You Won’t Believe What Tim Allen Just Said About The Clintons!

You Won’t Believe What Tim Allen Just Said About The Clintons!

Tim Allen pulled no punches while talking about the Clintons recently, with the popular actor comparing them to Herpes…

According to The Hill:

“Comedian Tim Allen is comparing Bill and Hillary Clinton to a sexually transmitted disease.

“The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again,” Allen told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor, famous for his role in “Home Improvement,” is known for expressing his conservative political views on television.

He went on to suggest that all of the female writers on his current show, “Last Man Standing,” will only vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because she is a woman.”



  1. That’s how Obama got in, because he was black. Just as stupid to vote for h
    Hillary just because she’s a woman. They forget Lair and a criminal so How about Jack the Ripper. Is he your next choice.

  2. Only brain dead morons would vote for someone simply because of their sex, color or race. Maybe we ott to run a slug and see if they would vote for that just because no slug has ever been president. Maybe a rapist oops we already had that, you do remember slick willy and his enabling wife hitlery. Totally stupid but then I find most libs are to stupid to find their way out of a paper bag without help.

    • You would think that people learned their lesson with electing someone for reasons other than they had the experience to do the job, after putting Obama in office. Problem here is how do you get the people that put him in office, not just once but twice, to see what their stupidity has done.

      • Problem is you can’t fix brain dead or stupid! But the problem starts in the schools and all the lies and libtard crap they are teaching our children. The parents must stand up and demand that they teach history, civics, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the difference between Capitalism, socialism and communism and not with a libtard agenda spin. No more teaching Islam and the 5 pillars of satan. Tell the teachers that you want to know what they are teaching and find out if they are left leaning and demand that they not push that off on your children, they must teach with an unbiased agenda. If the school boards won’t listen throw their a$$’s out they work for you and you elect them. If that doesn’t do the trick go up the ladder to Mayors and Governors. Change the sheets and take the trash out. The problem with Christians and conservatives is we complain but then don’t band together and protest and cause a stink. If you don’t cause a stink you won’t get anywhere as the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

  3. Any woman who would vote for her “just because she’s a woman”-or for ANY reason, would have to be just plain stupid! There isn’t a commandment in the Bible they haven’t violated!

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