Breaking: Trump Says Multiple Other Candidates May Snub Fox News Debate In...

Breaking: Trump Says Multiple Other Candidates May Snub Fox News Debate In Iowa


GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is boycotting the Fox News debate Thursday night, and now the real estate mogul says multiple other candidates may join him.

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump hinted early Thursday that two other candidates may join a counter event he’s scheduled during Fox News’s GOP presidential debate Thursday evening.

“Wow, two candidates called last night and said they want to go to my event tonight at Drake University,” he tweeted without naming the candidates.The Republican presidential front-runner also predicted his absence will hurt Fox News’s ratings for the next contest.

“Fox debate advertising rates falling like a rock!” he wrote late Wednesday. “Tune into my special event for the veterans at 9 p.m. EST!”

“On Greta, 87 percent of the people watching said they would not watch the debate if I’m not in it,” Trump added, referencing Fox anchor Greta Van Susteren…”



  1. Trump is a spoiled bully. The real truth will be after tonights debate. Only losers will join Trump tonight. Those that can’t win because no one wants them. They will be joining the biggest loser of all–Trump.

    • Go Bush/Kaisch!!!! (Deeply and Profoundly SARCASTIC!)
      Chamberpots are worse than DemocRats if that is possible.
      Mitchy McCuckold after passng TPP, the Cromnibus/2014 -Omnibus/2015 Non budgets, and the Iranian “Deal” now wants to grant Obamy perpetual anywhere anybody War Powers….even over DemocRat Senators objections?!?!?

      • I’m not a liberal idiot Cyndi Adams & I think Trump is acting like a child. This country needs mending in so many ways & he’s throwing a tantrum over a newswoman? Is this what you want as your president? Will he do this with world leaders if they don’t jump at his command? You Trumpites need to think about it. NO ONE…not EVEN Trump can have their way ALL the time.

        • hey ..would you hand a enemy a gun with the bullets and stand there so he can shoot you in the ass ? I think not . Then why should Trump this debate has been a set up from the beginning . why else would they bring an illegal and Muslim activists to question the candidates . They weren’t brought there to question anyone but Trump and you know it . There is no fear here just common sense . He has played the media like a cheap violin since the beginning and still is . Trump will win the debate with out even being there . As long as there are folks like you Trump will continue to get bigger and bigger . You try to defend who ever your choice is and now because of Trump a lot of us are seeing right through the others crap . So please keep commenting we need to keep Trump out front and in the news ..

          • No I wouldn’t hand them a gun and bullets unless I was going to come at them with an AR 15 and a grenade. If Trump was a REAL presidential contender that’s what he would have done. OUTGUNNED FOX, not run away.

    • Well , I guess you were surprised that Trump still won the DEBATE even though he was not there. He raised $6,000,000,000 for our Veterans and put all this together in less than 24 hours. Huckaby and Santorum made wonderful talks and so did a young Green Berea by the name of John Wayne ??? . Who had lost his leg in a terrible battle . The Big Winners were the Trump Campaign. I’m sorry I did not have the young mans last name but he will be famous soon.

  2. Why can’t Trumpites see through this fraud?

    “Voters supporting Trump “might as well vote for Jeb Bush,” Levin said on his show Tuesday.

    Tuesday morning, Trump spoke about his positive relationships with key Democrats. “I’ve always had a good relationship with Nancy Pelosi. I’ve never had a problem,” he said.

    He also noted his history with Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., the likely senate Democratic leader after Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, leaves office.

    “I was always very good with Schumer. I was close to Schumer in many ways.”

      Classic New York ‘City’ “VALUES” !!!!
      Pelosi, Schumer,Reid !!!! ALL Classic Constitution shredders..along with “Pinocchio” in the WH.. !!!!!

      • That is not true…the Establishment includes Fox bosses, Murdock and Ailes ..Ailes is the one that said the hafeful things about Trump in a Trump decided that was not right to treat a candidate like that and fought back..He was going to the debate knowing that Megyn was there until Ailes made this degrading comment….I support him for fighting back instead of caving in to the establishment bosses at Fox…

  3. Meanwhile the national debt is rising $1,428,000,000 EVERY day or $17,000 every second. Where are the solutions from leaders vs. whining from everyone…starting with the media who feeds on us like Ringling Bros. Circus

  4. No Mr. Trump at tonight’s debate! Well you can bet I will be wherever Mr. Trump is, not watching those bunch of backstabbing liberal going nowhere, and ragging on Mr. Trump!! We will have our own debate, and we will hear how FOX does!! 😴😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤

    • Trump & ”His Lemmings” @ the “OUT HOUSE” OPEN !!!!
      Doing their “thing” to see the ‘ol Crapper’ continues to stay @ “FULL FERTILIZER” !!

    Why do we support Trump?
    Trump is the ONLY candidate that doesnt need the job.
    Trump is the ONLY candidate with a history of hiring 10’s of thousands of people.
    Trump is the ONLY candidate that wont take a salary as POTUS.
    Trump is the ONLY candidate with a history of building things, the wall will be built.
    Trump is the ONLY candidate with a history of making great deals he will reverse our trade deficits.
    Trump is the only candidate that isn’t establishment and not bought by the NWO.
    Trump is the only candidate that isn’t afraid to speak the truth and go up against the media.
    When the DEM, GOP and Media hate your candidate, you know you have the right person.

    Don’t worry Trump haters, Trump will make the country great again for you too.

    • 1. The TWO DOCTORS don’t need the job, Paul and Carson.
      2. Point two is vaild
      3. Building LIVES as doctors is FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN BUILDINGS
      4. AGAIN, making deals to run offices, practices, hospitals, insurance companies, and LIVES OF PEOPLE show EQUAL ability to organize and coordinate great people into groups to solve problems. Trump is NOT UNIQUE there.
      5. Again, neither are Paul or Carson.
      6. The DEM, GOP and Media have ALSO tried to destroy Paul and Carson.

      This is a THREE MAN contest if Paul and Carson didn’t get all the free airtime that Trump does. FOX gave him ALONE not counting all the other networks, over 130 slots to get interviews which is basically FREE ADVERTISING and treated him very well. THis is a Trump dog and pony show and it’s sad you can’t see through it.

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