HUGE: Will Trump Skip This Week’s Iowa GOP Presidential Debate?

HUGE: Will Trump Skip This Week’s Iowa GOP Presidential Debate?

Kelly, left, Trump, right

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is threatening to skip this week’s debate in Iowa if Fox anchor Megyn Kelly isn’t dropped as a moderator.

The real estate mogul would instead hold his own townhall…

According to Newsmax:

“GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump might skip Thursday’s debate on Fox News Channel and hold his own televised town hall at the same time if the network doesn’t drop Megyn Kelly from its team of moderators, his campaign manager tells New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

Trump has been calling on Fox News to drop Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate with two other Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The trio moderated the first GOP debate of the season, in which Kelly and Trump sparred over a question about his treatment of women.

Trump objected to the question and criticized Kelly for it the next day. When he said she had “blood coming out of her wherever” he was accused again of attacking women, though he said he was meaning it was coming out of her ears.

Trump took up the feud again last week with a serious of tweets saying Fox shouldn’t allow Kelly on the debate stage because she is biased against him. Fox responded that Kelly would not be removed from the team of moderators.”



  1. I’m with Trump; Megan Kelly is an incompetent biased moderator, as well as with every implication coming from her, continually keeps showing her hate toward Trump. It is unbelievable after how she portrayed such inconsiderate behavior and demeaning implications toward the candidates/didn’t stay on the issue, that she wasn’t fired, much less allowed to be a moderator of any other debate held by Fox.. How disgusting!! I say “We the Prople” call for a boycott of the next debate held by Fox if Megan Kelly is one of the moderator..

    • I agree 100% ! Megan must go – she is a conceited biased host . I hope he follows through on this . Faux News needs to learn a lesson .

      • Just show the coward he is and scared to answer the hard questions. Trump is done after this debate. You can only say ” he is dumb or they are done because I say so or she is ugly or I will keep Muslims out (all others say that as well)” the guy complete moron. Nothing new to say, just likes being 5th grade bully

        • The debate on Fox Buisness channel was very professional and no one got personal or acted like a fool because the questions were aimed at the issues not who said what about who – nobody cares about that bullshit anymore . You are in for a rude awakening – we the people are sick of politics as usual from both parties . I am not a Trump fan but M Kelly is not a good moderator – she is biased and on a power trip .

        • Whaaaah stop F whining! With all the problems our Country has the last thing I give a sh*t about is Trump calling Rosie Lesbian O’donnell a pig….besides that he was speaking the truth..she is a pig..right up there with that slob Michael Moore!

        • T strole, are you off your meds again?? This debate will not affect Trump in any way unless it is positively. Once again he has found a way to draw more attention to himself. People are tired of business as usual in politics or in the social media. If they keep Kelly in the debate it will backfire on fox.

    • She ask tough questions as it should be. I hope she does step down so trump will have to answer for all his liberal support but just 5 years back. He is everything we have fought hard and long against. He is complete moron, has very small IQ and speech vocabulary of 5th grader. Megan please step down and let Cruz kill this guy with thousand cuts

        • We like Trump because he is a person that will BLAST a problem, not a bunch of little cuts. Senators should never be the first choice. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk etc etc etc etc………………………………….

          • Right. So your solution is to support a narcissistic, pompous dictator wannabe who can “BLAST a problem” rather than address problems through the normal policy making process? Seems to me as though we’ve had seven years with somebody like that in the White House. We need to elect someone who will respect the separation of powers and limits on presidential powers set forth in the Constitution. We don’t need another POTUS going around Congress via the issuance of executive orders.

      • T Strole, please borrow some of your sister’s meds if your have run out! Why would someone like you want to start talking about morons? There is an old say; “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

  2. If FOX is anything, it is establishment Republican. It is only Conservative on occasions when it benefits the establishment

  3. Is this how he will behave as President? Will he banish reporters that don’t agree with him? Warning folks! This is NOT someone we want as President!

    • Totally agree. Need to post this on every conservative site just as I have. Seems there are many trump troll bots

    • I would banish all reporters, they are enemies of the state! As far as Chicken legs kelly is concerned she has shown her true objective and that is to scuttle Trump, not being a journalist/moderator, which she is not. She has major issues and should not be on the panel. I wouldn’t blame Mr. Trump, and Fox’s audience will be nowhere if he doesn’t participate. He is so far ahead why should he.

      • Hurray that is the way!. What are reporters doing there. They all have their own agendas. Kelly has been off my list since the first debate. Can hardly stand to listen to her voice as Hannity comes on.

