How To Get Away With MURDER: Planned Parenthood Walks As Texas Grand...

How To Get Away With MURDER: Planned Parenthood Walks As Texas Grand Jury Targets Pro Life Activists

Instead of Planned Parenthood officials being charged with a crime, a Texas Grand Jury wants to prosecute Pro Life activists.

It’s an absolutely insane turn in the ongoing video scandal that has hounded the abortion rights group for months.

According to The Hill:

“An investigation into Planned Parenthood took a bizarre twist on Monday after a grand jury brought charges against the pair of individuals claiming to expose the group instead.

A grand jury in Houston, Texas announced criminal charges against a pair of anti-abortion activists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, for their roles in creating now-viral videos attacking Planned Parenthood, according to multiple local reports.

The jurors had spent two months reviewing undercover footage produced by Daleiden’s group, the Center for Medical Progress, at the request of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R).”



    • Yup, sounds like O has a great plant of a judge in place!!! Time to not just bitch , it’s time to holler out but also try to remove that judge from his position. Also time when new AG COMES IN TO AS FOR NO LIFETIME SEATS ANYMORE! Term limitts!!!!!!! This will avoid this type running of our country which I fear has been tainted by O!!!!!!! Also just a little comment here.!!.. Going to jollier this out folks…. Our gov gives our hardvearned money’s to planned parenthood and just this week —-PLANNED PARENTHOOD DONATED 20 MILLION DOLLARS to their political choice to the Democratic Party???? What gives???? We give money’s cause they need it but the have 20 million to give to a political party??? NO MORE GOVERNMENT FUNDING ITS OUR MONEY BEING GIVEN TO A PARTY I DONT BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!! Who’s going to innitiate a law suite here??? I certainly don’t have the money’s but surely there is an organization to protect the people?????

  1. This just doesn’t make sense. How far down the sick and twisted toilet is America going to go?? The evil murders go free and the good guys are arrested ?? Every murdering member pf planned Parenthood should be arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Every anti-American citizen that supports them should get the same or worse.

  2. I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s and never in my wildest imagination could I have thought that the people in this great country would become this immoral where the killing of innocent babies would be “legal” and to expose a crime would get the exposer arrested. I do not believe that God will let this go unchecked. All of those immoral, God mocking people are in for a rude awakening. I, on the other hand, as a Child of God will be fine.

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