Obama EPA Official Resigns As Feds Admit Blame In Flint Water Crisis

Obama EPA Official Resigns As Feds Admit Blame In Flint Water Crisis

One of the EPA’s top officials is out of a job after failing to act in Flint for months despite knowledge problems were not being properly handled.

According to The Hill:

“The regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief responsible for Michigan is resigning amid charges that she did not do enough to prevent the Flint, Mich., drinking water crisis.

Susan Hedman, regional administrator for the EPA’s Chicago-based region 5, submitted her resignation Thursday, effective Feb. 1, the EPA said.

“EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has accepted given Susan’s strong interest in ensuring that EPA region 5’s focus remains solely on the restoration of Flint’s drinking water,” an EPA spokeswoman said late Thursday.

Hedman told the Detroit News last week that her office knew in April 2015 that Flint’s action to switch its water supply could cause increased pipe corrosion and spiked lead levels.

She did not notify the public or take similar action, instead only pushing Michigan officials to fix the problems, the News said.”



  1. So. Polute the pristine water in Colorado and down stream to Arizona Nevada and California and now another expert damages or does not act appropriately with the water in Michigan. Who is and what is the EPA

  2. I am seriously hoping that America will wake the F#$k up and see what the government of this once great nation their gonna ruin all our water supply under the rus of improvements they are trying to ruin our food supply and they are ruining everything they can to make all of us their BITCH to treat anyway the want to.

  3. We the People ought to use this flagrant despotism to put OUR POWER on display. We won’t do it, but We have the power to physically remove trash like Bury, Hilrod, Holder, Lynch, Valkyrie Jarhead, and toilet Kerry, and promptly have them ALL drawn & quartered by the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale freedom draught team. Death is all they understand, so let’s send’em their very own dirge, all gift wrapped in a full metal jacket if the horses won’t go their prescribed separating ways.

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