Kerry Confronts Iran, After Hostage Drama Made Him “Angry”

Kerry Confronts Iran, After Hostage Drama Made Him “Angry”

Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

Secretary of State John Kerry blasted Iran’s actions last week after they captured American sailors and put them all over TV.

Kerry said he was “angry” and immediately confronted the Iranians over their inexcusable conduct.

According to The Hill:

“Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that he was outraged by the footage of U.S. sailors being apprehended at gunpoint by the Iranian military last week.

“I was very angry. I was very frustrated and angry that that was released. I raised it immediately with the Iranians,” he said during an interview on CNN.

“It was not put out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the government directly, it was put out I think by the military over there, the [Iranian Revolutionary Guard], who is opposed to what we are doing.”

“There’s no excuse for it,” he added later.”



  1. A concern is “who” ordered both boats to stand-down rather than challenging the Iranian boats. Very likely our boats were way more heavily armed as well as had radio contact with higher authority, so it stands to reason that higher authority was aware of the situation but failed to direct appropriate support and cover. Supposedly only one had engine trouble, whereas the other could have towed it out of supposed “Iranian waters.”

  2. concern for what the administration ‘looks like’ instead of the circumstances. Give them a red star. Geez.

  3. LURCH is dissapointed! He and obumma led us up the river ithout a paddle!, Lurch is a jerk, along with his wife!!

    • You can play paper scissors rock with’em. First the paper, then the rock, and finally the scissors. Pavement rollers’ll work if you don’t have the aforementioned tools.

  4. I’m sure the Iranians are shaking in their sandals after he lashed out like Carter’s angry rabbit. They haven’t responded ’cause they can’t catch their breath for laughing.

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