Will Christie Endorse Trump? Here’s The Latest

Will Christie Endorse Trump? Here’s The Latest

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still running for the GOP Presidential nomination, but many expect him to leave the race after a disappointing 6th place, 8% showing in New Hampshire.

Stoking rumors Christie may endorse Donald Trump, the Governor had a lengthy phone call last night twith the GOP front runner…

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says fellow GOP primary candidate Chris Christie called him after Tuesday night’s New Hampshire primary to have a “long talk.”

Asked whether he would seek Christie’s endorsement if the New Jersey governor drops out of the race, Trump praised Christie for his performance at last week’s GOP primary debate.

“I think that Chris did an amazing job in terms of the debate, as a prosecutor, and he’s a friend of mine,” Trump said early Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“And he actually called me last night, and we had a long talk, and he’s a little disappointed because he really did do a great job, he did an amazing job during that debate,” he added.”



          • Most of you know NOTHING about Donald Trumps past, party affiliations, Bank Loans, nada. I like Trump, but his past political standings do not impress…he has no conservative actions he has fought for. So far, they only thing he has accomplished is talk, and his history has no accomplishments in the Republican or Conservative arena. But if spoken words are all you care about, then by all means. Sorry, I cannot be swayed by just good speeches and nothing else.

          • awe…I think you should call me more names to show how right you are….sorry you could not actually argue the topic with anything substantive.

          • also that is exactly the point. Trump is not a politician and neither was Reagan before becoming governor of California, then President. dipshit!!!!!!

  1. It seems Christie cares only about his own good. I’ve heard him discuss at length how he’s tried to talk Trump out of running, pointing out that the skills required are totally different from those of a businessman, but Trump would not be convinced. Now that Trump looks inevitable and Christie is out, he’s angling for Atty General under either Trump or Bush, I guess he thinks Trump has a better chance, and therefore I’m SURE he’ll endorse him sooner or later.
    BTW, I’ve always been a Christie supporter and so am doubly upset about his selfish behavior, especially the pit-bull way in which he attacked the most electable of the Republican lineup in last Saturday’s debate. Apparently if he can’t be president, he doesnt want any other Republican to be elected either. Trump isn’t really a Republican, plus he looks inevitable, so that’s where I expect Christie to go..
    Rat. Traitor.

    • The only people who say Rubio is the most electable are the liberal media because they would love to face him in the general election. Wake up people. Moderate Republicans LOSE in general elections because they are nothing more than Democrat-lites. Ted Cruz is the most electable candidate because he is a clear alternative. Unlike Romney and McCain, the base will be energized to show up and vote.

  2. Pleas, somebody confirm this before Cruz starts telling people that Christy endorsed Cruz ……like he did in Iowa with Carson.

  3. Christy served as a hitman against Rubio. This guy is a political thug. His days in public office will soon be over.

  4. The only reason he would do this is for a shot at the VP slot. If Christie says Senators don’t have the tools to run the country, how could he think Trump is? Smell that? That’s the stench of hypocrisy.

    • Trump has actually made business deals all over the world and actually balanced a budget.the senators sit there and they vote or not vote or read a bill. Cruz and Rubio are too busy to vote . or care about the country,,,just themselves.

  5. Trump wants to conserve our country by protecting our borders. A real conservative!

    Christie did country a great service by warning us of robot Rubio.

  6. Christie would be good to have in his cabinet somewhere, if he were part of the Hillary investigation she would probably be in prison right now. He can add value to his team. Trump 2016!

  7. Holy Crap. Take a look at the lack of intelligence of the Cruz supporters on thei page. Gives the term “Crusztards” a meaning.

  8. Trump does not say anything bad about anyone, UNTIL the lie about him or attack him… And I do not blame him for calling them out on it…

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