    • Really….it’s about time we have someone actually speaking out against the political PC BS….he’s got Florida’s vote!

    • Gladys, in the first place, why does Fox need 3 moderators? Fox (Kelly) planned to embarrass Trump at the first debate by bringing up the woman issue (Rosie O’Donald). Then the issue of Trump’s support for the party by asking for a show of hands. This should have happened in a closed-door meeting. What did this have to do with the issues of our country? The Fox News, two experienced moderators did a mature, great debate. It seems when we get a straight-shooter, who pays his way, and will not be indebted to anyone, we need to be grateful. If Trump goes in, he will investigate the office and hopefully some things will surface and get straightened out. Gladys, you need to re-think the assets Trump will bring to the office of President.

      • Very well put Mary!!! Many people don’t like Trump because they would rather be cattle out in the field. They aren’t smart enough to vote for someone outside the normal political arena that has drove this once great nation into the sewer. Trump is a loud mouth bully and I doubt anyone would like to keep company with him, but maybe he could reverse a lot of the damage done by the previous pretender-n-chief. Maybe he could force action instead of talking about it like all the others do.

    • Compared to the current “Bully n Chief” Trump would be mild mannered. At the very least you would have to say Trump loves his country and would do everything he could to change it back to the good ole days. Unlike the present one that absolutely hates everything this country stands for.

      • Not Dr. Carson……You can put your money on Carson. He will win Iowa! The most intelligent man on the planet.! So says TIME, CNN, and many many others!
        Get the facts so you know how to vote.
        God Bless and have a great day!

        • I and nearly everyone I know like Carson a lot, he is a very genuine and intelligent man, but his temperament would never allow him to become president. Not that he wouldn’t make a great one, but he is unelectable. Hildebeast would eat him alive in any debate. Sorry, but I predict the best he will do will be fourth place behind Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

  4. Don’t drop out-that’s just what the GOP wants. Stay in and make them look foolish-be Presidential.

  5. I hope he skips better yet I pray he skips, this will give everyone the chance to point out all his liberal values. But it will save him from owning up to and answer why he supported Clinton, partial birth abortions, why he was for gun control, why he donated millions to dnc and only few thousand to rnc. Why he said Obama was a great and super smart prez. This guy is liberal wolf in a GOP bear suit. Beware folks of who the MSM is really pulling for.

    • I’ll take my chances…the way the Country has gone to sh*t the last 60 yrs we don’t have much left to lose…soon we will be Europe and Canada….O ya can’t wait for that!

    • T Strole, Easy answer to all your questions ( although I seriously doubt you have the ability to understand) It’s just business. All big business have to deal with politicians for thing like permits, variances, government contracts. Trump is a business man trying to do his best for his stockholders and himself. Nothing at all unusual about that.

  6. The way she treated Trump was just absolutely wrong. I for one DIDN’T expect to see this from her. Regretfully my extremely high level of TRUST and confidence in her were completely destroyed. Still miss the Megan I so wrongly thought she was. I think I had her on a pedestal, so the fall really hurts. My bad, I know.

    • Watched and thought she was good since she was with Hemmer then she got the big head at the first debate appearing to be an attack dog so I am through with her. Nearly through with Fox…… don’t trust them

      • Well, I might be disappointed w/Megan, but I trust fox above these other “drive-bys”. I think all these other tele-casters are too biased towards conservative News.

    • He insults EVERYONE ELSE but is a GD baby when someone confronts him. His comment about bleeding was uncalled for and typical of what other rational people call New York values. Crude and Rude. By the way I am originally from NJ and know what I am saying is the gospel!

        • I am not bragging about being from NJ. Have not lived there since 1968 but still have the same edge and carry a Reuger 38 w/ hollow points so if anyone wants to help me grow a pair have at it!

          • Now where do you get one of them thar Reugers ?? Most be a new fangled kind of gun? Maybe your little doggie might have apair ?? I’m sure you would know!

        • I do not know where you are from but it is easy to be big and bold behind a keyboard. Now who is the asshole and would you dare say it to my face?

          • I wouldn’t hesitate to say it to your face. I’ve never met someone from NJ that had balls enough to stand up to anyone.

          • No Deva, I just checked. After examining all the evidence its true; You are still the asshole!!! Nothing changed.

