about who gets to Heaven. ( Ephesians 2:8,9)KJB ( 1st John 5:13; Romans 10:9,10; Romans 6:23)KJB ( John 3:3; 1st Peter 1:23)KJB. It is more than just believing it in your head.

          • You certainly are a very religious person. I’d never want to compete against your knowledge of the bible.

            Aren’t Mormons caring and religious people? Whether they believe the same as you do?

            Which is more imoortant caring and religious people, like Mormons, or those that want God’s word out of various buildings? Or those that don’t want the word Christmas said?

          • I read through the link you provided. I got to the rags/ menstrual cycle and thought this is disgusting. In other words it is a private matter. Not something that is to be discussed no matter how religious the person is.

          • ” got to the rags/ menstrual cycle and thought this is disgusting.” That is the point. Those rags mentioned in Isaiah 64:6 is what God thinks of our own self-righteousness if we think that we can be good enough or worthy enough to merit His favor and salvation based upon them. Trying to be “good” or “religious” is not the way to be accepted before God and saved. Jesus said , ” Ye MUST be born again” ( John 3:3; 1st Peter 1:23)KJB. This can only happen when we recognise that we are all unworthy lost sinners incapable of in our own efforts to save ourselves. It is then that the cross makes sense and that we take God’s provision personally for ourselves and trust Him that God incarnate, The LORD Jesus Christ ( The One in The Bible), died for our sins and arose again from the dead. Salvation and acceptance before God is then received by , “..repentance toward God and faith toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21)KJB. People can try and clean the outside of the cup for people to see but God sees the reality of what is in the inside , what is in your heart and mind. Only The LORD Jesus can save us , not religious rituals and traditions.

          • Yes, there some born again Christians in the Philippines where I am emailing you from that believe as you do.

          • Not just some but many. Not just in the Philippines but all over the Earth and in every year of every century since the Resurrection of The LORD Jesus Christ and Acts chapter 2.

            TALAGA !!! Salamat sa Dios !!!

          • Yes, Catholics represent the majority in the Philippines. Those that are born again Christians according to Jesus’s definition of what a Christian is, do not ” go to church” , they instead ARE the church. The Church is not the building or institution. I am sure you know this, but the church is made of the people . The Church is made of every truly born again Christian around the world , including those both living and those that have died and are now with The LORD. The Church assembly of God’s people are when we are gathered together in His name for worship, instruction , fellowship, reading God’s Word and in breaking of bread ( communion). We remember the LORD’s death for us in partaking of the bread and the cup. A Roman Catholic or any other denomination can be born again if they are trusting in The Jesus of The Bible and that He died for their sins and arose from the dead. If you or anyone is trusting in Christ alone to save them and NOT their good works or “going to church” or baptism or confessions to man or any other deed , then they too can be saved. Those things you do may have some value for blessings , rewards and closer fellowship with God , but they WILL NOT SAVE ANYONE or make them a real Christian. Those works and good deeds are something a Christian does after they first become born again and saved from the judgement that will come upon the unbeliever who has rejected God offer of everlasting life and love that is provided in Jesus.

            According to the Bible , there are very few that possibly will find the right way to salvation.
            — “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” ( Matthew 7:13,14)KJB.

            Faith in Jesus and in HIs shed blood at Calvary 2000+ years ago for the payment of our sins, is the only way and is that “strait gate”. It is not by religion and rituals and traditions of men.
            God bless you . I hope you are trusting alone in what God has done for you to save you by He becoming a man in the person of The LORD Jesus Christ and He dying for your sins and arising from the dead. ( 1st John 5:13)KJB

  3. Huckabee is nothing more than a RINO and always has been one. He is worthless as anyone in the establishment. He is part of the establishment and always has been. I certainly hope he git the hint and never runs again. He definitely is not a conservative and is not one that I would ever vote for. He has no integrity what so ever. Cruz has more class in his little finger than Huckabee has in his entire fat body.

    • That is a disgusting LIE !!!!!!! There is nothing in Mike Huckabee’s history that you can point to that shows him to be anything but a very strong consistent conservative. It is a shame that he did not have success with this process. The Fair Tax is the only thing that can save our economy. I was pulling for Huckabee before he suspended his campaign but now I support and will vote for Senator Ted Cruz .

  4. Cruz is a flame throwing sleazeball that must be rejected. He would only divide this country even more than it already is.

