Disgusting: Media Snubs Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro Life Students

Disgusting: Media Snubs Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro Life Students

March For Life

Hundreds of thousands of pro life students are about to converge on Washington, yet you wouldn’t know it from TV. But one guy starts yelling at a Trump rally and look at the cameras go,,,

According to The Washington Times:

A coalition of pro-life organizations and two members of Congress started a campaign Wednesday demanding the media increase its coverage of the country’s largest annual protest, the March for Life.

The 17-group coalition is led by the Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues and is urging the media to provide adequate coverage of the pro-life march, which will take place Friday on the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

“The liberal national media routinely dismiss one of the largest public demonstrations that takes place in America, the annual March for Life to protest the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the Media Fairness Caucus in Congress.

Last year’s March for Life brought 200,000 people to Washington, but despite the size of the peaceful protests, it received a total of 15 seconds of coverage from the top three television networks, according to the coalition’s website.



  1. The Idiot Liberal Anti-Life and Pro-Abortion Zealots would get wall to wall coverage if they had this level of public support for their sick cause. America has a disease, it is called Liberalism and leads ultimately to genocide on a massive scale in the soon to be free Abortion Clinics of “Planned Parenthood”. Wow!, what a misnomer that term is.

  2. Abortion rights is a SETTLED ISSUE. If you want to change it, a constitutional amendment is needed. Face it…it is the ONLY way. People know that this is a settled issue and are bored of it. That is why there is no news coverage.

    • We thought the selling of body parts was a settled issue as well and well the left doesn’t seem to have any problem with that…

      Guess that is why there is no news coverage about that either…

      Face it moron, the media is corrupt and controlling you.

        • So you believe that a mother has the right to stick a coat hanger up herself to perform an abortion on an unborn child, just because the child is an inconvenience?

          You are pretty sick.

          • I worked in a Catholic hospital before Roe v Wade, with a dense minority population. You would get ladies of all ages, 12 to 36, that were bleeding, make that hemorrhaging from a batches up back parlor abortion. Many ruined their bodies and you pro life folks want to stop legal abortions? Then let’s hope it isn’t your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your mom, your girlfriend or your best friend that does her own, has her mom, her aunt, or sister do it for her.
            When and should it ever become illegal, volunteer to work as an EMT, become a ER nurse, OB/GYN MD, translator in the ER or OB/GYN unit at any clinic , hospital or prison hospital. You’ll sing a different tune. Listen to a kid whose mom’s boyfriend knocked her up, a young wife whose husband had his buddies rape her, a mother whose daughter’s boyfriend got her pregnant. Sure there are more methods of birth control than years ago, but the poor, the young, and the raped don’t have access to them.
            Just because I am a firm believer in PRO CHOICE, doesn’t mean I am not voting for TRUMP. He has my vote because he can lead the country into a better economic situation, stop or sure as heck cut back sending money outside our boarders to aid other countries when we have vets, homeowners that list their jobs and maybe their homes and more. Let’s keep religion out of politics.

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