Breaking: Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary

Breaking: Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary


Just in: HUGE news tonight as Donald Trump is the projected winner of the 2016 GOP New Hampshire Presidential primary…

Current totals:
Trump, Donald GOP 92,103 35%
Kasich, John GOP 41,645 16%
Cruz, Ted GOP 30,264 12%
Bush, Jeb GOP 29,083 11%
Rubio, Marco GOP 27,695 11%
Christie, Chris GOP 19,761 8%
Fiorina, Carly GOP 10,924 4%
Carson, Ben GOP 5,927 2%
Paul, Rand GOP 1,703 1%

(265 of 300 Precincts Reporting – 88%)




  1. Donald Won big.. Bush, Carson, Fiorina should drop out. They don’t stand a chance and are taking votes away from the front runners. Bernie beat Hillary big, and lets hope that is real. Hillary’s lies finally came back to bite her, and she will realize it as she goes forward, or backward.
    Donald and Bernie, what a debate.

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