Watch: Donald Trump Raises $6 Million At Vet Tribute Event In Iowa,...

Watch: Donald Trump Raises $6 Million At Vet Tribute Event In Iowa, Wins Debate Without Even Attending!

Donald Trump In Des Moines, Iowa For His Vet Event

Donald Trump seemed to win the debate without setting a foot on stage as he raised $6 million for charities who support Veterans while his fellow GOP Presidential candidates duked it out just down the road.

According to Reuters:

“Even in boycotting a debate with his Republican rivals for the White House, front-runner Donald Trump managed to upstage the event on Thursday with a typical dramatic flourish.

Instead of attending a seventh debate, the former reality TV star held a competing event across town that he said raised $6 million for U.S. military veterans. In doing so, he cast a shadow over his rivals, who frequently tossed barbs his way.

Trump’s gamble that he could leave the battlefield to his rivals for one night appeared to pay off, with just days to go before Iowa holds the first nominating contest of the 2016 election season. No one appeared to emerge as a central challenger to him during the two-hour face-off in Des Moines.

Trump’s refusal to participate in the debate out of anger that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was a moderator prompted a flurry of last-minute phone calls with Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes that failed to resolve their dispute.”



  1. Trump proves once again he is nothing but a petualant child and definitley not presidentail matarial. I am happy he raised money for the vetrans, however how dare he use the veterans as a politcal tool…. what a tool!

    • Wrong Mitockwell, proves he’s not a pushover/has the guts to stand up for himself against a dictating media’s schnaniguns with slapping him in the face of take it or leave it, by including the snake on the ground ( and you know a snake crawls on his belly on the ground) Megan Kelly. Fox knew damn well what the were doing as part of/supporting the Establishment. Fox has underhanded/been trying to skunk Trump (while playing the wolf in sheeps clothing) from the get go.

      • Am definitely loosing respect go Fox. Use to think they were a great news station but no longer! Don’t trust or believe any of them. They are all owned by Liberals. People are not as stupid as you think. These debates need to be about important topics and what each candidates are going to try to do to fix them. Not about sticking it to the other candidates that the station isn’t backing. People see what is going on and no longer care for it. Fox is no longer fair and balanced but are as biased as the other stations and are leaning more to the liberals or to the candidate that they back. Shame on everyone of them!!!!!!!

      • I am neither a liberal or a republican, and for you to resort to name calling only shows your ignorance! Trump has no solutions, Right now our country is in serious trouble, we don’t need a bunch of hot air and egomaniacs who do not care about the constitution, we need real men and women who are open to finding real solutions to help fix are very real problems. so if you think your reality t.v, side show trump who is doing nothing but tapping into the frustration of the population can fix this country then you are truly ignorant!

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