Former Romney Hack Starts Anti-Trump PAC

Former Romney Hack Starts Anti-Trump PAC

Katie Packer

A former Romney operative refuses to answer whether or not she discussed her controversial new Anti-Trump Political Action Committee with the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.

The PAC, started by Katie Packer, is sending out Anti-Trump propaganda pieces in Iowa and plans on conducting other operations.

Reports say Mitt is horrendously frightened of the prospects of a Trump nomination…

According to Politico:

“With less than two weeks until the Iowa caucuses, a new super PAC has formed with the intention of taking down Donald Trump.

The group, which is called Our Principles PAC, is founded by Katie Packer, a veteran Republican strategist who served as deputy campaign manager on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

This week, the group sent out mailers to Iowa voters attacking Trump, who polls show is in a tight battle with Ted Cruz in the state, where caucuses are to be held on Feb. 1. In a filing with the Federal Election Commission, the group has reported spending nearly $45,000 on mailers.

Packer has spent months in talks with Republican donors and operatives to gauge financial interest in an anti-Trump campaign.

Packer declined to say whether she had spoken with Romney about the group. The 2012 GOP nominee has been privately expressing worry to former aides about Trump’s ongoing lead in the primary.”



  1. Folks,

    There are a number of questions this raises.
    1. Does this explain why M. Romney never really took on BHO on principle?
    2. When I warned about the inescapable connection between M. Romney and the communist/fascist/progressive establishment, is it possible that I was underestimating that connection?
    3. Does this now assuage my concern that D. Trump will again bring a Northeastern establishment mentality that he knows better how to spend my money and live my life than I do?
    4. Is this real or is it the application of reverse psychology keeping in mind that every time the RINO establishment has tried to undermine his campaign it has simply increased his share? Am I the cynic here?

    Just a few questions…and there must be many more.

    • Good questions, and we need answers! Problem is most politians give answers that suit their aggenda. We need some one in office that is beholden to no one and is not a politician!! Trump all the way!!

      • I agree with all you said except the last four words. I’m not sure that Trump is the answer… but WHO of the other candidates fills that bill? Dr. Carson? Carly Fiorina? They are not a part of the establishment. I just hope that if Trump wins, it’s not another Obama situation….faith put in a person who says and promises all the things the people want but will do a 180 when he gets the office.

        • Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, stop the oil companies and shut down coal plants to the point of Americans “necessarily seeing their electricity bills skyrocket!” Ohama NEVER lied, he produced! Donald Trump will do the same, only this time FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    • You bring up a very important point. In the last election and the last debate, it was like Romney just conceded to Obama. We had so many qualified people running then like Neut Gingrich. Most people new Romney could not win but the Rrpublican establishment just pushed Romney. The establishment really does not care anymore if it is republican or democrat. They just want someone that is under their control. This lady will just be wasting her money. We the people support Trump.

  2. Trump is no more a Conservative than Hillary Clinton is!!! This country is faced with either Clinton, or Cruz, or Trump……….all three will rule by executive orders. None of them want to or care to get along with Congress for the best interests of our country. And what is so sad are the mindless people who know nothing about what this country is suppose to be….a Republic not a Democracy or anything else. We are in big big big trouble!!!!

  3. So, Rominey is a conservative not! Having watched and listened to her garbage I have one observation she and Christie would make great Salt & Pepper Shakers! She and Romney need to go they have been there done that and lost. We need a winner not an establishment loser!

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