ObaMosque: POTUS Plans First Presidential Mosque Visit To Celebrate Muslims

ObaMosque: POTUS Plans First Presidential Mosque Visit To Celebrate Muslims

President Obama will visit a Baltimore Mosque next week to “celebrate the contributions Muslim Americans make to our nation.”

According to The Hill:

“President Obama next week will make his first visit to a mosque during his time in office, White House announced Saturday.

He will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday, and will speak with its members about tolerance and religious freedom.

“On Wednesday, February 3rd, the President will travel to Maryland to visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque to celebrate the contributions Muslim Americans make to our nation and reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life,” a White House official said in a statement.”



  1. And then he will visit a Catholic service, a Buddhist temple, a Methodist and then a Lutheran Church — right? right?

  2. As one Imam observed, “There is no radical Islam, there is no moderate Islam. There is only Islam.” I think that says it all.

    • Well, I don’t know if they are all jihadist or not, but just recently, in our state, we had a case where this muslim girl became a Christian, you know that was a huge insult to her parents. They could not make her see the error of her ways, so her Mom told her husband, “you know what you have to do,” as he walked out the door. He murdered his own daughter. That is what these idiots believe in. They are still following this pedophile after all these years. Some of them practice gentilia mutilation on their daughters. Their women are nothing more than cattle or goats to be bartered & sold. These nuts are barbaric & I don’t think our government ought to recognize their beliefs as a religion, I strongly believe it to be a cult & therefore not given a religious status, allowing it to be protected by our constitution. Our stupid bunch of democrat PC politicians wants them to come here, & add to the rolls of democrat voters. They should not be allowed into the country, pretty soon, when the population gets a little larger, they will be making demands that are foreign to us who are Americans. Then obama wants to let them in from war torn Syria w/o vetting them, or anything, just open the gate & bring them on in. He has got to be one stupid moron.

  3. And he will stay for their “service” since he believes the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world!

  4. France raided 3 mosque and found military weapons among other things. Makes me wonder what they are hiding in mosques over here. Since Obama’s one of them and won’t give an order to check them out then maybe we need to find our own way to check them out.

    • He’s going to go look at their stockpile of weapons and chemicals. He’ll also give them about a billion. It’s not his money. Asshole treasonous fool. We need him to leave before he calls all the mosques and inform them it’s time. Through some uniforms in them and declare martial law. Mark my word.. All Islamics do is lie to the infidels. I’m appalled by our elected officials. There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. One in the same. We’re in for a hell of a battle. My opinion but I think of myself as being relatively astute.

    • We must trust our new visitors to our shore. Isn’t that what our country does, under obama, take in everyone, give them food, shelter, & free goodies. What would they be hiding in their great big mosque anyways, guns, ammo, & no telling what else.I think our marines should raid them every once in awhile, & just see what kind of contraband they are hiding. Trump had it right when he said we were the stupidest country in the world.

  5. I sincerely hope a terrorist doesn’t bomb this mosque while their leader visits. That would just be terrible….🎉🎊💥

  6. Nawh, He is muslim, flyfisher111. He says he’s Christian, but the Bible says, you can know them by their fruits. Maybe while he’s there with them, he can find out a number of great things the muslims have done for the USA. I really would love to know one or two things they have done for the country, so I can pass them on to my grand-kids. I like for them to be well informed on the patriotism of the muslims, so they won’t grow up despising them.

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