Read Rush Limbaugh’s Comments About Marco Rubio That Have People Talking

Read Rush Limbaugh’s Comments About Marco Rubio That Have People Talking

Rush Limbaugh

Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is no RINO, he’s a real conservative.

According to The Hill:

“Rush Limbaugh defended Marco Rubio on Tuesday as a “full-throated conservative” after the Florida senator scored a strong third-place finish in the Iowa caucus behind anti-establishment darlings Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Cruz called his victory a win for grass-roots conservatives, and, during his daily radio program, Limbaugh blasted media coverage describing Rubio as an establishment champion.

“I don’t like this idea that Marco Rubio is all of a sudden being labeled as an establishment candidate,” Limbaugh said, acknowledging Rubio’s bipartisan “baggage” of the 2013 Senate bill on immigration reform.

“Marco Rubio is no moderate, Republican centrist,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t see Marco Rubio as anything other than a legitimate, full-throated conservative. Nobody’s pure, and nobody is ever free of making mistakes,” the hard-right host added.”



  1. he supports full Amnesty that is not a Conservation he is obama in Latino’s clothes He is a Rino and the Gop elite love him because he will bow down before them

  2. Rush …
    I’ve always thought the world of you. On this issue, you’re wrong. His support of Amnesty (including pathway to Citizenship for illegals) is simply WRONG. Such is NOT the Right side of things.

    Please don’t fall back on Reagan succumbing to the JHBush/Sununu dastardly deeds against him (include the tax hikes in that too). Multiple wrongs by Conservatives do NOT make things RIGHT .. just more WRONGS against We The People.

    • OK Paul…. What’s your solution to the immigration and illegal alien problem? How about the kids that are born in America? What…, you going to kick them out to? They’re born on American soil, that makes them American. It’s not as easy as gathering up all the non citizens and putting them on busses & airplanes, sending them somewhere. That’s absurd and irresponsible, and the cost would be huge! Who’s gonna pay for that…, gee, let me guess…, oh yeah, YOU an I. There’s a methodical, logical and legal way to get this under control. Don’t forget the A-hole that has been prez for the last two terms has let this happen & continue. It’s an enormously nuanced and difficult task to fix not only immigration…, but all the other crap the moron in chief has screwed up.

      • you obviously don’t know your US Constitution, and Natural Law. Just because someone is born on American soil does not make them an American automatically. If the parents (both of them) are US Citizens when the child is born, whether it be here in the States or abroad (if you read Vattel’s Natural Law it says born on US Soil) then the child is an American. If the parents are citizens of another Country, then the child automatically is a citizen of the Country of the parents whom they owe allegiance to. Do your research. Under 2 different presidents, millions of illegal immigrants have been deported/removed from this Country with no problem. If we just enforce the law, they will self-deport. What is being afraid to be truthful is the money the illegals spend in this Country. This is what corporations and gov’t entities look at. Why I don’t know because the illegals are financially killing our country by the majority of illegals on welfare and welfare type health care systems in each state.

        • My bad on “Anchor Babies”. Just from a humanitarian stand point… (because America is a loving and generous nation)…, how do you plan on deporting these folks? It’s a simple question that involves an overwhelming amount of money and planning to implement. We’re not that insensitive to simply put folks on trains and ship them out. It’s an enormous undertaking. I agree with you fully that un-inforced immigration laws will exponentially cost Americans more and more every year. Not to mention the increase in crime brought to you by our wonderful “Sanctuary Cities”. Self deport…, that’s a fantasy that won’t happen. Illegal Immigration is a huge problem and I believe will play a huge roll in the 2016 presidential election. I think we can agree that if Hillary or Bernie get the White House…, America as a Constitutional Republic will end.

          • Huge agree on Hillberry or Bs Bern in White House – No More america – will truly be the mini series from late 1970s AmeriKa.

            Sanctuary cities are a disaster and costing tons of money and jobs.

