Did Donald Trump Just Get National Review BOOTED From An Upcoming GOP...

Did Donald Trump Just Get National Review BOOTED From An Upcoming GOP Presidential Debate?

After an issue dedicated to trashing Donald Trump, the RNC has booted National Review from the debate in late February the media outlet was set to co-host.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump tore into the National Review on Thursday night for publishing an issue dedicated to attacking him while the Republican National Committee cut the magazine as a primary debate host.

The RNC announced it had disinvited the National Review from a GOP debate the magazine had been set to co-host on Feb. 25 after its latest issue — called “Against Trump” — featured essays slamming the real estate mogul from leading conservatives including Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson and Russell Moore.”



  1. GOOD !

    The National Review used to be a “Conservative” publication….TODAY, it is not.

    The NR was bought several years ago by Bill Kristol (Establishment RINO) and has become IRRELEVANT. Ask yourself, WHO has the National Review “supported” over the last several years? ….. McCain?….Romney?…..McConnell?……Paul Ryan?……John Boehner……Jeb Bush?…….Scott Brown?……John Kasich? – the answer would be YES……ALL RINOS !

    DOES ANYONE BELIEVE that the NR supports – Ted Cruz ? …..Mike Huckabee? ……Dr. Ben Carson? …….of course you don’t.

    The National Review and these signers of their “letter” ARE ALL “Establishment GOP”.

    WHY aren’t they using their TIME and ENERGY to go after HILLARY?….BERNIE?

    I cancelled my 20+ years subscription, after I recognized that they were NOT truly a Conservative magazine anymore……They’re DEAD to ME !

    • After the 2008 elections the Democrats said the Republican Party was
      history. 2010 GOP took over the House. Not quite done. 2014 they took
      over the Senate. Definitely not done. Still in the game! But now with
      what is happening the Republican party is self destructing.

      Could the Dems be right. Now the Republican establishment is against The
      Donald J. Trump, the leading Republican runner. This may bring the
      Democrats statements that the GOP is done may come to pass.

      But it is not the Democrats it is the Established GOP members dissing Trump, but
      actually saying they do not accept the opinion of the Republican members
      who want Trump. I am independent but it makes me feel the Dems might be
      right, but not because of them, it is because the Right wing GOP is
      enjoying the Big Bus that is supporting them on every turn.

      For the Republican Party to survive they need to listen to their
      members even if it is contrary to what they want, the constant
      contributions, the favors, and this goes for the Dems too. They should
      smarten up, both of them, that the American citizen is fed up with
      politics as usual.

      The lessor of two evils is getting to be
      really old news. And the evils that the two parties are creating may
      destroy the US as we know it. I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said,
      “revolution every five to ten years is good for the country.” Maybe it
      is time.

      That felt good!

      • I agree, but…I’m not worried about – WE, the People choosing the next POTUS.

        Too many of us have had it….We’re more than sick and tired of the Leftist’s policies of; Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Feinstein, et al.

        The Country will not elect a lying criminal like Hillary…..and they will never elect a, so-called “Socialist” (who’s really a Marxist) like Bernie.

        They WILL come out in masses to vote for TRUMP, because he is truly the last REAL “Hope FOR CHANGE”….left in America.

      • Seems to me, a party’s leadership is created by the party members rather than a party is created by leadership. To this end, the membership is about to elect NEW leadership to replace the old. They may go scratching and screaming… BUT THEY WILL GO.

        • “…a party’s leadership is created by the party members rather than a party is created by leadership.” Excellent point.

      • The leadership managing the GOP, is mentally challenged. Instead of constantly attacking Trump I would advise them to join forces with him and exploit his phenomenon to the fullest. Promote what is making him popular and go to the people for financial support cutting down on the donor influence.

          • The very same conservative speech by Trump, EXACTLY, can be viewed on You Tube from the 1980’s if you want to know the truth. He’s been Republican since Reagan, just.like me. You lie!

          • It is not so much a lie, as an observation. It is my observation that Trump favors policies similar to Obama and, if he were not running, himself, would be a big supporter of Hillary.

          • Please give me some examples of policy similarities between Trump and Obama. I am having trouble finding any.

