Cruz Campaign BLASTS Palin For Possible Trump Endorsement

Cruz Campaign BLASTS Palin For Possible Trump Endorsement

Palin, left, Trump, right

A top adviser to 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful and Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently had strong words over the prospects of Sarah Palin backing Donald Trump.

According to The Hill:

“A top aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) said Tuesday that he would be “deeply disappointed” if Sarah Palin endorsed his Republican presidential rival Donald Trump.

Cruz communications director Rick Tyler unloaded on Trump during an interview on CNN’s “New Day” when asked if such an endorsement would be a “blow” to the Cruz campaign.

“I think it would be a blow to Sarah Palin, because Sarah Palin has been a champion of the conservative cause and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion, he supported [the] TARP bailout — it goes on and on and on,” Tyler said.

“Donald Trump claims he’s changed all those views. But I think if it was Sarah Palin, let me just say I would be deeply disappointed,” Tyler added.”



  1. While I like Sarah, I don’t take my cues from Palin or any other politician or celebrity! Sarah’s support of Trump demonstrates that she can be fooled like anyone else can as to who is and isn’t a conservative. I thought she might have more on the ball to fall for Trump’s bravado and big top circus rants in his claims to be conservative. The truth is, Trump has far more actions and history of being progressive & liberal than conservative. The truth is Trump has little actual conservative acts to prove he is the conservative that he professes to be. Again, Trump talks a great game, and but it really has yet to step on the field and put that talk to action, even in his business activities! Why Palin would latch onto Trump, with all the RED FLAGS surrounding him that he is NOT the conservative he claims to be, is a bit disappointing.

    • Trump was not a Republican, and he may not be now. Instead, he has business sense and COMMON sense, which is just fine with me. He is conservative about illegal immigration and trade and the debt, and that is what we need.

      • If you trade one narcissist for another, you really haven’t improved. Trump has demonstrated he will do ANYTHING & SAY ANYTHING to ‘Win’, But that doesn’t mean he will keep his word on anything he has professed to do if elected. Trump’s record is progressive, not Conservative. And Trump has demonstrated his willingness to jump into bed with ANYONE to benefit HIM! Trump is vindictive and shoots his mouth off, without thinking, which are qualities that should cause everyone to pause. Anyone who thinks Trump will get Mexico to pay for the wall is fooling themselves! While I agree with the need for building the wall and a ban on Muslim immigration until they can be properly vetted, Trump’s has nothing in his history that suggest he will follow through on any of his promises! Trump has also said he will do Executive Orders like Obama, but make better ones! Really?!?! That is what you want as the next president? As far as Trump’s “Common Sense”, where are you seeing that!?! He has a team that researches the hot topics that appeal to conservatives, and talks about it. I wouldn’t call that “Common Sense”, it is just him trying to “Win”. Watch the man when he is confronted with something he doesn’t like, he goes after people just like any Democrat would!

        • I don’t like it when he goes negative, so I hope he knocks that sh** off, but why shouldn’t he attack the RINOs and call them out?? And yes, he IS a narcissist, but he is also going to appoint the best and brightest to his Cabinet–none of this political favoritism with a dumbazz running DHS or the Dept of Education. sounds perfect.

          • NO, Not Narcissist, It’s called Self-Confidence. I’m glad he has Self-Confidence, how could he accomplish great things Without it??

          • At least he’s not a Kenyan-born, limp-wristed metrosexual like the garbage now squatting the White House.

          • Ted Cruz is confident, but not a pompous ass like Trump! I wish Trump supporters would take some time to watch & listen to Cruz! If you can open your mind, you will see that he says the same things! However, he has always believed these things, not just recently when he decided he would run for office, like Trump! Cruz would NEVER give $ to someone he disagreed with, such as Hillary, just to seal a deal! Nor would he compromise any of his values just to line his own pocket as Trump ADMITS he does!

          • LIAR – UNINFORMED BRAINDEAD IDIOT – My Comment Was Not About YOU, So Stay Out Of My Business. If You Reply I Will DELETE It WITHOUT Reading It. A$$ —-

      • With three wives and counting who would trust this maverick! If he cannot be trusted to live up to his marital VOWS how can he be trusted to run a COUNTRY!!! We know his liberal views as well as what he now professes, how will that all change when he is at the top of the food chain!!!!!!???????

        • There are a LOT of divorced people out there mam. I have know some really good folks that were divorced and remarried. Plus you or I don’t know what the circumstances of his divorce(s) was/were or whatever. In fact, I’m divorced after 29 years, Does that make me evil as well?!!

    • AMEN to what you wrote! I have always supported Sarah Palin, but I am very surprised & disappointed that SHE cannot see through this guy!