            As for self-deportation. There already has been quite a bit of Self-Deportation. We’ve seen it here in Arizona with the numbers of illegal immigrants dropping. However, the new issue now is the ‘refugees’. They are playing on the heart strings of us kindly Christian Americans that need (sorry to say this but it’s true) to start getting a little more hard core on that and start thinking of what we have here in our own Country. We already have tons of people on Welfare which is eating us all alive since we working taxpayers are paying for those on Welfare as a way of life vs a temporary fix til they get back on their feet; and hungry children, abortion, kids having kids, high unemployment rates, homeless, not to mention the ‘hidden’ terrorists that come over with these refugees, refugees that we can’t afford to bring in. If we continue to bring in the thousands Obama is bringing in we will turn into a 3rd world country and lose our freedoms and liberties no matter who wins the Presidency. It will take months and months possibly years to sort these people out and do something with them on top of the illegal immigration situation.
            I just noticed the avatar for Nancy Krysiak – the upside down American Flag – America in Distress. That we are!

        • Show me in the Constitution where it says that BOTH parents must be US citizens when a child is born to them to be a natural born citizen!!

          And Vattel was Swiss citizen who wrote his Natural Law philosophy in 1758 for Switzerland…not the US.

          The Founders discussed Vattel’s ideas, but came up with their own definition….not a Europeans.

        • I’m not whining or copping out. What’s your plan smart @$$ to export 11 million folks? Who’s gonna pay? What are the logistics? What’s the timeframe? How are you going to round up all the illegals? How are you going to detain, house and feed illegals prior to deportation? What method of transporting are you going to use? Were are you going to deport to? How about dialog with the country of origin?
          It’s funny when an idiot like yourself posts a completely useless comment without actually thinking about the reality of a situation. How about you grow a brain fool…..

          • Man, you’re like the anti-Trump :) “Weee caannnnttttt, it’s toooo hard!!!” Okay, if I must, here’s how it’s done. Enforce eVerify. Close the border. Take the living physical bodies of the people arrested for being here illegally and move them south till they cross the Mexican border, let the Federales find out where they came from and ship them back, we’ve been Mexico’s chump for far too long. Stop giving visas to people from countries whose citizens tend to overstay, start actively pursuing people who do overstay. Stop any and all immigration from Mulsim countries, black Africa, Latin America and the former Soviet East Bloc. Don’t accept anyone unless they have something of value to bring, a brain and an education for example. The methods of transport would be very similar, the same in fact, that are used to transport people and stuff already (dumb question) Fuck dialogue. Who’s gonna pay? That’s the really dumb question, who’s paying now fool???

          • For the record…, Trump is a Chump. All he’s got are talking points…., NO PLAN. Look for yourself….
            How this gets funded is the key question, being that I’m a tax payer. How much extra am I going to have to pay? You sound like a Liberal…, taking liberties with my money.
            I’m all in favor of eVerify, I’m also in favor of voter ID…. I fully support immigration reform however, I don’t support going into it blindly. Obamacare was implemented blindly. Remember what Pelosi said?
            The reality, and implementation and cost, is the key here. Let’s just throw a number out there for argument sakes. Let’s say it costs, and I’m gonna low ball this…., $50,000 per illegal to deport them out of this country. That comes to $500 billion. A more realistic cost would probably be $100 thou per illegal or more. that’s 1.1 trillion hard earned American dollars! We’re talking immigration personnel, vehicles, fuel, electronics, software, E-card machines and readers, etc…, etc. I’m looking at it realistically, you however think all this will somehow magically happen. Understand this, I don’t fiscally trust our government PERIOD! Especially when they won’t allow “WE THE PEOPLE” to audit them. Everything you’ve posted sounds fine and dandy. They’re just talking points, not a plan with real world costs and logistics. I could tell immediately you’re a Trump chump…, all talk with no real plan, blueprint or costs, to back up what your saying…. I trust Trump at this point about as much as I trust Hillary. America is at a crossroads. If “we the people” hand the presidency to a socialist like Sanders…, or worse yet Hillary…, we’re doomed. You know, it and I know it…..

