Developing: Iowa Blizzard May Disrupt Caucus

Developing: Iowa Blizzard May Disrupt Caucus

Could a major upcoming winter storm impact the Iowa caucus on Monday?

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“After months of campaigning and jockeying for position, the 2016 Presidential Election season officially gets underway Monday, Feb. 1, with the Iowa Caucuses.

Voters from Iowa’s 99 counties will meet in caucus as the first step to determine who will represent the state at the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

However, a winter storm moving from the Intermountain West is likely to cause snow to spread over a large part of the central and northern Plains during Monday night and Tuesday.

Snowstorm unfolds as thousands gather for caucuses

The voting prospects weather-wise could become precarious before the close of the caucuses because of the incoming storm system, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde stated. The heaviest precipitation will arrive in part of the state during Monday night.

The caucuses are scheduled to be begin at 7:00 p.m. CST.

“The storm is likely to bring mostly snow to the western and northern counties of the state with a rain/snow mix in the southeast,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said. “However, how heavy the precipitation becomes and where the cutoff between rain and snow is will depend on the track of the storm.””



  1. Get real people. Your talking about Iowa not Georgia. Iowa knows how to deal with snow. First they have temps around ZERO. When it snows it blows off the roads because they have pretty much got breezes in the winter of 40 mph. A little snow will not stop these people. They will come in on a tractor if they have to. lol

  2. what is this BS, just google weather on monday in iowa . mostly cloudy & 39 . you see how they all try to put fear into us with lie’s .. you can’t trust anything they say not even the weather report . @ 39 they’ll be running around in tee’s that’s a heat wave to them .

    • I beg to differ. #DonaldTrump will not lose. He will be the 45’th President of the United States. I have complete faith in Iowa.

        • I think that you need to take a look, not into a mirror, but into the hearts of American’s. I have long been a right wing conservative, but, I am voting for the man, and not the party, as a vast number of other American’s are. Donald J. Trump has a proven track record in creating jobs and has amassed great wealth. He has a genius IQ of over 156 and he will apply that genius and acumen to solving a $19, no $21 Trillion debt, since the Omnibus Bill, he will build our Military Arsenal and he will renegotiate horrendous trade deals that are in place. He will repeal and replace Obamacare, and make healthcare available and affordable to every American. I will not support a political insider and I will not support a socialist. I will stand with Donald Trump and together, we will all make America a great and proud nation.

          • NO THE DICTATOR you support will Make America “Great” Again! If you took the word “I” from this Narcissist who wants to replace the current one in the White House, Trump would be incapable of saying a complete statement. Now I know how those in Nazi Germany felt that tried to alert the German people of their Narcissist Adolf Hitler. The people would not listen to REASON and Vet Hitler they had BLIND Loyalty to him. Ask yourself why you support Trump and how he can get anything passed in Congress? Answer EXECUTIVE ORDER, and he said that in his own words. He has as much contempt for the US Constitution as Obama. I fear for my country if Donald Trump were to be elected President. I support Ted Cruz because his NUMBER ONE GOAL is to return this Federal Government bact to the people and the Constitution,

          • Ted Cruz is owned by big donors, super pacs.. he has a proven record of being a divider.. Donald Trump has a proven record of unifying. Ted Cruz is not eligible to be POTUS, and suits have already been filed. Were Cruz to get the nomination the democrats are certainly going to tie it up in court.. Ted Cruz is most certainly not the answer. He is despised in Washington by dems and reps, alike. Cruz is eligible to be Prime Minister of Canada, not POTUS. Ted Cruz held dual citizenship until approx. 15 months ago, and did not disclose this to the voters in TX, when he ran for senate, had he done so, he would not be where he is, today. Furthermore, Donald Trump has proven record of creating jobs for thousands of workers, with his company and he will apply that same acumen to providing jobs for all Americans. Also, Ted Cruz’s wife is associated with the NAU (North American Union) and, I don’t think that it would benefit United States to merge Canada and Mexico into one unit, do you? and, Donald Trump is a threat to the current status quo:
            I will not try to change your mind, as I am very familiar with the Cruz Crew.. but, perhaps other undecided voters might be interested in finding out a bit more about, both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Ted Cruz has a wife who is not mentally stable, and this has not yet been addressed, either, but, were Ted Cruz to receive the nomination, it would be. Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler is an insult and without merit. It makes for a good tweet, but totally unfounded.
            America is in trouble, and we can not afford to make another mistake, like was made with Obama. If we elect the wrong person, America, as we have known it, is gone. I like my freedom. I love the constitution, as does Donald Trump. He will protect the first and second amendment, that is currently being threatened by Obama and Loretta Lynch. We have a corrupt congress and a POTUS who has sought to destroy America from within, since day one. We have the Muslim Brotherhood strolling the hallowed hallways of our White House. Obama did not do this alone. There has been cooperation with the house and the senate. I hope that we all make the right choice. If not? The future of America is very bleak, indeed.

          • Trump is owned by BIG BANKS while Cruz is “owned” by small donors< $100/donor. GET THE FACTS and vote according to the factts. FOUR Bankruptcies stiffing creditors, Eminent Domain, and making a PROFIT OFF of BIG GOVERNMENT. Trump represent EVERYTHING that is bad in Government, HE IS THE ULTIMATE LOBBYIST for himself. He isn't even SELF-FUNDED – His entire campaign is a Fraud, he is the PT BARNUM of candidates and you Rhonda are a SUCKER!

          • Most of the items you attribute to Trump are on the liberal agenda, i.e. creating jobs by increasing the size of government; amassing great wealth for the already rich liberals who run the government; recreate Obamacare as a government enterprise and spread the cost to the rich and middle class, in order to pay for it. In essence, Trump is a fascist/socialist in the manner of Benito Moussilini (sp) and he will be a dictator in the manner of Barack Obama. Suit yourself.

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