  5. Cruz is a strong Christian and is on the right side of EVERY issue. Be careful of folks who have had to drop out of the race because they could not gain enough traction, then blaming others for their loses. Bad form.

    • I’m not going to try and convince you that Cruz is far from being just another sneaky politician. Please watch Cruz carefully during a debate. Watch how Cruz always has to gauge his words. He’s wants to convince you he’s pure. Lying about Carson, and then CNN, showed us his true colors.

      • No one is “pure”. Everyone makes mistakes. I haven’t heard Cruz name call or curse on national TV. Cruz apologized to Carson. What should he do next? Fast for the duration of the campaign. None of us can go back in time & undo things. If you’re really looking for “pure” be sure you’re not falling in line for the top candidate at this time.

        • All I’m saying is Cruz isn’t the person some people think he is. He’s proven that he will use dirty tricks, like many others do, to get what he wants. Now I question what he really stands for,

          • I am agreeing with you and ask everyone to look up the word DOMINIONISM – AS IT APPLIES TO RAFAEL CRUZ

      • Ben Carson is the one who is showing his true colors and they aren’t very pretty. Carson’s own people put out the first tweet. If they had not done so, none of this would have happened. Did any of you think about that? Also, not one person, let me repeat, not one person has come forward to give what Carson has been saying any proof that it mattered at all. Only Carson is on record that this hurt him. No one else on his side has been saying anything. Did Carson or any of you, have this much rage last November when Trump came out and said some of the most vile things about Carson? Nope, Carson kept pretty quite about that. And now you would think that Carson and Trump are good friends. They are nothing but hypocrites. But, hey, let’s detract from what Trump and Carson are really like and keep our eyes on Cruz instead.

        • Good point. But Rubio did say if you hear I’ve dropped out don’t believe it. Keep voting, right?

          Do we really want someone in the WH that isn’t ready to deal? That is why we have 2 parties, right? Or do you believe just one person /party is right?

          There maybe someone who doesn’t want to compromise but that isn’t reality.

      • Certainly showed me his true colors. I will not vote for him because of his dirty politics. He knew exactly what he was doing.

        • I’ve never trusted someone with a puppy dog face. He hiding something.

          Ben Carson is just an honest man who probably never should have gotten involved with politics.

    • Cruz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His apology to Dr. CARSON is to little to late. He accomplished Exactly what he set out to do. Very dirty politics. I will not consider voting for Ted Cruz after what he did.

  6. I thought Huckabee was a Christian, but evidently he is just more GOP establishment. Ted Cruz is the ONLY constitutional conservative in this race. If he loses we will all pay with more of the same government we have had, along with getting more liberal Supreme Court Judges. That will be a disaster for the USA!

    • Cruz would be a disaster. Nothing would get done. Nothing. Huckabee is an honest Christian who saw how wrong is was for Cruz to do what he did.

      • I like Huckabee but realistically he never had a chance. He’s ended his campaign so now it’s time for you to get off his band wagon & pull for another conservative.

        • I’ve never been a Huckabee fan since I heard him say, ” Covering preexisting conditions is like calling an insurance company after a fire has broken out and expecting them to cover the burning building. ” That comment just isn’t right.

          Not everybody was born perfect. Preexisting conditions must be covered.

          • In most cases preexisting conditions are covered in many policies but they cost more. i have been a diabetic for 38 years so I know how that works as well Tahimik.

          • Yes, they do cost more but they shouldn’t. Why not after all doesn’t a million dollar policy, yes life insurance, cost more than a $250,000 policy. Yes.

            However, anyone who says life ( no matter what the babies birth condition) must prevail needs to also be pro coverage. Converge at the same rate as anyone else at birth. Now if someone drinks 5 big gulps a day and causes their own health problems that is different.

            However, since the insurance companies rule then they are going to do what they want .

      • Perhaps you need to educate yourself on just what a caucus is and how it works. Educate yourself and you might learn something. I lived in Iowa for over 25 years and attended many a caucus and know the way they operate. try to learn something before you open your big mouth.

        • I live in Nevada which also has a caucus. So I am well aware of how a caucus works. I wonder if a child like you fully understands the difference between a caucus and a primary.

          I’m assuming that you are an adult.t.Next time remember others have a right, those my age have fought for that right, to give their opinions. .