  2. I would like to hear from past or present employees, business partners, city managers, mayors, foreign leaders, IRS, etc., etc., how stupid, cheating, lying, conniving, inept, hotheaded, and an inability to follow through that Trump embodies. Crickets! All I have seen is his employees praise him, support him, seen high level foreign trade dignitaries praise him, world leaders praise him, etc. Landing a job with the Trump organization is one of the most coveted and prestigious positions in the world! Look at his children at the minimum. Mr. Trump to you all, has done an impeccable job raising all his children with an incredible work ethic, as he put them to work at the bottom, starting as children, and they have the humility and realization that they have privileges most people do not have. No drugging, drinking, spoiled brats here. He lived at the New York Military School from 12 to 18 years old and learned discipline of the mind and body. So he’s a little tough around the edges and has a tinge of misogyny, maybe you would to being raised by drill sargeants. He built an empire worth multi-billions from one million dollars, and don’t tell me you would have to with a one million dollar gift! What’s that – it could buy a tiny house in Los Angeles, a parking spot for one year in Manhattan, a Lamborghini or Rolls – real easy to invest and lose when you are dealing with $500 million dollar projects. So stop telling me he’s a dunce, incapable of straightening out America. He brings people together, he interviews with people of all political perspectives, challenging them to see things his way and patiently listening to their point of view. Finally, I am not electing the Pastor of America, but a secular President. Mr. Trump is the only person who can undue this progressive mess, deal with vicious terrorists and alpha world leaders. He was born for this job at this time! Go Sarah! Stick with the winner for We The People! TRUMP 2016

  3. Trump’s motto is “Make America Great Again,” but when asked if he would accept the VP position, he said NO, that he would just go back to his business. All Trump wants is to win, to be the most important person in America and nothing else, so I don’t trust him.

  4. I have just read that many of you do not trust TRUMP. Well I DO NOT trust any of the others out there. TRUMP has shown what he is capable of doing and will make our country great again. He will get rid of the illegals. The others have said they will as well. BUT they have been in office and I see NOTHING done. I want the NEW guy on the block rather than the others. I want someone who is not and has not been a politician on involved with them. TRUMP will find the BEST and get the BEST. I would hope he would want his VP to be totally new as well. Just like him so we can finally CLEAN house and start anew.
    I PRAY that there are enough of you that agree with me that WE the PEOPLE will not leave ANY doubt at the polls. Like NO if’s, and’s or buts. Just all NEW and TRUMP!!

    • One of the most important points about the Trump candidacy is the FACT that this man CANNOT be bought. Proof? He’s turned down $5,000,000 donations many times already. He’s not in ANYONE’S pocket! That is enough for me to vote for him.

      • He may not be in anyone’s pocket, but he is out to line his own & to add to his “conquests”! Can people not see his narcissism, his dictatorial mannerisms? He is a faux conservative version of Obama! How dare he call Cruz “nasty”- talk about the pot calling the kettle black?! He is as crude as they get! Cruz is a gentleman & has always been what he is: christian, constitutional conservative, pro-life, etc! HE is the only one who can be trusted. While Cruz is a “politician”, he is NOT part of the establishment! In fact THIS is why Trump is opportunistically calling him nasty- because he knows that Washington does not like Cruz BECAUSE Cruz calls them out for their lies & hypocrisy! If that makes him nasty, then Trump’s definition of nasty is wrong! How can a man like Trump who changes with the wind be trusted?!

  5. For those of you who are knocking Mr. Donald Trump, I say to you. Who are you to judge the man. To Judge anyone, you have to be superior to that person in every and all aspects. What I see in him is his accomplishments. Real evidence, not words thrown around. I am far far from being the man that Mr. Trump is. Seems funny to me, that Mr. Trump caused all players on both sides of the fence to FINALLY, FINALLY tell us something about there platforms on what they are going to do. They could only slander each other till Mr. Trump showed up in the arena. And yet they and the media are still trying to pull Mr. Trump into the slander arena and go away from what really matters. How are you going to make changes to this crippled America. Have you any good ideas SLANDERER..????? If so now is your chance to make some positive input here in this blog.

    • Cruz is the one laying out very specific plans for every important issue facing America! All Trump seems capable of is faux conservative rhetoric! Talk about nasty!?

  6. I have now read that people would like Cruz for VP. What is so hardfor them to understand that we need NEW unabused by being in politics. Cruz is NOT in that area. I would rather Carson. He might have to learn from Trump just as Trump will learn from Carson. I think they would be the best team for our county and as a team they would learn from each other. I pray that Carson would be willing to be VP and see how that would be great for our country. And together they would get the best people behind them which would be best for us and our country. What else could we ask for?? I LIKE TRUMP and CARSON in 2017.

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