      • Megan Kelly set out that night of the debate to Take Trump Out. She was probably paid well but it destroyed her credibility and made her look like a fool. She did have blood coming out of her eyes which made her look evil. Donald Trump has every right to insist on her ouster from this next debate. She brought this on herself by trying to make him look bad. Trump has always treated women with the utmost respect but there are some that just like to stir up trouble. Megan Kelly put herself in the same stupid category as Rosy O’Donald. Niether deserve respect. If Fox does not remove her, I’m sure a lot of people will be watching Trump’s Town Hall.

    • I no longer watch Megyn Kelly but not because of the dust-up with Trump. Rather, my dislike of her has everything to do with her changing persona on her show, the posturing, the preening, the goofy voices she employs at certain times which inject a flirtiness with the various males she interviews.

      She has really fallen in love with herself and she has become unwatchable for this loyal Fox News viewer.

    • I was surprised at Trump’s reaction to that little dust up…the tacky remarks he made. How will he react to the comments and acts that will be thrown at him IF he becomes President? I’ll vote for him if he is the chosen candidate… but only because I don’t want Hillary or another Dem in the oval office. IMO Megyn was beginning to think too highly of herself. She seems to have toned it down a bit now. Maybe her Grandmother, whom she mentions from time to time, talked to her about that. :-)

    • Her question was 100% legitimate. Trump has a mysogynistic streak and he deserved to be called out on it. And his reaction to her legitimate question simply provides additional evidence as to how he views women.

    • Fox is NOT fair and balanced as long as they use unbalanced reporters like MK. She fits in with Murdoch’s “bimbos R Us” gang. Watch all the blue eyed, blond, long legged bimbos that grace Fox News. Rating$ are all their after. Truth has never been the goal of Fox journalists. The media is owned by NoBama & Co. Rupert is so fixated with blond bimbos; if you don’t believe me he just got engaged to Jerry Hall. Those ratings are paying for her $2.4m ring.

    • It is not about taking the heat, it is about Trump being the front runner and wanting to put Megyn Kelly in her place. He will come, he isn’t going to be afraid of someone of her class. He is just trying to stir up more stuff. It does reflect poorly on Fox news to include her though.

  7. I can’t believe he would even consider not being on stage and being able to stand up to her questions. For heavens sakes, he’s running for president of the US, he best not back down. Of course almost anyone who is against him should see no weakness, he has to stand up for himself and us!

    • John, I don’t think trump is afraid of Kelly. He just wants to use his leverage as front runner to smack her back in her place. This would cut viewers in half if Trump is not on stage.

  8. Megyn Kelly is nothing but a troublemaker! I am really upset with Fox News…Fair and unbiased is a phrase they can throw in the trash can. The only reason they are allowing her in the debate is to throw around a biased question and we all know that. Ruth Ray I too felt the same as you but when she reacted the way she did I saw her for what she was. Give me Dana. If Fox was really smart they would put Dana or any of the other gals on for this debate. If not I will not watch it,

    • They(Fox news) are purposely doing this to cause trouble. They think they can draw a larger audience. It will backfire on them.

  9. I’m behind you Don ,This woman has no morals as a news person not even in this day in time she does not deserve time to question any body running for any office .

  10. I think I will have to pass on this one….I am done with Fox after the 1st BS debate!

  11. I for one will not watch the debate. I am not a Trump fan by no means but the way Megyn Kelly attacked Trump I can’t bring myself to watch anything that she is hosting.
    I hope Trump goes through skipping the debate and hosts a townhall meeting!

  12. I like Kelly, but if she is a problem for the front runner she should be replaced! Fox might want to remember which one of the candidates brings in the most viewers. Viewers = dollars, I’m sure they understand that. It doesn’t matter who they like or dislike. Listen to the guy that earns you money!

  13. Did everybody notice that Kelly had to take a vacation the week after and when she came back she had a new hair-do? She just does not have it! She has lack of experience and knowing when to keep your mouth shut.


    • I agree, Trump should act more like a president than he does. He has made his point with his previous antics, but if he really intends to win he needs to act presidential and not like a spoiled child with a big checkbook. Fox should fire Kelly for causing so much trouble, at the very least she shouldn’t be allowed in the debate. kind of makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to provoke Trump?