          • Since I am a Viet Nam Veteran I too have fought for the rights of all Americans so be careful of who you might call a child. If you supposedly know how a caucus works then you should be aware how things work in the caucus rooms and how the people there are trying to convince people to vote for the person they are backing. If someone really is backing a candidate then they are the stupid ones form not voting for whom they want. Cruz did nothing wrong so if you want to put the blame on something you have two correct choices. CNN and the people that were not entirely committed to who they were backing for changing their vote if in fact that happened. Sour grapes are easy to throw. Yes I do know how things are conducted at both a caucus and an actual primary. I think you are not aware of the differences.

          • I respect your service. I was drafted in during that time also. I didn’t like your “My lack of understanding” comment about a caucus. I’m am well aware of how a caucus works.

            Anyway, you don’t think Cruz did anything wrong and nothing will change your mind. Carson did see something wrong with what he did. Carson is too much of a professional to stoop to Cruzes tactics. No, you can’t see it but others can.

            since I was listening to CNN during the Carson announcement I know exactly what CNN reported. Cruz was wrong. He needs to stop blaming CNN. Taking responsibility is a part of leadership.

          • I also find it interesting you are from a state that has given us Dingy Harry Reid over and over again. Too bad your votes are so uneducated.

          • There you go again saying I’m uneducated. I’ve never voted for Reid. But he must be very very smart. The Republicans blame him for holding/Not allowing bills to be passed. Yet when the Republicans held Reid’s position they did nothing. They allowed the Democrats bills to pass.

            As I said Reid must be smart. Can you explain why the Republicans allowed, unlike Reid has done, the Democrats bills to be voted on?

  7. Huckabee is wrong on this issue. I have always respected him, but now I don’t. He is upset because the voters did not think he was the right person to be president. Shame on you Huckabee. Ted Cruz is my senator and a very good one. He is a Christian as you have always said that you were. Now I doubt that you may not be. Cruz doesn’t play dirty like a lot of them do. Happy you dropped out Huckabee.

    • Please read Mark Cuban’s statements this morning and the specifics, proof, on Cruz and his campaign manager; he said and I quote “the information is there, check it out for yourself and I also have inside information on the campaign manager”. I had always really liked Cruz but am having to rethink that; have met Huckabee and if you read correctly what he said was it would not have made any difference to my campaign but it was wrong and did hurt Ben Carson and I firmly believe Huckabee is a Christian.

      • Mark Cuban has stated in the past, Ted Cruz is the only Republican presidential candidate he would not vote for. Why? Because Cruz is the only conservative in the race, and Cuban’s a Republican in name only. Beware of the messenger.

      • Huckabee’s christianity is not in question, especially if one realizes that we are ALL sinners saved by grace! What is in question is his desire to be absolutely honest about the information that is out there! You need to research the timeline- it is there for all to see! It is also true that this debacle STARTED with Carson’s own people! Then it was reported ORIGINALLY by CNN! That has never been argued anywhere! THEN, it is notable that the RUBIO campaign also disseminated the information, but no one wants to point that out. There is more, but I won’t belabor.

        • I was watching CNN and heard exactly what was said. Cruz is just plain wrong to do what he did. If he is so Good why haven’t people been released for lying.

      • Why is everyone forgetting that Dr. Carson was at the top pf the polls in Iowa, before Politico called him a liar about aspects of his life story, Trump’s “pathological anger charges against Carson like a pedofile” and Rush Limbaugh on Fox Sunday claiming that Carson was not ready to be President. He is the true conservative and has no baggage like the others! Check him out at
        Huckabee needs to go back to Fox where he was doing a great job on Saturday and Sunday nights and never should have run this time.

      • If Cruz damaged Carson in Iowa, who damaged him in New Hampshire after the two apologies from Ted Cruz? I think Dr. Carson is not a very strong candidate, Although he is a fine man and many good ideas. It is probably not his time to try politics.

    • I am Jewish and I support Senator Cruz. Religion has nothing to do with qualifications. A person of any faith can be a good President, so long as he takes the oath of office and follows the Constitution.

      It is Cruz’s libertarian policies which I respect the most, plus the fact that he looks and speaks “presidentially” and he is the smartest person running.

