Shock Claim: Republican Senator Says He’ll Back Socialist Sanders Over Ted Cruz

Shock Claim: Republican Senator Says He’ll Back Socialist Sanders Over Ted Cruz

Photo by Michael Vadon

Republican Senator Richard Burr allegedly said he’d back Socialist Bernie Sanders over Texas Senator Ted Cruz if Cruz wins the GOP Presidential nomination.

According to TPM:

“Sen. Richard Burr denies the AP report that he said he would vote for Bernie Sanders if Ted Cruz was the nominee. The AP is standing by its story.

Republican senators are confronting an unsettling possibility: Sen. Ted Cruz, their least favorite colleague, stands within reach of becoming the party’s presidential nominee and standard-bearer.

Worse than that, many GOP lawmakers and aides fear the Texas senator could ruin Republicans’ chances of hanging onto control of the Senate in November’s elections, alienating voters in a half-dozen key swing states with his hardline stances on issues from immigration to abortion.”



  1. I am amazed at how many so called Republicans have said they would not vote or would vote for a Dem over voting for one or more of the Republican candidates. RINO’s surely are not nearing extinction! Any of the Republican candidates would be far better than another Dem administration, and necessary to protect our great country. I have a preferred candidate, but will vote Republican regardless of who wins the nomination. Not voting is a vote for the Dems.

  2. i don’t know what is wrong with this guy that would vote for this Bernie fellow when Cruz is trying to get honesty in the congress and house i think he’s great keep up the good work.

  3. Even though there are some of the Republican candidates that I do not like, I would never vote for a socialist instead! Some folks are just plain crazy and would cut off their nose to spite their face!

  4. The possibility of failure of one of the “good old boys” winning the GOP nomination really has the Republicrats coming out of the woodwork. The list of “the gatbage” needing to be taken out via primary continues to grow. It should be becoming more obvious that the best voter, at least for our country, is an INFORMED voter making INTELLIGENT choices.

  5. This should be the final proof Cruz will break up good old boy network, but trump will leave it in place. As I said trump has very low IQ to not see that the elite of GOP network backs him and this is the very thing we have fought hard against for past 12 yrs. Come people do not let the MSM lead u by nose again

  6. Cruz is the typical politician trying to charm his way. Anyone care about Mrs Cruz views on
    World order? I still say sen Cruz is one of the whiner family.

    • well maybe whining is needed at this time if you harp long enough maybe it will get thru these numb skulls heads were in trouble obama sneaking the martial law bill thru last week end him and his crooked side partner McConnel li’ll be glad when were rid of these two .

    • Sparkle you are an idiot. We The People in Texas put him in the Senste over another Bush backed Rino to take on the Rinos and he has done just that. No charm neede just the Constitution. No other candidate has defended the Constitution more than Ted has. Please get you facts straight.

  7. Burr is one of those Washington Senators of both parties that have degraded the United States of America and hurt and I mean hurt the Middle Class and the lower income brackets (those who strive to make a living). Burr is just another Washington insider who feeds off the Federal Government at the expense of God-fearing, tax-paying, patriotic Americans. And I am not a supporter of Cruz at this point.

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