Breaking: American ISIS Sympathizer Arrested In Michigan After Plotting To Shoot Up...

Breaking: American ISIS Sympathizer Arrested In Michigan After Plotting To Shoot Up A Church Because “People Can’t Have Guns There”

The FBI has arrested a man near Dearborn, Michigan for attempting to carry out a large terror attack in Detroit on behalf of ISIS.

Documents show the terror suspect wanted to target a church because “people can’t have guns” there.

According to reports:

“Federal authorities arrested a Dearborn Heights resident for his allegiance to ISIS by monitoring his Twitter account and gun purchases.

The arrest comes as Twitter announced it suspended 125,000 ISIS-related accounts over the past six months.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, was being watched by the feds since May 2015

In conversation’s between Abu-Rayyan and the undercover agent, Abu-Rayyan described his desire to commit a martyrdom operation.

The complaint filed in federal court doesn’t specify which Detroit church he was allegedly planning to attack, only that it was close and could seat 6,000 members.

The complaint quotes Abu-Rayyan saying:

“It’s easy, and a lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church. Plus it would make the news. Everybody would’ve heard. Honestly I regret not doing it. If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.”



  1. Poor lost soul, thinking he is doing service to his idol, which is Satan the Devil. He has been deceived to murder; to seek death, instead of Life. His only hope is to REPENT, and turn to The Heavenly Father, through His beloved Son YAHUSHUWAH Jesus, for SALVATION, and receive The Holy Spirit. ACTS 2:38. Amein,

  2. As I have said over and over again, as long as we have crazies out walking around, no one is safe. As long as ISIS is in the News beheading people, crazies interpret ISIS’s behaviors as necessary and desirable. Until the whole Muslim Issue is dealt with (no more muslims allowed inside our country — and dealing with those who already live here and do not assimilate into our Society), we will see more and more crazies doing the unthinkable. We have more mentally disabled people walking around our streets and neighborhoods (because the government can’t afford to house them in reliable hospitals any more) that do not process things normally, so what you and I would view as unacceptable could be viewed by them as desirable.

    The really scary part is when you get a Muslim crazy thinking they have to commit Jihad for whatever reason…when they go off, people die. This guy was way too close to making that happen. Thank God many churches now have armed guards on their premises…those that don’t, may be seeing God’s face sooner than expected.

    • So whats the answer by the impostor? Collect all your guns so his people can slaughter us without retaliation. He’s as nutty as any of them.

      • And no American I know of would give up their guns without a.fight! Bho misjudges the American people…again. The fraud needs to disappear – any place but America.

  3. Another example of the inbreeding in the Muslim communities that result in morons who believe in the ravings of a ancient pedophile. These same imbiciles are the ones that rape little boys, marry 9 years old girls because it is their ”culture”. Did you notice how close cult is to “culture”? Hello hello…are there any ”moderate” Muslims out there trying to rein these cultists in? Didn’t think so.

    • No such thing as a “moderate Muslim”. They are all functioning under standing orders in the Koran to kill all non-Muslims. If they don’t do that, they are subject to being killed by their own. In short, they are all self-enforcers of the “faith”.

      • Don’t let Obama hear you talk like that he thinks their peaceful and misunderstood. Yeah sure they are. So 48% of the people look at Obama favorably? Or is that the number of people on his free-bee list? We could be in serious trouble here. Get off your thumbs Congress and do something.

  4. Sounds like this sand bigger will be getting an invite to dinner with Obooboo and Mooshell the traitors of D. C.

  5. These bastards are the biggest cowards on earth. They should put to death when their plots are uncovered. That’s what they had planned for God only knows how many people.

  6. A notice to any Islamist crazies who happen to read this. In my church we have at least two armed un-uniformed guards sitting with the rest of the people at each service. We welcome other members who have a concealed carry license to bring their weapon if it makes them feel safer. We don’t want an incident but we are prepared just in case.

  7. Wherever muslims are ISIS will sprout or some other islamic terrorist group killing enemies is their lifeblood says their koran.

  8. The muslims have been ‘the religion of Peace” (NOT) for 700 years. They have raped, killed, crucified millions and they do not belong in America… Although our POS President wants them here to do his terrorist work!

  9. We bolted out of the metro Detroit region a over a decade ago & this is the reason. Small cities such as known Polish Community Hamtramck, Michigan were conquered in thanks to their Mayor, Karen Majewski. City government has a Muslim majority according to the Washington Post article of November 21, 2015/https: //

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