Donald Trump BLASTS Ted Cruz Loan Controversy

Donald Trump BLASTS Ted Cruz Loan Controversy

2016 GOP front runner pulled no punches blasting fellow White House hopeful Ted Cruz Wednesday,c alling Cruz’s loan controversy “a tremendous sin.”

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says rival Ted Cruz is hypocritical for failing to disclose over a million dollars in loans from Wall Street banks to fund his 2012 senate campaign.

“He’s trying to be like he’s Robin Hood and the banks, he’s gonna get the banks,” Trump said on The Howie Carr Show, first reported by BuzzFeed.

“But in the meantime, he’s borrowed from the banks, he’s personally guaranteed, and he didn’t put them on his personal financial disclosure form, which is a tremendous sin. I mean, that’s a horrible thing he did. And he didn’t disclose all of this information.”

The New York Times reported last week that Cruz had failed to disclose two loans totaling $1.5 million to the FEC in 2012, but included them in a separate financial disclosure. Cruz has defended it as a paperwork error.”



  1. Ted Cruz a phoney with tounge tied in the middle & loose on both ends; says he will not go there/waste his time talking trash about Trump as Trump does about him; he would stay on the issues, yet he spent the entire time of his statement talking trash about Trump while he was trying to sell We The People on how he was such the perfect one. Same old BS that had came out of Washington Insiders for decades & the country just keeps going down the drain. Mr. Cruz brags about how he voted to support this and that, well Mr Cruz how about putting the proof where your mouth is; as obviously it ain’t done one damn thing to improve matters for the American Dream or help make America to be Great again. Talk is cheap!! Cruz is just another new kid (Senator) Washington insider on the block, has very little experience (other than shutting Washington down which indicates he doesn’t have what it takes to work with both sides of the isle) has no proven accomplishments/successfulness but certainly has big doners in his back pocket of which he bragged not to worry earlier in the campaign when down in the polls, as he had big support from all these big VIP’s that would be there for him from Texas/other southern stares..On Fox with Hannity say Trump was not there for this & that. Could it be because Trump is not a Washington insider like Mr. Cruz?? Plus he set there & told a bold face lie about Trump..Trump has definitely been able to put his proof of success where his mouth is..Just because we have another elequotentely speaking, supposedly smart (which remains to be seen) horn tooter spouting off Me, Me, Me, doesn’t make it convincing to We The People that Mr. Cruz has been God sent..Cruz probably won’t know which way to turn when it comes to knowing how to pick a smart cabinet, consequently, he’ll just do the good old boy thing.. Face it Cruz is a sheep in wolves clothing.. Hide & watch..

  2. Lets not forget to mention Trumps bankruptcy ,how many did he have,1,2,3,4 or who knows not that’s a scam ,hes talks about we will fix this and that he just don’t give us any specifics of how he will do it,that’s non sense.

    • How many p! eople do you know that lost a business and is SMART enough to turn it around not once but 3 times and become a Billionaire…sure isn’t anyone else up on that stage…in fact no one up there has even had or run a business….and if you still trust the politician’s than you reap what you sow!

      • George,I respect your opinion,I am Republican,and i don’t like when some one that is ruining for president to tell me that John McCain is not a hero,to me he is a hero and will remain a hero as long as i am alive,trump came back with opm,other people money robed the banks and because of people like trump we have the interest rate so high,What strategies does trump have,o yeah we will make america great again ,OK i want that also,but tell us how,you going to build a wall,OK but how,roundup 14.000.000 Mexicans and send them back that’s a lie,its impossible,and inhumane,this country is made out of immigrants like my ancestors and probably yours and trumps,only if he is American Indian,And dont forget that he supported Hilary Clinton,and all of the rest of democrats ,he was and still is a democrat.he will say anything that we want to hear just so he becomes a President ,he does not have my vote.

  3. He used the system just like so many before him, but because of his name and notoriety he stands out. Look where our country is today, we just keep printing money and adding debt, wait till we go bankrupt, then what???? I’ll take my chances with Mr Trump…

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