Trump Leads In New Hampshire As Rubio Surges

Trump Leads In New Hampshire As Rubio Surges

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP Presidential field in New Hampshire, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio surging to 2nd.  Ted Cruz, John  Kasich, and Jeb Bush round out the top 5.

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead over the Republican presidential field in New Hampshire, but Marco Rubio has surged into second place, a new poll finds.

A CNN-WMUR survey released on Thursday tested Republicans in New Hampshire in the days before and after Monday’s Iowa caucuses, and found Trump’s support holding steady at 29 percent…

Rubio received 11 percent support in the two CNN-WMUR surveys taken shortly before the caucuses, and he has now shot up to 18 percent, putting him in second place.

Ted Cruz, the winner of the Iowa caucuses, is at 13 percent in the new poll, essentially unchanged from his standing before the caucuses.

Rubio has been scrapping with a pack of the more centrist candidates, including Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Chris Christie, who have all staked their campaigns on strong finishes in the Granite State.

But he has pulled away from the others in the latest CNN-WMUR survey, with Kasich taking 12 percent support, Bush taking 10 percent, and Christie falling from 9 percent to 4 percent.”



  1. IF Cruz finishes in the top 3 in NH he will be in great shape for Super Tuesday and then the FUN starts!!! Cruz is the only one fight the fight he promised when he ran for the Senate but he is NOT responsible for the one’s blocking everything WE say we want!! People in both parties hate him to me that is an endorsement from 99 other Senators!! Who else can BRAG about that????

  2. Go Rubio! I think of all the candidates he has the highest chance to win. He is also not worth millions and has had a much more normal upbringing, coming from humble beginnings.

      • No. A VP for Trump could not do the damage Trump will do, no matter how hard he tried. Trump is just the wrong person to be President. (I think that Trump would admit to that, if he could think it through.)

  3. I DO NOT LIKE Cruz (he lies) or Rubio, most of the rest are blowing hot air, making promises they will NEVER keep. My vote is for Donald J. Trump, he WILL “Make America Great Again”!!

  4. There are bound to be changes as three have dropped out, and Cruz may be paying for his rumor in Iowa, but it ain’t over, till it’s over!

  5. Rubio or Cruz ut not te conman Trump with his pool of minion hackers. Thats how his polls are up.
    No TRUMP

          • I happen to believe in your case it is very relevant. BTW…Were you born stupid or did you get that way all by yourself ?

          • I could personally disparage you, too, but I will refrain, as it does not address the question. The Q is, does the Donald have the correct personality and inspiration to be our President? The answer is clearly NO. He is argumentative, disparaging of others and lacks knowledge of the issues. Case closed.

          • First I noticed you didn’t answer the question but allow me to help you. Last I heard stupidity in not hereditary so that means you got that way all by yourself. I’m very impressed. As for the rest of your response … You have shown your stupidity by expressing your opinion as fact which it isn’t !

          • Kinda think I already have ! But let me share a quote that befits you…” Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. …Martin L. King
            Have a good day.

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