          • I know this would require the use of logic, but give it your best shot. Even if we assume your crazy, wildly inflated estimates are true, it doesn’t matter. No matter how much money it takes to get rid of the welfare addicted, non tax paying illegals, that amount is still less than what it costs to keep them and support the anchor babies they pop out every nine months and two days starting at age 12.. Drop kicking their illegal asses is a one time expense, keeping them is not only infinitely more expensive, but infinitely infinite. Any chance you understood any of that??

          • Nowhere in your post is there even a hint of a logical plan regarding immigration. Either you didn’t read my previous post, or, your comprehension skills are lacking. Stop drooling and beating your chest for one minute, and actually read…, slowly so you understand.
            I’m not arguing amnesty. Nor am I disputing wether illegals should be held accountable for entering the USA and abusing a failing system. Did you get that Joe? Great!
            What I am asking for, is a comprehensive plan that will address America’s current illegal alien immigration dilemma. Trump doesn’t have one, neither do you. My point is, before I support or cast my vote for a candidate, I need a cohesive detailed plan on how their administration will address our current immigration conundrum. How, how much and when…, these are just three of the details that need to be addressed. When I hire a contractor to build my house, I get a blueprint, a price and a timeframe. This way, the contractor is held accountable. This same principal and logic applies to immigration. The difference is, these are people we’re talking about. Some are low life felons and criminals, and many are wonderful folks just looking for a better life for their children. Being a man of faith, I have compassion & empathy for my fellow man. It’s part of being human. However, we are a nation of laws, and those laws need to be obeyed and enforced. Perhaps that might be a good place to start. Oh, and with your logic of “spare no expense” with no plan, your approach would cost us more. I don’t see that as being very logical or responsible given our countries current national debt.

          • ” wonderful folks just looking for a better life for their children.”
            Okay, I guess that answers that question.

          • Truth be told Joe…, you should direct all your energy and anger towards the administration and policies that led to this immigration debauchery. All your bitterness towards people that saw an opening and took advantage of that opening, would be better served dethroning any and all Liberal policies and politicians. I too love America and all that she stands for however, I’m not going to let a despicable president and his failed policies cloud my judgment and make me a hateful man. Cheer up, November is only nine months away…..

    • The worst part of RUBIO is his I-SQUARED bill; which will TRIPLE H-1b visas; visa holders that well-educated Americans all over the country have been ordered by corp mgmt to TRAIN then be laid off. RINORubio will never get my vote.

      • Rubio appeared at the Senate enough to write a bill and bring it to the floor to be voted on???? how interesting. oh wait, that’s right he also authored the Amnesty bill with the Gang of 8 with McCain (Az)

  3. One issue litmus tests don’t ever work. Look at his body of work. This is what Rush is talking about. You may disagree on one issue, but one issue does not make a RINO. Compare him to Hillary and compare him to Susan Collins if you want to understand what Rush is talking about. It is Cruz that is trying to mislead the public calling him a moderate. He is anything but a moderate in his overall record. Remember Cruz’s flip flop on immigration and citizenship. This doesn’t make him a moderate. Trump however is clearly a moderate in his record. Since he is running for the President he has adopted the “conservative label”. He may adopt it but he doesn’t earn it. Rubio and Cruz are true conservatives.

    • Sorry, he’s a RINO. Supporting amnesty is not “one issue,” it is the issue. When he was here in the Florida legislature he did the same thing. Once the libs move the entire third world in here and bus them to the polls with a box lunch and a diagram of who to vote for America, as it was founded and as many of us have known it, is over. When the litmus stick turns blue it’s time to pour that stuff down the drain.

