Breaking: Trump Will Skip Iowa Presidential Debate Over Megyn Kelly Feud

Breaking: Trump Will Skip Iowa Presidential Debate Over Megyn Kelly Feud

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump will skip the Fox News debate in Iowa Thursday after a dispute over Megyn Kelly as a moderator.

Kelly and Trump have battled after she asked questions Trump did not find appropriate at a previous debate last fall.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will skip Fox News’s Thursday GOP debate in Iowa, according to the New York Times in a tweeet Tuesday evening of a comment from Trump’s campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on Trump skipping debate: “He will not be participating in the Fox News debate on Thursday. It’s not under negotiation.”

Just a couple of hours earlier, Trump said he was likely to skip the network’s debate because he’s incensed over how it’s treating him.”



  1. Get over it Trump. Do the debate you said you would put the country first. I’m sick of stuff like this you are a grown man. You can handle yourself. Don’t act like what we have been dealing with for 7 years. Do the debate.

    • If you can think just a little this may be a smart move. I have turned against Megan and they are using trump as their ace to viewers. Trump is not a fool. Have o Rielly sit in her place. How many debates have they had already and don’t you think that is enough? How about the libs debating!! At fist one may say he is being childish but after a thought he may be wiser than the average GOP. Cruse is all upset about it and now he becomes the target and Trump can put his time to something more serious than a Megan show!!

      • Trump is keeping this thing going. I think it makes him look petty. I’m fed up. Take the good bad and ugly. What would happen if Megyn Kelly marched in her bosses office and told him I don’t want to ask Donald Trump questions becsuse he is not fair to me ? Her butt would be rightfully in trouble. She was at the same debate and she got a lot of fallout from that at the time. This would have been an opportunity for Trump to shine. How many of us have to get along with people we don’t necessarily like or want to be around? Grow up. We have a President who acts like this already. It gives me a bad taste. If he was so much for women then he should have proved it. It looks like yo me he is for you as long as you know your place. I tell you one thing I wouldn’t back down from him or any other man. Nor would I run. I would stand up in front of them and let them know the real things matter not a dude he picked with Kelly because she ask him a question. Maybe it’s time he starts having to pay for his own TV time. Instead of having the cameras giving him free air time. What does he think Hillary will say to him. This is a little boy ducking his thumb. I was thinking of voting for him. But now Rubio is looking good. I want a President that looks, acts, and talks like a President should. Fed up

        • Sorry, But Megyn is the petty one….She has been tossing darts at Trump on a nightly basis since the first Fox news debate….Her rise to fame as a prime time anchor has been fast and short.

          • Sure she did I would too He continued his remarks and self inflected battle. I would have said a lot more then she did. I’m sure she wanted to but because of her job her hands were tied. Why can’t he just grow up? He said he was going to put America first we’ll start doing it. This stuff don’t help. Why don’t he just go to the debate like a man. I’m sick of these crying politicians. Yes he is now a politician because he is acting like the rest of them.

    • This billionaire is a spoiled child who can’t handle criticism. Not the kind of guy we want representing us. Things don’t go his way and he picks up his toys and runs away. Give me a break!

  2. Good for you, Mr. Trump. You have won all the debates to date. Why get involved with the same old s**t? Your plan to do a fund raiser for Veterans is a much better idea.

    TRUMP 2016

  3. Mr. Trump is not my first pick, but he certainly has the right to skip the debate. I would say it’s a calculated risk, he knows as front runner everyone there (including the moderators) would be attacking him. No other candidate is attacked in that manner or with that amount intensity! Not even, or should I say why isn’t Hildebeast the law breaker attacked like that?? She gets a free pass and easy questions from everyone when she should already be in jail. Trump is betting he will get more publicity by being the only front runner in history to skip the final debate on national TV.

    • I say Trump is a genius. This move shoves it into the face of a weak GOP and Megan. The Cruse will call it weak however it will cause a totally debate, weak view and again a Trump focus! Mega was a poor choice after that first showing and he is too above them to give them his audience. FOX which I watch but have less respect for Megan will be the loser in this show. Why are the Democrats not debating as they seem to avoid it?

      • Easy, even though they show it to be between Hildebeast and Bernie they all kmow it was always going to be Hildebeast. No one wants to really challenge her, the Clintons have a long memory.

  4. If I were Donald Trump i would accept Ted Cruz’s invitation for a one on one man on man Lincoln Douglas debate. I would insist it go on at the same scheduled time as the FOX debate with all the profits going to charity. CNN would snap it up FOX would wind up with the minor league candidates. Just a beautiful sinerio.

  5. When the dust settles, Trump could be president and Kelly could be relegated to interviewing farmers about hog prices.

      • Wake up and get your mind out of the bitches panties. She was not a professional what she did to Trump. The question she asked was TOTALLY IRRELIVANT to the issue questions that should be asked because it’s a DEBATE. Besides rosie odonald is a fat brainless pig amd that’s exactly who he was referring to because of some things rosie directed at Trump. Another fact is that A LOT of women that work for Trump and have been around him like him and said he was like a father to them. You Daniel should keep your comments to yourself and only speak when spoken to because your making yourself look like a rhino republican supporting fool.

    • Not everyone is intimidated by Trump’s threats, insults, and tantrums. Kelly will continue to be one of Fox’s most articulate and classy anchorwomen. The polls are predicting a landslide for Trump at this point, but I believe his popularity is not so much about his abilities to serve as the POTUS, but is rather an angry reaction to the established politicians in office who say one thing as candidates, and then fail to deliver once they’re elected into office.