      • Yes, yes it is….now give it up. LOL…..Cruz hasn’t lied anymore than any of the rest of us. Everyone has told a “fib” at some time in their lives. Now go someplace else to protest.

        • Glad that you admit that if Cruz lies, and cheats, that is OK with you. So your like a Hillary follower. No matter what Hillary has done that is OK. No matter what Cruz does that is OK with you. Sad but that is life.

      • He didn’t lie. I think you may be on the wrong web site. The Huffington post is more suited to your posts. Carson was 2 % in New Hampshire. What happened to Carson there ? If people wanted him he would of done a lot better.

        • The Huffington Post? Isn’t that a failing newspaper? I just want people to realize reality. Not live in a dream world. Is that what you want? To live in a dream world? I guess I didn’t realize this site was for dreamers.

          Who would have expected Kasick to come in 2nd. Did you think he would?

          • Yes, Huff Po is for dreamers like you who are on the wrong side of most issues. Kasick is a moderate who believes in Common Core and Obama Care. Not all of his numbers in Ohio are correct that he says of the great thing he has done. A great talker, too moderate for me.

      • It was wrong when the Cruz campaign decided to twist a CNN story about Ben Carson going to Florida after the caucus into a lie that Ben Carson was pulling out of the race. Why would Dr. Carson drop out BEFORE the votes were counted? That’s insane given all the time, effort, and money his campaign invested in Iowa. His wife had to stand up at one caucus and correct the false information, and Dr. Carson won that precinct. Going into the Iowa Caucus, nearly 40,000 Iowa Republicans had pledged to vote for Ben Carson. Yet, on the night of the Caucus, Ben Carson received only 18,000 caucus votes. Think about it. The Cruz campaign intentionally lied to gain advantage and steal votes under false pretense.

        • Why did Carson only get 2% in New Hampshire? I think it was because he kept whining about Cruz and most people know that Cruz didn’t hurt him. People are not ready for a candidate that whiney at every turn. Carson is a fine person, just not ready for being president at this time.

          • Low votes in New Hamphire was expected since it one of the most liberal states; consequently, the most liberal candidate in each party won. We’ll see what happens with the next states now that voters are aware of false rumors and deceptive advertising.

          • Carson is below 2% as of now. That will be hard to bring up as he has whined so much about his campaign. He has disappointed me as well as other who though he could of done better.

      • Please, Kaysa! Cruz did nothing, which was wrong. It would have been a simple thing for Cruz to pick up the telephone and call the Carson campaign manager. or to call Dr. Carson, himself. The fact that Cruz did not was WRONG. It was obvious that Carson was not quitting. To deny this is to deny reality. I still forgive Cruz, because Cruz is still the best person to be President,

        • Did you read the “truthful” post above? No, you just believe whatever Cruz says. Sad. Cruz lied. Plain and simple.

          • Tahimik: I think that you should re-read my posts. I said that Cruz was wrong, very wrong, but I forgive him because he is the best person for President. You can rightly blame him for what was done, but do the right thing for our country.

          • I can tell your an honest person. But you did say Please Kaysa, Cruz did nothing which was wrong. You said later on that Cruz should have called Carson which was wrong. So please re read your post.

            Anyway, Cruz has lost the east coast and the West coast. So how can he win?

    • Has Cruz said; “I’m a liar and I want all my followers to forgive my sins.” Nope!!! Cruz can’t admit he lied to get votes.

  8. Huckabee does not talk like that,sorry and I think he would sure have said something about Trump shooting someone in the street and everyone would still support him. Trump is a mad man who did knock down people’s homes to build his gambling towers.

  9. The more we learn about Ted Cruz, the less he can be trusted. If he can’t play fair with other candidates, what could we expect later, as president ~ when we want certain things done, handled right. Sorry, the more I learn, the less I trust.

    • He is the best of the candidates. He didn’t hurt Carson. See what happen in New Hampshire? How could he of hurt him here? Think this over. This just doesn’t make sense.

  10. Good for Huck, Bravo… Being from Iowa saw it with my own eyes, shameful all these Christians making these comments can live with themselves, If you are unsure what Christian Dominion Theology is, Cruz and his Father’s beliefs (look it up) then you need to read up on the belief system here: Dominion Theology.

    This is truly scary stuff for all who value liberty and the separation of church and state our US Constitution guarantees, particularly when this guy wants to be President of the United States. I would vote for Donald Trump in a heartbeat if he and Ted Cruz were my only options.

