Trump Blasts Cruz’s Debate Performance: “He’s Going Down”

Trump Blasts Cruz’s Debate Performance: “He’s Going Down”

With the Iowa caucuses just 3 days away, GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump says his chief rival in the Hawkeye state is “going down” after having a debate that was “not good at all.”

According to The Hill:

“Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump on Friday said rival Ted Cruz got “very badly hurt” at Thursday night’s presidential debate.

“He did, he got very badly hurt, and he’s going down,” Trump said in an interview with NH1 News. “Ted Cruz is going down. Plus he’s got the Canada problem. I mean, he’s got a huge problem. That problem with Canada as to whether or not he can even run. I think he cannot run.”

“It was not a good night for him, and it wasn’t good for a couple of the other folks,” he added. “It was not good at all.” Trump later said he had not watched the whole debate.”



  1. Every time Trump opens his mouth I dislike him more. I’m getting close to despising him now. Trump is a bully but Cruz is still The Man!

    • I am a huge supporter of Trump, but I’m beginning to wish he would “cool his engines” a little. I understand him wanting to beat Ted Cruz in Iowa, but come on, give Ted a break, you don’t keep jabbing at a man when he’s down. I’m not sure but what Ted is more my type of conservative than Trump. I was impressed with Trump, at the beginning, & I still like what he says, but now I am listening to Marco & Ted more, another fellow I like a lot is Dr. Carson. Guess you can see, I haven’t fully made up my mind yet. Most of all, I want someone from the GOP, even if it’s Jeb Bush, who can beat Hilliary or Bernie in the fall. That is my main wish. I don’t want either one of these “communists” near the oval office. Let these two bimbos go to Iran, I think they would fit right in.

  2. Trump thinks Cruz can not run! In September he was saying it was good he was fine!!! Trump will say anything and spome people are so PO’d they do NOT care about history!! I guess when Trump tried to run for the reform party in 2000 he wasn’t accepted much and he said he voted for Bush in both 200 and 2006 so I can only conclude he did NOT even vote for himself!! Great endorsement!! Trump IS a great businessman that lets NOTHING stop him! But he IS thin skinned a bully and he has paid multiple candidates to “get them to do whatever he wanted” which seems OKAY to everybody here that CLAIMS to hate Lobbyists PLEAS some one tell me why Donald is NOT a lobbyist???

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