  6. I have been a fan of Megyn’s ever since first listening to he as a guest on the Factor years ago. The fact is though that I have not watched her on Kelly File since that debate months ago. I feel she put self-aggrandizing showboating (the domain of Trump) ahead of journalistic integrity and the real needs of the country. It was beneath her and stunned/sickened me. It was too obvious that she was intent of building her “tough broad” creds and being the story ahead of better question that needed answers. Who cares about Rosie O’Donnel and some years old food fight? Megyn. In this case…I don’t blame the bloviating Trump for staying away.

      • Your comment makes me believe that your a supporter of old school rhino republicans like Bush, McCain, McConnell, Christie, paul and all the rhinos. You losers seem to be the ONLY ones that hate Trump because he wants to take away big government and their fat pay days. Wake up idiot because this countries going to hell because of the rhinos and the democrats the rhinos are supporting. How about you fade away like the idiotic mirage you are and take your rhino dogs with you. Trump and Cruz.

        • Actually, just the opposite is true. I don’t hate Trump either. I just think that he lacks experience, and his demeanor is that of a spoiled child when anyone does not lavish praise upon him. Our nation in my opinion needs someone who doesn’t need on the job training when he comes into office. We need someone who is ready from day one. We need an adult in the Oval office.

  7. I plan to watch Trumps Wounded Warrior show. I see no reason to watch a debate that is full of gotcha questions and hurling nutty questions anyway. Been too many of that going on. I don’t blame Trump. Let him talk about what he will do for America. The rest of them are given that chance. All these news anchors want to do it to start a fight. Worthless journalism.

  8. What will he do if Putin or the Ayatollah says something he doesn’t like? Sulk and refuse to talk with them… or bomb the “hell” out of them as he so eloquently said about ISIS . I wish he would grow up and handle situations like this in a presidential manner. He gets angry if he doesn’t get his way … Fox was not to be intimidated by his threat…. or decision.

    • I have been a Trump fan ever since he announced. I still like him, & most of what he has to say. Right now I haven’t made up my mind completely. I am not the least interested in his & Megan’s little spout. I think now, Mr. Trump is so used to people jumping when he says jump. I think he does not like being questioned. I therefore wonder if he is who we need as a president. He needs to ” cool his engines a little”. I also like Ted Cruz & Rubio. I hope DT is a little more presidential, I would like to give him my vote, but he is going to have to earn it It will be interesting to see how he will come out of this.

  9. In my humble opinion, Trump is hurting himself and the Republican party. Petty feuds should be forgotten. The most important agenda for the Republican party is to take back the White House. For that they need the best candidates talking about the real issues that affect us all, not who said what about whom.

  10. Fox was trying to Take Trump Out in the First Debate. No telling what they had planned for him in this next debate. The unprofessional Fox will be the loser as all the Trump supporters will be watching the show for Our Wounded Warriors. Trump is truly a Genius. I will be so proud when he is our President.

  11. After a question is posed by any of the moderators, candidates often digress to the issue of their choice promising to come back to the question. Maybe Trump should use any silly questions to do this, and mention the names of everyone on stage so they st a chance to chime in as well.

  12. Megyn Kelly has used her prime time soap box hour, The Kelly File, to bash Trump at every opportunity….She even had the gall to replay the incident that infuriated Trump on her show last night….It showed the audience cheering Trump with Megyn’s face looking like someone who had just been hit with a canon…..And the night before she had Glenn Beck on her show and introduced him as “The Iconic Conservative”…She allowed Beck to bash Trump during his entire time on the show….Why Fox can’t see the bias she has toward Trump is very disappointing….I’ll take to the Wounded Warriors over the Wounded Megyn Kelly every time…..

  13. NOW… NO Trump means there WILL BE some substantive ‘debating’..& some ”FACTUAL” enlightenment.. Thanks, Donald.

  14. NOW..Without Trump, the debate should have some substantive ‘issues’ acutally brought out for ‘debate’ Thanks, Donald !!

  15. Kelly wants to make a name and she used Trump to get attention. I never watch the hot shot she is a real (you can put the next word)

  16. There were 5 previous debates making this debate unnecessary and irrelevant for Trump because we know where he stands on the important issues. Trumps been ahead all this time and if he doesn’t win Iowa it’ll be rigged. I hope it’ll be a Trump and Cruz 2016 Republican ticket. That ticket is the ONLY chance this country has to survive.

  17. Trump is smart, he knows fox is out to get him! By having Kelly as a moderator fox is not being impartial! I hate all these media twisted headlines! Karl Rove, fox and super pac can’t dictate to Donald like they do the other puppets! It was very clear to me that this debate just before the primary along with their smearing TV ads would be disastrous! Why participate in a circus act when they are going to unleash their wolves on you in hopes of killing your lead?

  18. I’m disappointed by this latest charade by Mr. Trump. A few years ago, Newt got a low blow question from a moderator. Did he start to cry and go home? No…, he was prepared, and shot back a blistering response to the question in tern, making the moderator look the fool for asking it.
    Trump’s not ready for the big leagues. It takes a leather type hide to withstand the rigorous attacks from the MSM. Look at the old battle ship Hillary… Although I find Hillary a despicable woman, Trump could take a few pointers from her when it comes to resilience.

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