Liberals Would Quit Federal Government In DROVES Under President Trump

Liberals Would Quit Federal Government In DROVES Under President Trump

This may be the best case yet for 2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump: nearly 25% of federal workers would consider leaving if Trump wins the Presidency, a new poll says. Many of them are Democrats…

According to Politico:

“About 1-in-4 federal employees would consider leaving their jobs if Donald Trump is elected president, according the results of a recent survey conducted by the Government Business Council.

Overall, about 2-in-3, or 67 percent said they would not think about leaving the federal government if Trump becomes president, but 14 percent said they would and 11 percent said they would “maybe” leave. Just 8 percent said they did not know. The share of Democrats who said they would leave is higher, with 42 percent indicating that they would exit or could exit.”



    • There are a lot of people who don’t like him & say he is too liberal for the conservative cause, but I say he got the political candidates talking about subjects that never would have been mentioned, if not for him bringing it up. I like most of what he says, I would love to see him tone down his rhetoric a little bit, but it may be best for him to go ahead & bring it out, in Ted’s being qualified to run, rather than waiting to have Hilliary or Bernie bring it up. I imagine he has advisers telling him when to hit, how hard, & when to back off. I just hope & pray it is one of the republican candidates, rather than Hilliary or Bernie. They are both so far out in left field, if it wasn’t for gravity, they would fall off the face of the earth.

    • I really don’t trust Trump, but for the most part his ‘existence’ has been good for this nation. He plays dirty and loose with the facts, however, and his primary way of ‘winning’ a debate has been to denigrate others.

  1. Well good!! Someone please tell them to be careful and not let the door hit in the backside as they leave. Then they can tell us which socialist or communist country they want to move to and I am sure plenty of us will pay for a one way ticket to the country they have chosen and we will help give up their American citizenship!!!

    • Yes, they might not have to be given a choice, they may hear those famous words from Mr. Trump himself, “you’re fired,” They could probably fire 1/2 of the ones that were hired under obama, & still get about as much done. A lot of time is wasted, jiving, & talking to friends on phone.

  2. Liberals may say that, but really now, where are they gonna go? Your average government employee doesn’t have the skills to compete or make it in the private sector where performance actually counts…. and even if they did land a job, it would probably be at far less money than they make in their cushy bureaucrat job where it is almost impossible to get fired for anything.

    The one big exception would be those who have served in the military. They understand discipline, performance and getting the job done. The rest of government….not so much.

    Liberals quit their government job? I’ll believe it when I see it. However, I would be fine with Trump telling several hundred thousand of them that their departments no longer exist and not to let the door hit them in the keester on the way out. Yeah, I know, probably wishful thinking, but hope springs eternal.

  3. woopee they are probably just excess baggage anyway! We need to cut the fat out of the gov. and this would be a good start.

  4. I retired from the U.S. Border Patrol in 2011. I began my career with Reagan in the White House, followed by GHW Bush. As agents, we always thought those guys had our back. Then came Clinton…we overcame, adapted…thank goodness the Contract with America congress came in to tame his liberal arse. Then we had GW Bush, who woke up after 9-11. I had to spend my last two years and 11 months with the current occupant in charge…had to overcome, adapt again as he tried to cut down the agency. I’m glad I retired before the full reality of his liberalism came in place.

    We conservatives in the agency (and most people in law enforcement tend to be quite conservative politically) stuck it out – stood by our guns, survived. The liberal weenies threaten to leave if Trump gets elected (and we Conservatives know Donald isn’t really that conservative). So, adios…the agencies will be better off without the cutthroats. I’m not a Trump guy – I support Ted Cruz. But, I would like to watch the libs quit the agencies….though I sincerely doubt they would give up a federal career over a presidential change.

  5. Awesome I’ll help them with tickets to any socialist or communist country of their choice! Exactly what we need in DC ! Another best reason to vote Trump! And 2nd in Iowa is not a disaster for Trump as the MSN including Fox News is making it out to be ! NH, SC ,NV, Fl will all go Trump! Too much emphasis on Iowa, it only has 1% of delegates!

  6. Sounds alot like Alec Baldwin’s threat to leave the country if Bush was elected President. Anybody notice him missing from our news stream in the last 15 years? I say good riddance to any federal employee who leaves. Don’t replace ’em. There are way too many collecting paychecks while browsing porn and wasting tax dollars.

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