Family Feud: Duck Dynasty Star Backs Donald Trump…Days After His Dad Chose...

Family Feud: Duck Dynasty Star Backs Donald Trump…Days After His Dad Chose Cruz!

Willie Robertson Backs Trump

The Robertson family from TV’s “Duck Dynasty” is split on who they support in this year’s GOP Presidential campaign, with Willie backing Donald Trump and his dad Phil backing Ted Cruz…

According to The Hill:

Willie Robertson, star of the “Duck Dynasty” television show, has endorsed Donald Trump for president the week after his father and co-star backed GOP rival Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas).

“Mr. Trump is a real leader. He represents success and strength, two attributes our country needs. Like me, he is a successful businessman and family man and I endorse his candidacy for President of the United States,” Robertson, who had previously endorsed another candidate, said in a statement issued by Trump’s campaign.

Trump said he was “truly honored” to receive Robertson’s endorsement, which was given at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday night.



    • No, it shows that family can disagree gracefully. Each is entitled to their view and opinion. For anyone interested, I agree with Willie. Sick and tired of the average, make- it -a-career

      • I agree with the first two sentences of your post! I am still “undecided” on a candidate but will vote for Trump if he is the candidate …. voting as an American and not as a “party” member.

      • No “No” but maybe “Also” and I do respect both opinions and yours but you should study Trumps history and Cruz’s history, I think you may find that Trump is more likely to support and foster the Big Government which is the root of the problem. Ted Cruz has consistently fought and spoken against it and that is why the establishment hates him and publicly state that he is not easy to get along with. No career Big Government politician is going to get along with the guy who wants to put a stop to the party and work to return it to a strict constitutional based limited government. Trump on the other hand keeps telling us all how he will get along with “everyone” and make deals, deals and more deals. The getting along in Washington DC politics awash in our money with all the deal making is the problem. Think hard about this before it’s too late. Trump is a very good salesman type, don’t get taken like Willie was. Phill on the other hand has been around the block and even lived in poverty, Willie never has. Phill has a broader perspective and far more experience so don’t discount him. I will tell you that I am almost 60 and have been around the block a few times, I have always been self employed and I have been taken by fast talking charlatans more then once. I’m pretty good now at recognizing a snow job when I see one. Trump is snowing millions.

      • Evelyn: Without knowing the “inside” of the Robertson father/son difference, like you, I am slightly more than “sick and tired” of the same-old-same-old politicians! While I haven’t completely made up my mind, I am leaning to Trump!

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