Busted: DNC Debbie Caught Lying About Dem Debates

Busted: DNC Debbie Caught Lying About Dem Debates

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DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was busted recently, caught lying about the schedule of the Dem Presidential debates….

According to The Hill:

“PolitiFact is calling out Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her claim that her party’s presidential debate schedule was designed to “maximize the opportunity for voters to see our candidates.”

The fact-checking website on Wednesday rated Wasserman Schultz’s statements “false,” calling her defenses “very disingenuous.”

PolitiFact credited the DNC for scheduling debates with TV networks, so those without cable could watch, but said the Democrats could have scheduled them on weekdays if they wanted to increase viewership.

The website also quoted several professors of political science and communications slamming the DNC’s debate schedule.”



  1. Surprised she LIED? Are you kidding me? I’d be surprised if she could tell ONE truth and that would be she is insane and delusional.

  2. Send this bitch a case (make that a GROSS of cases) of Charmin…she needs to wipe her mouth every time she opens it…she talks so much sh*t!!!

  3. One of the benefits of being “liberal” is the ability to continually change, deny or dilute reality to accommodate your current agenda. Debbie, therefore, gets an A+ for her liberalism.

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