Trump BLASTS Obama Over Controversial Iran Deal

Trump BLASTS Obama Over Controversial Iran Deal

2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump blasted the Obama administration today over the controversial Iran deal.

The real estate mogul says we should have received our prisoners back from the very beginning, when negotiations first started. Incompetent people like John Kerry prevented that from happening, Trump says.

According to The Hill:

“So we’re getting them back, and then I heard, well, wait a minute, we’re paying a big price,” he said during a speech at Liberty University on Monday. “They’re getting seven back, we’re getting actually four. You know, they say five, but the other one they can’t find. He’s in Iran.”

Trump’s remarks come as four Americans who were being held in Iran were released over the weekend. The United States also gave clemency to several Iranian-Americans who had been charged or convicted of violating sanctions. A fifth American,¬†Matthew Trevithick, was also separately released.

Trump added that the American prisoners could have been released as part of the nuclear deal reached last year if the United States had people who could “negotiate properly, not a guy like [Secretary of State John] Kerry, who doesn’t have a clue.”

If Iran had refused to hand over the prisoners, Trump said, U.S. negotiators should have walked away from the table, doubled sanctions and “within 48 hours” Iran would have offered to turn over the U.S. prisoners.”



  1. trump is correct in his speculation of walking away from iran. america should not even be in iran, no negotiations at all, the muslims will all kill each other if given time. out of 10 muslims 2 maybe 3 will be radical jihadists, history has proven this fact. there are plenty more where bin laden came from,it is rooted deep in muslim culture,has been for thousands of years.

  2. What about the $1.7 Billion Dollars in interest we had to pay Iran for holding that Sanction Money . That is totally outrageous , however the Corrupt Obama Administration didn’t tell the Americans that little foot note about us paying interest on that 100 billion we were holding . It just goes to show you the incompetence of John Kerry ,,or was he really lying not telling the taxpayer and Congress , about that money that we the taxpayers have to pay .

  3. So 4 American lives for 7 Iranians, what’s fair about that trade? We should have ALL Americans released, Period. Kerry and obozo are the biggest morons this country has seen. Who’s side are they on? Pathetic.

    • They are on their own side which is against everything America once stood for..The whole liberal party and @ least half of the so called republicans are working diligently to destroy everything our great forefathers set in place. Those in office can get away with murder prime example Billary.

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