    • How can you call someone who flip flops and lies a true conservative. One can continue to learn new things and find out information thereby changing their mind, their views, thoughts and attitude about certain subjects. Trump likes to do research and learn. He learns and learns from mistakes so as not to make them again. Trump is a businessman and does what is good for business. He is good to those he employs. What we need in the White House is a good businessman who can make this Country profitable and put money and jobs back into the people of America!

      • Flip flops are not the test of a conservative. Every politician does them. Not an excuse, just a fact. Trump may be a closet Liberal for all you or anyone else knows. He flip flopped on every major conservative issue so he can run for president as a republican. If you search hard enough you can find him saying one way or the other on just about every issue. That’s how he “makes friends” as he says. And his donations to Democrats over the years are ok because he was just being a businessman? What else will he give away to become a politician. I don’t understand how people don’t see through him.

    • I get a kick out the responses. Rubio filp flops so go to Trump who can flip flop in the same debate! Then Joe who says he is not a one issue voter because there is only one issue. Wow. No wonder the Dems make fun of us.

  4. Cruz 2016 if you want a conservative that will do what he says!! Marco is my second choice and nobody is perfect and I do not think conservatives will stand by Ted and the ELITES will see to it that one more time we will NOT run a conservative so Rubio will be the nominee, like it or not!!! I will vote for whom ever wins but NOW it is CRUZ 2016!!

  5. He is and touts himself as being a moderate….almost liberal…candidate! I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only candidate standing!

  6. Im a Floridian who voted for cute smooth talking Rubio, it was a big mistake. He says the right things but his record shows a different story having the worst attendance record in the Senate. Perhaps Rubio should be a better Senator first..before asking for a promotion. He and Cruz both have been soft on amnesty even though they both talk a different game now as presidential candidates.

  7. What’s this about Rubio being gay when he was younger? I saw a pic of him in a foam bath with a lot of other men.

  8. The 2 major issues facing the US today (MHO) are illegal immigration and terrorism, and they’re close to becoming one and the same. I cannot support Rubio due to his stand. To me “moderate” translates to weak.

  9. Yes, I also was extremely disappointed in hearing Rush say these things and promote Rubio as a Conservative against Amnesty. Rubio is nowhere near being a Conservative. He is, was, and still is in favor of Amnesty. He hasn’t changed a thing. He just said that in his ‘victory’ speech in Iowa where he came in 3rd, close to 3,000+ votes behind Trump. Rubio is a fast talker hoping people won’t catch everything he’s saying. Rubio is also not eligible according to our Constitution and eligibility requirements, especially if you a believer in the Natural Law by Vattel. It clearly states that to run for and become President one must be born to parents (plural meaning both parents) who are US Citizens at time of birth. His parents did not become US Citizens until 4 years after his birth. Has nothing to do with Rubio being born in Florida. Both parents must be US Citizens at time of birth which Rubio’s parents clearly were not.
    Then you get Cruz totally lying about Trump and what Trump believes in. Saying Trump supports Obamacare. He does not. If anything, Trump supports Health Savings Accounts which quite a bit of Conservatives also like. Trump believe everyone should have a choice – their choice of what they want or not want vs being forced into some type of health care. Not everyone wants to have to pay for health care. Some people don’t need to go to the doctors a lot so to pay for health care insurance on a monthly basis is foolish for them.

  10. I agree that Marco Rubio is a conservative. I like him quite a bit. He scores quite high on the Heratage scale. However, his support for illegal aliens is the one, unpardonable stance that means I can never be for him. IF he should get the Republican nomination, I will hold my nose and vote for him. He is certainly better than anyone in the Demo party of lies camp. But, it will be a case of voting for the lesser of two evils.

  11. The issue is not just that Rubio flip flopped. Another HUGE issue is that he LIED about Cruz’s stand on immigration! It is his lack of integrity that is also very disturbing! That one thing burned his bridge with me~ I have yet to uncover lies from Cruz even when Trump or Rubio people throw accusations! I vet all of them & there aren’t any flip flops OR lies coming from Cruz!

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