          • 1) Most importantly, Trump agrees that executive orders are the way to go.
            2) Trump believes that government can be the solution to all problems.
            3) Trump does not know anything about the Constitution and like Obama, does not care what the Constitution says, if it impedes his goals.
            You have to look harder. Admit it, you did not even try.

          • Washington Times Jan 22 seems to disagree with you on executive orders. Trump says he would get rid of many of Obama’s orders and believes that working with Congress is the way to go.
            Trump doesn’t say government is the solution to ALL problems. He, in fact, has said he’d like to get rid of the EPA and IRS as we know them. That shows he is FOR smaller government doesn’t it?
            I don’t see where Trump has shown he doesn’t care what the constitution says. I think he is smart enough to surround himself with smart people who have the legal training in the fine details of constitutional law. Much like Regan had great people around him and Obama has failed terribly at putting good people in posts they are trained for and capable of managing.
            As for looking harder, I assure you I have done a lot more than just look. I have worked in the Defense department, Treasury department and also at the state and county levels here where I live. I probably have a lot more knowledge than most on the intricacies of governing.

        • I agree, they accuse Trump of destroying the GOP, but it is the leadership and media that will end up destroying it. If they drive Trump out, we will end up with the same old same old professional poluteticians that just want to spend out money.

    • It is still America and because Trump does not like them they would be banned. He is not better than they are per your article. Trump is sounding more like a dictator every day!

      • Just get your damn kneepads ready for your new president, Donald Trump. The gates of HELL can’t stand against the onslaught.

      • Our three branch government pretty much avoids the dictator scenario. Personally, I don’t see how he could be more “dictator like” than the current president who tries to run the country without the supreme court and congress.

  2. What right has he to do this! Sounds more like a Dictator than a President!!!! Watch out and be very careful if you are thinking of voting this big mouth in!!

  3. Helen, while I do not like Trump’s bombastic style (and I’m a New Yorker) I agree that you cannot have a co-host of a debate that has openly attacked one of the candidates. Do you not see a problem with this?

  4. At last the National Review has exposed itself for what it actually is…..A RINO publication that spreads the propaganda for the fat cats and the rich and famous…..I’ve observed Rich Lowery and Bill Kristol for years and they’re both weak kneed journalists who lean just to the left of center….As for Glenn Beck, he needs professional help, cause he’s shown that he’s a far right wing radical..and we don’t need them serving in Washington…nor their advice…..

  5. Good decision, RNC. After that horrible Nikki Haley State of the Union “rebuttal” that attacked our frontrunner instead of Obama, you may be starting to listen to the voters!!!!

  6. Doesn’t anyone here notice the larger issue ? The NR has a right to publish their opinions. It scares me that their freedom of speech has been attacked. As much as I am unhappy with the current Republican leadership I still cannot condone the current trend of trying to control others opinions. Mr Trump has been allowed to speak his mind , why will no one give the NR the same consideration?

    • How has NR’s freedom of speech been attacked? They published what they published – thus, they were allowed to “speak their mind”. Co-hosting the debate was not an opportunity for NR to “speak” but rather for the candidates to speak. NR can (and probably will) publish something in response to the actions of the RNC, and NR can raise, rhetorically, any questions for the candidates that they might have contributed to the debate forum – so, more freedom of speech there. I don’t see how this is in any way an infringement of NR’s freedom of speech.

    • Because they should be supporting the leading republican in the race and not do everything to destroy him before the Iowa Caucus. A bunch of very cold, greedy men that think they are going to stay in control. Go Trump.

    • We need unbiased ‘reporters’ asking questions, not the same ole crony gotcha questions from ‘commentators’. Americans need to learn reporting is objective searching for the truth, while commentary is a biased need to exult one’s opinions over what may be the truth. The’ve rightly been dumped by Trump!

  7. I am glad they got rid of these jerks. They really tried to make Trump look bad. They said everything they had done in the last years would be wiped out if Trump became president. Well boo hoo hoo. Well, what ever they have done, has not been working out very well. That is why the American People are voting for Trump.

