With Lessons Learned In Iowa, Trump Steps Up Ground Game In New...

With Lessons Learned In Iowa, Trump Steps Up Ground Game In New Hampshire

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump is upping his ground game after finishing 2nd in Iowa, hoping to turn his HUGE poll numbers in New Hampshire into a historic victory in the “live free or die state,” home of the nation’s first Presidential primary.

For Trump, a win in New Hampshire is crucial.

According to The AP:

“With wet snow already ankle deep and falling fast, Dave Chiokadze and James Radcliffe trekked down one long driveway after another in search of potential votes for Donald Trump.

“It’s like the Revolutionary War,” joked Chiokadze as they made their way house to house along a Londonderry street, knocking on doors that were flagged by a smart-phone app and leaving long lines of footsteps in their wake.

The 22 year olds, out-of-state volunteers involved in politics for the first time, are on the front lines of Trump’s effort in New Hampshire, where the Republican presidential candidate is hoping for his first victory of the 2016 campaign in the state’s primary on Tuesday.

Trump had a disappointing runner-up finish last Monday in leadoff Iowa, which has a byzantine caucus process that puts a premium on organizing supporters to make sure they turn out. Now, he and his team are intent on making a greater push to get out the vote in the opening primary state.”



  1. I’ve been saying all along that Trump has no organization. It’s going to be another surprise to him that you just can’t turn it on and there it be. He cannot go on forever just showing up at his events and rambling on. I do not understand how he keeps what support he has with those smirks and off the cuff insults he passes off as his debating style. I’ll take Rubio’s repetitiousness over Trump’s unpreparedness any day. I think Tuesday is going to be another negative surprise for Trump. He has not learned that it is a no win proposition to raising expectations, another campaign trick he’s failed to master.

  2. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump wins New Hampshire Republican Primary ((((1st 36%)))) over Kasich 2nd 15%, Cruz 3rd 11%, Bush 4th 10%, Rubio 5th 10%, Christie 6th 8%, Fiorina 7th 4% lastly Carson 8th 2%!

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