  15. When the vocal “HEAT” is TOO MUCH for BLOWHARD CIRCUS FRONT CON MEN..It’s an ALINSKY PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISTIC disruptive tactic to ATTACK, DEMONIZE, & FALSELY BLATHER UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE ”HEAT SOURCE” IN ORDER TO DISCREDIT ‘IT’ & DIVERT ATTENTION TO OTHER AVENUES..Such as ‘Tell the ‘folks’ what they wanna hear to grab their uninformed intellect & “GET ‘EM INTO THE TENT”..Ain’t NOBODY in the whole misinformed world better @ doing that then when it comes to Trump .. He’s MADE BILLIONS with that dealing format…Just ask him about his “Right of Domain” position in his personal “DEAL” to gain “DOMAIN” over a elderly lady’s property so he could build & enhance his own..”DOMAIN” Just a ‘tip of the ‘ol iceberg’..If TRump becomes the nominee..Then ELECTED..Bend over America the unprofilactic TRUMP ‘deal’ insertion becomes another log jam to begin our Republic’s REAL recovery.. !! I just don’t TRUST him or his non specific ‘make America Great Again’ agenda.. TOO MUCH “Barnum & Baily”
    for me to believe ANYTHING he BLATHERS !!!!

  16. She should NOT be part of this debate. It makes no difference what she asks or says this time. She will be a distraction. Perhaps if the GOP wants to make Trump even more popular they should hope she can attack him some more. Shame on them. FOX wants to keep her in cause the more controversy the better the ratings. Primary debates should NOT be conducted for ratings. GOPe is really disgusting me more than they already were.

  17. Awwwww.. c’mon Donald! Are you really afraid of Megyn Kelly? Giving Fox an ultimatum….”Get rid of Megyn or I’m not gonna play!” Be a Big Boy and go to the party. ;-)

  18. ~
    Megan Kelly exercised poor judgment when she went on a rampage after Donald Trump at the debate.
    Someone in her chain of command must have put her up to it with promises and assurances that they would stand by her and offer the appropriate ‘reward’ to attack Mr. Trump.
    I must warn media celebrities – you people are not ‘stars.’
    You are just working stiffs and you have no rights to advance your careers on the heels of political discourse.
    It is said that too many people in the communications business (I won’t call them journalists because they disgrace the title of being a journalist.) have a definite liberal bias against any one who is a Republican.
    And, yes, there are some, not many, who are biased against Democrats.
    A real journalist is supposed to be NEUTRAL.
    You ask questions with the preface: Who, What, Where, When, and How.
    You don’t start a speech with opening words like: “In light of the such and such … add 1 minute more of wasted verbiage… and then, finally let the candidate answer.
    You ought to say as I am sure you were taught in college: “Mr. Trump, what do you think about the Keystone pipeline?”
    And, then, you let the candidate speak his/her mind on that question.
    Frankly, if I were Mr. Trump, I would respond – “Well, Megan, you seem to know so much about the subject, maybe you should be up here running for the office, yourself!
    You are 45 years old and over the minimum age to become the president. “

  19. Trump should realize that FOX news is part of the established good old boys GOP and not with his idea of crumbling the group of squaters from both parties.

  20. I watched Kelly until she turned into a witch for Fox news. I put her in a class with Hillary. I will watch neither. They turn my stomach. O’Reilly is also gone. What a hypocrite. He thinks he is God. Without Martha in the Morning, Bret’s panel and Lou at night, Fox would be gone.

  21. As much as I like and support Mr. Trump, I WILL NOT WATCH THE DEBATE THIS TIME BECAUSE MRS. KELLY WILL BE ONE OF THE MODERATORS. Mrs. Kelly is on a mission, and I don’t want to be part of her hatred.

  22. Let’s have the Fox team debate the Democrats. Fair is fair! Oh, you liberal democrats don’t like that idea? Just as i figured.

    • No,they wouldn’t stand to finally be asked real hard questions. They would all leave the stage and call their mommies

  23. Mr Trump, stop trying to throw your weight around and act Presidential. Demonstrate that you can take a punch, smile, and respond like a gentleman. Just laugh, give everyone that warm PT Barnum eye twinkle, and then parry the thrust of the “unfair question(S) you complain about by stating something reasonable, like, gosh, when the snow gets deep in New York, everyone has to grab a shovel and help out…completely off the subject and funny. Kelly will laugh, get the point that you are not going to answer her question, and move on. You will come across as Reaganesque and will endear yourself to those of us who are waiting to see if you can handle yourself without trying to intimidate the questioner.

  24. As much as I am concerned about veterans, the president can’t skip the war.
    If he does this it will prove all the bad press about him..
    Perhaps they will be forced to allow Ben Carson to get a word in. He is the best qualified and not a politician or billionaire.

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