  11. Tricia, as a reminder of the decent practice of Christian values and principles that were plainly set aside when it came to opportunity time for some good old voting theft by fraud! Though when the lie that Ben Carson was dropping out the Republican Incumbency Race mysteriously but ominously generated by Ted Cruz’s camp were the only ones out of eight running Incumbents to seize and capitalized on this obvious lie!

    Of course Ted makes claim he knew nothing of the incident but yet no one from his campaign camp has been excused for this highly embarrassing opportunist fraud debacle to date! No one fired nor removed only means that Ted condones what happened and can not be trusted especially as America’s Commander In Chief and living in the Peoples Beloved White House!

    • This was announced ten minutes before the Caucus began. How did this effect Carson in New Hampshire? He did didn’t get but 2% of the votes there. What can you blame this on?

      • ATexasGirl, Ben Carson’s caucus numbers has nothing to do with what Ted Cruz’s campaign Staffers committing voter fraud from opportunity due to a falsely given statement! Out of all the running Republican Incumbent Camps in New Hampshire, Cruz,s was the only one that stabbed Mr. Carson straight in the back and knew what they were doing! Mr. Cruz has yet released any campaign Staffers for their unethical and inexcusable act of voter fraud by a back door opportunity for the camps personal gain!

        This only strengthens and concludes ones judgement that Ted Cruz either condones what happened or could had possibly knew all along or both! Enough said, Mr. Cruz can not be trusted especially as America’s Commander In Chief and living in the Peoples Beloved White House!

        So Be It

  12. Our next President is not going to come from either extreme of the political spectrum. A lot of democrats are switching to republican. The majority will not vote for Cruz or Rubio but for somebody more “moderate” than those two. The Republican party must support the candidate that gets the most votes even if that candidate is Donald Trump.

  13. You did get one thing right Governor. “Cruz’s people”, not Cruz himself. It was a bad call for them, but i must admit, Cruz is my only choice out of the field. If Mr. Trump is nominated, i will give him my all. Anybody would be better than either Democrat!

    • Also Governor, you need be supportive of Senator Cruz should he be elected our President! We need our Constitutional Government back!

  14. Religion is good, but it is not the first requirement for a candidate who can handle the presidency. As far as I know, Mike Huckabee is also a religious person, a minister, I believe ~ We need someone who can straighten out all the flimsy book keeping that has gone on these past 7+ years. Robbing this account to add to that account, printing money we don’t have the backing for. We need someone who will play fair with our Veterans. Who will bring jobs back to the U.S. ( Did you notice Ford Motor has just announced they changed their mind, and are coming back to the U.S. from Mexico? Couldn’t possibly any of Donald Trumps influence, could it? ) Someone who will build up the Armed Forces, not strip it further. Another words, we need Donald Trump. He is not a politician, a businessman who can straighten out this whole mess we have on our hands. We have had enough of politicians. All this time they could not get one decent bill passed. They had their time, enough already!

    • I’d like to know if Political Science is required! If not, Why do all politicians start there?? Not to say; a good guy should win, but who would know how Government runs if they don’t learn by the example of all the people that have gone before them? Well..maybe they get inoculated against ‘right or wrong’ once they are elected !


  16. Well, CNN DID report TWICE they were breaking the story that Carson was leaving the campaign and a big announcement would be coming soon. They made a big deal of it. I saw it. They didn’t correct it on-air, either.

  17. I do believe that Mike Huckabee would be willing to endorse Ted Cruz. Even I thought that Carson was dropping out because of that CNN report. When they said that Carson was going to make an announcement, what else would one think. I was supporting Huckabee but now that Mike has suspended his campaign , I am for Cruz. Dump Trump , Vote Cruz or lose.

    Reagan did NOT compromise on the core principles of conservatism and morality. Instead, Reagan moved the whole country to the right and to what is right.

    Trump has flipflopped again and again on the most important issues of our country.

    Cruz would not need to compromise as President and a Republican controlled House and Senate. In a very short time The USA could be back in shape , headed for recovery and prosperity while at the same time defended from our enemies. The world would respect a President Cruz while it would despise and be in more conflict with a Trump.

  18. Cruz is a liar of the highest order. Hukabee does not have that reputation. Calling people names or cursing is not the same as lying.

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