Iowa DRAMA: Trump Overtakes Cruz In Latest Poll

Iowa DRAMA: Trump Overtakes Cruz In Latest Poll

Donald Trump has taken the lead from Ted Cruz in Iowa, but the two are in a dead heat just days away from the caucuses. With Iowa’s status as the first contest in the GOP Presidential primary, the stakes are high.

And don’t forget: our last two Presidents, Obama and Bush, both won Iowa. It matters.

According to The Hill:

“Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are running neck and neck in Iowa 10 days before the caucuses there, a new poll finds.

According to a Loras College survey released Thursday, Trump takes 26 percent support over Cruz’s 25 percent. That’s well within the poll’s 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

The senator from Texas held a healthy lead in the mid-December version of the poll, with 30 percent support then to Trump’s 23 percent. Around the same time, Cruz overtook Trump in the RealClearPolitics average of Iowa polls, but Trump has regained the top spot a month later, holding a slim 2.2 percentage point advantage.”

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  1. Trump will not win, because someone so uncouth cannot be President of the United States, in this modern day and age. It may be that Cruz is our best hope, although any other of the Republican hopefuls would be better than Hillary.

    • “Uncouth” because he speaks the truth and tell it as it is, we have had enough of that civil talks and political correctness that laid us to the mess we are now. Timidity is not civil, TRUMP is does not afriad of the media nor anyone, and that’s the kind of leader we need today, if you think TRUMP is uncouth, what do you think about the democrats who lie against people and lie to the American people always.

      • I think you misunderstand how power is wielded. It is not by contentious, inflammatory rhetoric. It is by well thought out planning and gentle cajoling to get all the players in line. Insults do not bring out the best in your adversary.

        I think that politicians who lie to their constituents to get their programs enacted are beneath contempt. That is just what Trump is doing in this campaign. He is making people believe that he a conservative when his entire life has been built on the theory that he can fool the people now and do what he wants later. He is TRULY a liberal.

        • Trump never hide his past liberal life, and you have to remember that he has never being in Public office before, so you cannot hold him responsible for what is going on in this country. You are entitle to your opinion on what you think is insult, others might not see it the way you see it, I prefer politicians who speak the truth no matter how it hurts than those who lie their way to Office. No one’s position in life is static, and that is why we are human beings, people evolve in life and one can be a liberal today and be conservative tomorrow, and change make a big difference in our life,

    • OMG — I’m sure personality should disqualify one from holding office — Lincoln picked his nose, put his feet on the table and told dirty jokes at state dinners —

      • Listen, John. What Lincoln did is not an issue. What Trump did is. For instance, he called Carly Fiorina on her looks, for goodness sakes! As if he (Trump) was so gorgeous himself. Suppose somebody called Trump an idiot for the way he keeps his hair, with its ridiculous styling and artificial coloring? Would that be the equivalent? Would that be OK? Of course not. It is in what is in his head that counts, not what is on it.

        Trump is prone to foolish statements of that kind and it is beneath the dignity of a person who would be President, not to mention the office of the President. It is not a matter of political correctness, it is a matter of respect for others. It is like when Soviet Premier Khruschev came to the U.N. and took off his shoe to bang it on the table. He was an embarrassment to himself and to his country. That is what we are likely to get from Trump. Do we want that?

        • All I care about is that he use his business knowledge to turn the marketplace around, and bring back industry and jobs — which I doubt any of the others are capable of doing —

          • Why do you think that Trump knows more about industry and jobs than, say, Ted Cruz? Trump is involved in a very minor portion of American industry, hotel construction. He is probably very good at what he does. What he is not good at, is thinking through what he says out loud and the consequences of his speech. He will be a miserable President, if elected, causing undue disrespect for others, for no good reason.

            On the other hand, Ted Cruz is an extremely smart man, a great public speaker and thinker. His economic policy is for the government to do less and keep out of people’s lives. This, by itself, will improve the business climate to the point where jobs will naturally increase, along with wages. Think of it: a sane natural person as our President, or a ranter and raver like Trump. Please select carefully.

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