Establishment TERRIFIED After Huge Trump Win In New Hampshire

Establishment TERRIFIED After Huge Trump Win In New Hampshire

Donald Trump In Des Moines, Iowa For His Vet Event

Donald Trump won the GOP Presidential Primary in New Hampshire last night by nearly 20%, and the Republican establishment is absolutely terrified, scrambling to find a clear alternative to the real estate mogul.

According to MSN:

“Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, which revitalized Donald Trump’s campaign and muddled the chances for a centrist alternative to emerge.

The Granite State result is just about the worst possible one from the establishment’s perspective — ensuring the centrist vote will remain divided, with no candidate in that lane having momentum and a viable path to victory.

Trump won the Granite State resoundingly, being projected as the winner by multiple news organizations as soon as polls closed at 8 p.m. As of 11 p.m., he was way out in front, leading second-place John Kasich by a margin of more than two-to-one with 76 percent of precincts reporting.

Just as importantly, the primary delivered a heavy blow to Marco Rubio, stopping dead the momentum he had received from his strong third-place finish in last week’s Iowa caucuses.

Those two factors alone are enough to cause consternation among establishment Republicans, who hope to see Trump taken down by someone on their wavelength.”



  1. Happy for Trump’s victory. Thrilled that the chameleon, Rubio, did so poorly. I wouldn’t trust him to do anything right. A pro-amnesty, larger-influx-of-illegals, establishment RINO.

  2. Just because trump uses politically incorrect speech and has no political background, doesn’t mean he isn’t establishment. He himself admits that he was recently establishment and will make deals with the establishment. He also donated to mostly Democrats, because he agreed with their policies. Trump is also not as tough on illegal immigration as he claims to be. Trump is *for* touchback amnesty…even one of his sons was recently on the news saying he was. When you look deeper and you understand Trump is not a constitutionalist, he will do his compromising and dealmaking in the back rooms with the establishment. I think most of us are sick and tired of the dealmaking and compromising, because it always seems to work in the Socialist statist’s favor, the Republicans tell us they need more power and control of both houses of Congress to stop Obama then we turn out and give it to them only to see them turn around and work with Obama and give him his Christmas list budget deal. Trump is not a real outsider. He is just more of the same, and we’re being hoodwinked. This reminds me of Obama 2008 all over again.

    • Surely, you are not this naive? Donald J. Trump is a business man, with a genius IQ. He pandered to both democrats and republicans, and received favors in return. This does not make him establishment. This makes him a smart businessman. He knew how the game had to be played in order to succeed, and he is calling them out 1×1, because of his own personal experience. The United States has a current debt of $19 Trillion, we desperately need someone with Trumps acumen, to alleviate this debt, and even with that, it will not happen overnight. The current trade deals are a disaster, and there is no one better at negotiating that Donald Trump. We have a corrupt Congress who has enabled a Muslim President, to do his level best to destroy the United States from within. The whole establishment is corrupt. The Democrats are offering up a Socialist or a career criminal, as candidates, and the Republican candidates are all beholden to special interest groups and corrupt donors. Donald J. Trump is funding his own campaign and he will not accept a salary when he takes office. As far as your statement regarding immigration, Donald Trump will deport illegal immigrants and he will build a wall. That wall will have a door, at which time the United States will welcome immigrants, if they apply thru proper channels and come thru that door. This is not difficult to understand. Instead of crucifying the only hope that America has, why don’t you try giving him an opportunity to salvage what is left of an already crippled America?

      • You are a dreamer. You believe that Donald Trump will do as he SAYS he will do.

        I have a dream, too,, a nightmare.

        I dream that Trump will have the government do his own dreams, which will make him a dictator, so that he does not have to deal with the “little people” to have his wishes fulfilled.

        That his first order of business will be an “executive order” making Congress only an advisory body, resulting in a government that acts by fiat, similar to Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China.

        Whose dream do you think is more likely to come true?

  3. The people have spoken, and I don’t care why the RNC wants someone they can manipulate. The idea of an election is to pick the favorite of the country.

    • I think that the idea of an election should be to select the best candidate, but you may be correct. Trump is clearly not the best candidate, but if it comes down to Trump, or Hillary, the electorate will look around for a different choice. My choice will be Gov. Gary Johnson, the presumptive Libertarian Party candidate.

  4. The largest voting turnout in NH history…Trump’s landslide win needs to be listened to by the RNC establishment bosses who keep trying to take him out, unless they want another democrat win.

  5. Give up GOP. Trump will be the next President… so start pulling your heads out of you partners asses and do the damn jobs that you were elected to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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