  8. As it should be. ANY media outlet that has an attack strategy will not and cannot be unbiased. RNC did the right thing. BTW I have a different candidate choice but I wouldn’t be unhappy or not be willing to support Trump if he got the nomination. Our other choice? TWO old Commies

  9. I’m gonna play neutral for a minute ( which I’m not I’m 1000% trump) . If these conservatives had such moral apprehensions about him . Why not give him a call arrange a PRIVATE meeting and clear the air or get reassurances to what ever issues they had. If there goal was to derail trump jokes on them there the ones who got derailed .

  10. It is the right thing to do to ban National Review and the consiacy they have developed against Mr. Trump. All this in-fighing and now this… when will the big boys learn to place nice in the same sand box? Got to have respect, bottom line.

  11. There is no difference in what the National Review has done to itself than all the negative comments made against Mr. Trump to this point in the campaign. They all have the same mentality …. they just don’t gt it. And that’s a BIG surprise for so called intelligent gentlemen. They just don’t get the fact that Mr. Trump has taken over the political process thru the American voter. He will win in all States by a landslide…

  12. If it wern’t for STUPID today’s politics would have nothing going for it. Banning NR, is just more STUPID.

  13. 19 Trillion and growing; is that the interpretation of Conservatism; and Congress (for the past years, has had a majority of supposedly conservatives in the house and the debt is still growing? I might would be ashamed if I were a GOP candidate to identify with conservatism with a record of this kind on the GOP watch. But of course Megan Kelly, who hates Trump and nothing would please her more than to see him skunked, didn’t waste any time having panders of hers (the Holier than thou three stooges) to show up on her program last night, professing how disgusting it was for Trump to identify with conservatism. Well, I would like to know who died and appointed them God?? How demeaning to the GOP to see such hate among she and those three, (who is entitled to their opinion) but to show such smallness/to air their hatefulness nationwide toward a GOP candidate with such non professionalism is unbelievable; and then they have the nerve to identify themselves with National Review!! Enough to make one sick… It’s no wonder the majority of the country damns the GOP with people of this category claiming to be one of them… We The People are intelligent enough to see the good and bad in a candidate and thank you, but we do not need your hateful input, so please take your toys and go home.

  14. This is the one silver lining to the election of Barack Obama. Many of us–in fact I would dare say most of us were not aware of the shell game being played by both parties and the joke was on us. We are not awake and engaged. We’ll not be fooled again. The gig is up.

  15. So if they co host would it be a fair debate? The answer is NO, they have an agenda. Good job to the RNC. Now have to tell you that was hard to say. The RNC has done nothing to go after Hillary and Bernie. They need to support who the people want not to push their pick on us.

  16. I am 75 years old. I remember reading the Nat’l Review in High School. I quit reading it before the end of High School. I feel vindicated because now I know why I quit reading it. I’m disturbed to the point of calling this magazine a trashy publication. What needs to be determined now is which mental institution their editors and pundunts need to be assigned.

  17. I thought the National Review and Beck and the others employed as BS artists are going to destroy the GOP with their self righteous egotistical opinionated ideas of what the Republicans believe. The Republicans that support Trump, because Trump is not the established, they are fed up with the Billy Crystals, and Becks, and establishment in general.

    If they continue with the third party campaigning, and talk of a third party
    candidate they are going to be responsible for electing a criminal or a
    socialist as the President. Now every time I see smiling smirking little milk
    faced Krystal I get disgusted and turn the channel.

    National Review I thought appreciated and supported the Conservative Party.
    They have become so self important and arrogant they will be responsible for
    its destruction. Is not the purpose of the National Review to support
    conservatism, not campaign against its leading voted for candidate? Are you
    that conceited that you think we Republicans just don’t have your superior
    intellect that you need to save us ignorant masses from making the wrong
    decisions? Are you really the prig you appear to be? Maybe you should change
    the name to National Prigs.

    Who do you really want as President little bill, so you can keep the
    established political machines oiled up to your liking. If I ever log into the
    National Review again it will be to call you the jerk that you are.

    William F. Buckley, Jr. hopefully will rest in peace, but if he can see what is
    happening to the NR he might be saying, “What the f… happened!”
    Accept I am sure he would be more profound with his deep eloquent statement.
    His eyebrows would be raised and his eyes would be wide open with that look of
    bewilderment and anger.

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