Breaking: Hillary Under Investigation By State Department For Shady Clinton Foundation Projects

Breaking: Hillary Under Investigation By State Department For Shady Clinton Foundation Projects

Another day, another investigation for Hillary Clinton.

This time, it centers around Clinton Foundation Projects that required government approval while Hillary was Secretary of State…

According to Hannity.Com:

“As her email scandal continues to roll along, we’re now learning of yet ANOTHER investigation associated with former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Today it’s being reported that the United States Department of State issued a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation last fall.

The Washington Post reports:

Investigators with the State Department issued a subpoena to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation last fall seeking documents about the charity’s projects that may have required approval from the federal government during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state, according to people familiar with the subpoena and written correspondence about it.

The subpoena also asked for records related to Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide who for six months in 2012 was employed simultaneously by the State Department, the foundation, Clinton’s personal office, and a private consulting firm with ties to the Clintons.

Although it’s unknown at this point whether or not the State Department investigation is ongoing, this would mark the third investigation tied to Hillary Clinton.”

As Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza notes:

“There are now 3 investigations with ties to Hillary.

1.Clinton emails by State
2. Clinton emails by FBI
3. Clinton Foundation by State”



    • Disagree with “The Killery & Slick Willie” agenda &”quailify” for a new “body Bag” suit. !!! Now with Trump you qualify for a “Right of Domain” take over…Historically proven correct for each of ’em !!!

  1. How about an investigation into the fees Bill required for speeches to foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State? How about an FBI investigation into Benghazi, or Hillary flying Clinton Foundation guests and employees aboard her official USAF C-32B when she went on trips abroad?

  2. We live in a “Social Media World”…..The campaigns RELY on Social Media to ‘Get Their Message Out’……….Take Heart with these FACTS ~

    FACEBOOK – “LIKES” for the top candidates:

    Donald J. Trump ~ 5.7 MILLION
    Bernie Sanders ~ 3.1 MILLION
    Hillary Clinton ~ 2.5 MILLION
    Ted Cruz ~ 1. 4 MILLION
    Marco Rubio ~ 1.1 MILLION
    Jeb Bush ~ 300k

    • It’s hard to believe there are 21/2 million idiots in this country that like would vote for Killery! Second thought no it doesn’t! Her past is finally catching up to her, Wake up people she’s a lying #@%# & that would do anything to get a vote

  3. I was wondering when the investigation of their so-called *foundation* would kick in. My guess is that this investigation may be the key that collapses Hillary’s campaign, and very likely could send her to prison. Perhaps even more so than the all the other email related scandals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Hillary didn’t delete 30,000 emails on that server which dealt with weddings, yoga classes, or love letters to Bill. No, there was something else she was attempting to hide.

    I suspect the emails which were deleted were communications with foreign nationals, corporations, and friends who were making “contributions” to her foundation…in exchange for favors and votes.

    If they have found deleted emails which prove that, then it will be interesting to see how Hillary tries to spin her way out of that one.

    • Obama would just pardon the three.
      It’s really sad that Bill and Hillary brought Chelsea into their corruption.

      • Chelsea is an adult now, so she is certainly fair game as far as her participation goes. But you’re right, and in a way, I do feel sad for Chelsea, because, just like the American people have been lied to, both of her parents have lied to her as well I’m sure.

  4. I would think that the clinton’s “foundation” would warrant a RICO investigation. ALL of the elements for being an “organized” crime enterprise are there. These people are so used to their theft and corruption activities being winked at, they think it’s “legal” to do now.

  5. hillary and obama both are in on illegal foreign bribes taking money from iran for favors. treason is the real word. deport them both to iran.

    • Paul, While they are both perhaps “in on illegal foreign bribes” I dare say that both of them are attempting every underhanded contrivance to protect themselves individually and collectively. Obama knows that if he doesn’t have Clinton’s back, she will undoubtedly take him down with her if she is indicted and prosecuted! Some way, some day, prayerfully before the general elections in November 2016, someone in the SCOTUS will have the gonads to move forward with the indictment because it is extremely evident that our so-called Congress are nothing less than snakes in the grass! We had best hope and pray that the American voter opens their eyes and ears to the truth of the corruption in Washington, District of Corruption and cast the best educated vote for our next President. I have grown totally disenfranchised with politicians!

  6. I would not get too excited about Clinton being under investigation by the State Department since they have been running interference for her since this whole mess surfaced. If anything, I would expect any outcome from them to find her completely innocent of any wrongdoing. It would be the same if she were investigated by the IRS, a whitewash. Call me cynical.

  7. The first Women President will not be Hillary…the American people are smarter then you Hillary ! Trump for President by a landslide, because of you Obama & Hillary !

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