Breaking: Pro Clinton Des Moines Register Calls For Full Investigation Of Iowa...

Breaking: Pro Clinton Des Moines Register Calls For Full Investigation Of Iowa Results

John Locher/AP

The Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary Clinton before Iowa, but now even they are calling for a full investigation into Clinton’s controversial win Monday night.

According to The Hill:

“The Des Moines Register is calling for a “complete audit” of the Iowa Democratic caucuses in light of concerns by Bernie Sanders about the razor-thin margin.

“Once again the world is laughing at Iowa. Late-night comedians and social media mavens are having a field day with jokes about missing caucusgoers and coin flips,” the Register’s editorial board writes Wednesday night.

“That’s fine. We can take ribbing over our quirky process. But what we can’t stomach is even the whiff of impropriety or error,” it wrote.

Hillary Clinton edged out Sanders by just 0.2 percentage points, a margin the Register notes would trigger recounts in other states. Sanders’ campaign has said it is working with its Iowa staff to confirm those results, which the party certified early Tuesday morning.”



  1. Iowa state party chair has a license plate that reads “HRC-2016”. She got to call the results, and is now refusing to have an audit.

  2. as a former Iowan i am embarrassed by the tactics allowed by both the democrats and republicans that make the process look like a joke….

  3. I’d be interested in anything discovered about the way-too-lucky coin tosses. But regarding whether it was Bernie or Hillary, I couldn’t care less.

  4. you want controversy just add a Clinton in the fray and if you want to add cheating and lying the Clintons will volunteer their services.

  5. Looks like both sides have legitimate beefs, something stinks in Iowa and its not the corn. No more Caucuses, let the people vote for who they want privately without all the bullying.

  6. This is what happens when Debbie Wasserman Shultz wants Clinton to get the nomination and will do anything to get it accomplished. The coverage of Iowa’s process was revealing and concerning at the least. A flip of a coin to decide which team is getting the ball in a football game is appropriate but definitely not when voting for a presidential nominee. In the end thought there’s a Clinton involved so irregularities will be the norm. The real question is why do Iowa and Vermont even matter?

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